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i like this change crypto card , i use change crypto card from since the first release .I can buy or sell cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, xrp and dash instantly without fees. I can also convert from crypto to EURO, or I can use it to shop. besides that i can monitor change crypto card through my cellphone. to buy crypto assets through EURO is free of charge .in this wallet there are 3 parts consisting of Normal card use, Rare card use, International use, very complete in my opinion because it supports worldwide , I got this application in Play Store. I highly recommend for you who want to sell or buy cryptocurrency assets through currencyVoir la critique complète

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I really like this wirex card. because for payment, buying bitcoin with currency is easy. I like it because the process is very fast making me comfortable using this Wirex card. This wirex card already supports multiple merchants so I don't need to bother paying for anything because there is already this wirex card. I like it because I can access via cellphone easily. Its fast service makes my users response proudly with this Wirex card. I like the features that are easy to understand, besides that there are several features of this wirex card, for example some cryptocurrency coins to buy or sell crypto digital assets.Voir la critique complète

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This coinbase card makes it easy for me to buy cryptocurrency assets because it can be purchased with a credit card. I am very happy with the existence of this coinbase card, I do not need to bother to buy or sell cryptocurrency assets because with this coinbase card, it makes it easy for me to get bitcoin or other cryptocurrency coins. This coinbase card is physical, so I can keep it in my wallet. for the fee in my opinion is quite low compared to the others. This coinbase card is based on blockchain because I don't have to bother to save my digital assets cryptocurrency. Coinbase cards can be accessed through my cellphone. So I can monitor whenever I want. This coinbase card is highly recommended for those who don't want to be complicated in storing crypto assetsVoir la critique complète

binance coin logo

This binance coin is suitable for investment like me. binance coin already has its own exchange called binance dex. This binance coin already supports several wallets such as trustwallet, trustwallet support for BEP addresses for binanceDEX. I really like this binancedex because I can invest. This coin from a large market changed my impact. This coin can be used for trading or margin or futures. it is suitable for traders like me because it adds opportunities for trading on binancedex. I am very impressed with the listing of this coin with the BEP-based exchange. not all BEP exchange support is only a few available.Voir la critique complète

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bitcoin number 1

I like bitcoin because this digital currency is very good and its prospects are increasing very dramatically, besides that bitcoin still places first position on the global basis of blockchain or cryptocurrency. I really like because it really helps me to sell or buy transactions. in addition to buying and selling bitcoin is useful for long and short term investments. almost all platforms now use payments via bitcoin. I strongly agree because it is no longer difficult for transactions. saving bitcoin is not difficult because many wallets can store bitcoin. like blockchain for example. some countries have legalized bitcoin as a transaction toolVoir la critique complète

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Ethereum coin

i think ethereum coin is very good , the best coin . This ethereum coin is very useful because now this coin suppot DApps Games . Ethereum rank 2 after bitcoin . recommend for investment . almost all pairs now go to ethereum . very easy create wallet ethereum . right now almost all wallet support ethereum wallet . easy access wallet only need private key or pharse or mnemonic . there are many projects that use ethereum . Ethereum Support ERC21 - ERC721 . if u can check u'r transaction ethereum platform very easy , only open etherscan and then paste u address all transaction can be viewVoir la critique complète

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indodax market from indonesia, i am one of them indodax users. in terms of security in my opinion is pretty good, because the user is asked for verification or commonly referred to as KYC. With KYC we can make withdrawals to the bank or make vouchers in the form of IDR to be disbursed with fellow indodax members. Active chat rooms make this exchange crowded. for the fee withdrawal problem in my opinion is still large. the trade fee is only 0.3%. Its appearance makes the user comfortable because it is easy to use and understand. indodax is a good market from Indonesia. Very many active traders of course. indodax exchange is very good and recommendedVoir la critique complète

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best exchange

I like binance because almost all coins are available there, other than that for a very good security feature in my opinion, when we log in with a different ip then the binance asks to confirm a new ip sent by email. in my opinion this is good security to prevent hackers. binance is also available for futures / margin features. It is suitable for users who like trading / margin / futures, this is a very recommendation in binance exchange. binance can also deposit through credit cards. in my opinion this is a very good market!Voir la critique complète

blockchain wallet logo

I am a blockchain wallet user. I really like this wallet because the security system is very good. I therefore chose the blockchain wallet. starting from the login feature using the wallet ID not by email. when we want to login then we have to verify ip. more than that for the very cheap fee. This wallet is very easy to use for new users because its display is very easy for everyone to understand. but there is something missing from this blockchain wallet, because there are only a few coins on the wall. maybe it should be added more. I keep using the blockchain wallet because its features are very good and safe making users comfortableVoir la critique complète

trust wallet logo

i like trust wallet . because very simple and elegant interface . like a new user or old user . support DApps very nice ! I was very lucky to be able to access my DApps game through a trust wallet . i like trust wallet because support DEX , if i have balance WETH i would exchange to ETH very easy for get altcoin just DEX or swap coin . Trust wallet also supports Binance DEX , so if i have coin just support in binance DEX I don't need to be difficult anymore everything is already in the trust wallet . Voir la critique complète

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Coinomi wallet review

i use coinomi from 2017 for received Doge coin . i think coinomi is very good and very simple for received and send . very fast blockchain confirmation . coinomi support for altcoin . for withdrawal fees in coinomi is very small .Coinomi supports up to several wallets with the same coin ,To send coins, Coinomi is available for the existing max balance. and then coinomi support NRG staked very nice . so I don't need to input it manually . so i think coinomi the best for wallet cryptocurrency ! Voir la critique complète

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just review

I like Bittrex because it's easy to use. other than that its appearance is very easy for new users to understand. bittrex can be said to be good enough for security, if we want to log in but it has a different ip, then we have to verify the ip we're using. because bittrex must be verif user or you could say KYC (Know Your Customer). besides bittrex can deposit with a credit card, for my fee in my opinion is very low compared to other markets. other than that for the withdrawal process is very fast and the fee is very cheap compared to the others. This is my reason why I chose Bittrex for tradingVoir la critique complète

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