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Révision le Hoveround par JB CRYPTO

helps you move comfortably

Due to accidental reasons or health issues, many people see their abilities to mobilize themselves diminished, seeing the need to use accessories and personalized mobility equipment.
Hoveround considering this situation, is dedicated to manufacturing the appropriate mobility items for each need, such as:
• Electric operating chairs
• Facilitator of lifts
• Scooters for transfers
• Ladder implements
• Among others
Hoveround has a history of more than 25 years as a manufacturer of special mobility chairs and accessories, to facilitate the life and movement of people with disabilities of this type.
Why do users prefer them over other providers?
• Hoveround deals directly with the buyer, which allows him to pay additional costs to intermediaries, since he receives the product directly from the manufacturer.
• The accessories and mobility chairs are designed with every detail in mind, to reduce the movement difficulties of the users.

Avantages et inconvénients

  • Specialist in the manufacture of chairs suitable for people with mobility difficulties
  • Wide repertoire of equipment and accessories for mobility and transfer
  • Designs that provide user comfort
  • Direct delivery to the user
  • No disadvantages