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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is, essentialy, a set of complex algorithms that can handle different tasks. AIs can perform especially well with tasks that require calculations or pattern recognition skills. They have already proven that, in certain areas, they can achieve greater results than humans. While some AIs remain industrial-graded, others are optimized for use on regular devices. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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darwin ai logo
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DarwinAI, an explainable AI company, enables enterprises to build AI they can trust. Founded by renowned academics at the University of Waterloo, DarwinAI’s Generative Synthesis technology makes explainability real, allowing developers to understand, interpret and quantify the inner workings of a deep neural network. Based on years of distinguished... En savoir plus

datamacaw scarlet platform logo
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En savoir plus

determined ai logo
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Determined AI takes a pragmatic, results-driven approach to deep learning, with a goal of dramatically improving the productivity of deep learning developers. Its integrated AutoML platform simplifies the entire deep learning workflow from data management to model training and deployment. En savoir plus

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fiddler logo
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Explaining AI outcomes is key to building great AI solutions. When you know why your models are doing something, you have the power to make them better while also sharing this knowledge to empower your entire organization. En savoir plus

iguazio logo
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It's finally simple to deliver intelligent applications without managing infrastructure. En savoir plus

cortex certifai logo
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Cortex Certifai generates the first-ever composite trust score, the AI Trust Index, that measures data and model risks related to Performance, Data Quality, Robustness, Explainability, Fairness, and Compliance. Certifai can be applied to any black-box model including machine learning models, statistical models, business rules, and other predictive... En savoir plus

aporia logo
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Even the best models tend to fall out of fit over time due to inherent bias, data integrity issues, or real-life changes. The gradual nature of model drift often delays detection. With Aporia, you will create high-quality monitors that perfectly match your models and identify issues way before your customers do. En savoir plus

dvc logo
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DVC brings agility, reproducibility, and collaboration into your existing data science workflow En savoir plus

exb logo
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ExB offers the only end-to-end ML-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Data Extraction solution that automatically processes all incoming digital/non digital documents, invoices, emails (with attachments), customer requests, reports, claims, and any other sort of completely unstructured data to boost automation in input management up to... En savoir plus

modelshop logo
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Modelshop is a platform that allows organizations to quickly create analytic applications. En savoir plus

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