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Curate Proposals

I like all aspects about this product - its flexibility/customization ability (it is very easy create custom forms), price point if you are small business owner or freelancer who provides services as well instead just products etc., ease-of use / simplicity once set it going , no need extra staff . The only thing i dislike slightly so far but dont know how much impact would have when we scale big time using pro account which requires significant amount cash inflows per month). is pricing model where one needs upgrade his plan after certain number(5?) customers added under same customer group. We recently got our first client through Curbly & now working fulltime helping them manage their proposal process effectively via automation.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

My husband bought headphones in MVideo, they were packed in mica. I chose the option with wireless charging (Qi), that is, Apple AirPods 2. The packaging, like all products of this company, is recognizable, with characteristic features: A sample of headphones is indicated on the reverse side: As far as I understand, the option that is charged only from the wire (the first version), then they have a cable drawn on the box. Everything is perfectly packed inside: Initially, the headphones were wrapped in a film: Of course, there is also a cable, since it is possible not always to have a wireless charger at hand: But I have this cable intact, until it makes sense, and there are already used Apple wires in everyday life. This accessory is produced, like almost all Apple products, in China: Charging case: Many people compare it with a floss case))) well, yes, I agree, there are similarities, but nevertheless it feels that the thing is expensive, it’s very pleasant to hold it in your hands (you just want to touch it and touch it), the accessory is quite heavy for its size (well, that’s right, they have a magnet inside, there is also a built-in battery for additional recharging at 398 mAh), plus in this version (in the second version) there is a plate for induction energy transfer inside, that is, there are metal / heavy elements around, and the plastic itself is dense , due to this, and weight (but of course not so much that it was hard to wear it))) There is an indicator on the front (in the first version it is inside under the lid), which always lights up when you open the lid, thereby showing the charge level of the headphones when they are inside or the charge of the case (more precisely, its battery) if there are no headphones inside. If the green indicator is on, then the headphones (if they are inside) or the case (if there are no headphones in it) are sufficiently charged, otherwise the indicator will glow orange: Its reverse side: As you can see, there is a button here (in the case of the first generation it is located a little lower), by clicking on it you can find out the charge level without opening the cover, and it is also intended for forced pairing with other devices... To do this, you need to open the case with headphones, hold button until it flashes white: and do a bluetooth search on the device to which you want to connect the headphones. Honestly, I only tried to pair them with a computer once, just for the sake of interest, they connect absolutely without problems: But in the future I didn’t use it, only with a phone, since I have other headphones for the computer, Sony WI-C300. But I satisfied my curiosity, including that they should connect to Android without any problems. There are magnets and contacts for charging inside the case and the headphones, the headphones are securely magnetized and even upside down they will not fall out of the case (although of course this is not such a nonsense, since even the cheapest wireless headphones from Aliexpress have exactly the same function): Under the cover there will definitely be a serial number, which for Apple AirPods 2 headphones is A1938 (the first generation has A1602, although you can’t confuse it by its characteristic visual features - an indicator inside and a button on the back, which is located lower than the second version): The headphones themselves: You can’t distinguish them from the headphones of the first version, but they can also be distinguished by serial numbers (indicated on the case of the headphones themselves), the second version has numbers A2032, A2031, the first generation of headphones have numbers A1523, A1722. Also, in their structure, they are similar to wired Apple Earpods: The leg is slightly thicker, as it has an additional built-in microphone. And in the ears they sit in the same way and the built-in speaker is also the same, that is, they have no difference in sound, they are both equally good. I met reviews where they mentioned that their sound is mediocre, then here I could argue, of course, if compared with some studio or professional headphones (although, to be honest, I very much doubt that such headphones are of the in-ear type), then of course the difference is possible and will be, but I can say with confidence that their sound is gorgeous! You just need to listen to high-quality recorded tracks, preferably from some official suppliers. Maybe it will help to dig deeper into the phone settings, that is, go to the equalizer and set the modes ... although I didn’t feel any difference, I also heard that they are not loud enough ... they are loud enough, there is no doubt about it, they naturally have a limit, but this limit does not go beyond safety, I don’t think the manufacturer (and other manufacturers that produce quality products) will expose themselves and the user to any risk (for their part, litigation, on the other hand, that is, the user - "blood from the ears"). For me, for example, the sound is only a third added and it’s loud enough for me! Therefore, if someone is quiet, then again I will speak out - listen only to high-quality recorded music or video blocks. As for audiobooks, here you need to understand that although these headphones are in-ear, they are not vacuum (for this you still need to turn to the Pro version, which are), so you will hear extraneous noise. But this suits me quite well, since this factor does not cut you off from the outside world, it is far from safe. About the very connection of the headphones to the phone, and specifically to the iPhone. Here, even the first connection - it takes 2 seconds. It is enough to open the cover of the headphone case when the phone is unlocked, a screen saver will appear on the screen that a new device has been found and ask for permission to connect, you agree and that's it, the iPhone remembers them and further use will be automatic - you take the headphones out of the case, insert them into your ears, they are instantly paired with a phone, no waiting, and put them in a case - they also turn off instantly. All this connection / disconnection occurs even when the phone is turned off / locked. When the headphones are connected, a similar graphic icon is lit in the status bar of your phone, and when playing a track, the corresponding inscription will be displayed: Also, in the future, as soon as you open the case with the phone unlocked, a splash screen with information about the charge level of your AirPods will immediately pop up on the screen: Control. In the phone settings in the tabs with bluetooth, you will find a device with AirPods and adjust which earphone will be responsible for what (that is, you will double-click on one or another earphone, and they will execute the command). I am not an active user of either a phone or headphones, so Siri immediately dismissed it, although in fact it can be very convenient for you, I just left it on the right - switch the next track, and on the left - pause / start: Nothing else to choose from: Well, to answer the call or hang up, then double-click on any earpiece. If your phone is far away, but there is no clock to see who is calling, then in the Phone settings (- "Announcement of calls") you can specify that the name of the subscriber who is calling you is spoken in the headphones. You can’t add or decrease the sound with them, only with the help of Siri, the phone itself or using the Apple Watch, if any. Charger. As I wrote above, it is convenient that in the second version, in addition to wired charging, there is also a function with wireless charging. It was the port itself that I used only once in all the time to make sure that it was working: And so I charge using the existing Native Union Drop Qi charger: But most often with the help of the IKEA RIGGAD table lamp, also equipped with a wireless platform, I have it at my workplace and always at hand: Charges flawlessly, very fast. But in fact, if you have the first version of the headphones and you really really need such a case with wireless charging, then you can buy it separately, although the little thing is not cheap, and is there any point? Probably there is, if for some reason it broke or you lost it, but the headphones remained :) Are the headphones falling out of your ears? This shape of the headphones is thought out for a reason, so few people don’t hold them, but if the wired interference is just a wire that makes the accessory heavier and pulls them down, plus it can catch here and there, then everything is great here, they sit perfectly , nothing pulls them down, you don’t have to try to attach them as conveniently as possible, put them in and go, even if one fits tighter and the other sticks out a little, then they are unlikely to fall out: Even when I shake my head strongly, jump with a rope - they don’t fall out! Maybe if only the hair gets wrapped around them or caught on the headdress when you take it off ... By convenience. In my case, as with wired Apple EarPods, everything is fine for about an hour, and then my ears hurt terribly, I want to take it out as soon as possible. But I don't really need them for much longer. It's all individual, my husband's daughter has exactly the same headphones and she can be with them for days and nothing. Nevertheless, they can hardly be called super-comfortable, here the Pro version, they say, is much better in this regard ... actually, I believe, since I like headphones with vacuum ear cushions much more in terms of convenience. What other disadvantages do I see besides the fact that I can’t stay in them for a long time? Everything sticks to the case very strongly, it is clear that there are magnets, many write about some kind of metal dust, they even put special protective plates, but where does so much metal crumb come from? It seems to me that any speck of dust is charged with static electricity and therefore everything sticks, but this is probably a trifle - I rubbed it and that's it. Nevertheless, here is an example of how everything sticks to it, and moreover, I took this photo of a completely new product, that is, as I took it out of the package, while I was examining it, while I was shooting, the villi from clothes managed to stick to it (by clicking on the photo, you can enlarge and see picture in more detail): Well, I won’t say that the headphones can be lost, it all depends on inattention / absent-mindedness, on some kind of accident and on carelessness (it can be rude, but this factor should not be ruled out). It is more difficult to lose when you are listening to music, as the headphones are designed in such a way that as soon as you take out even one earphone, the second one goes silent for a while, you can immediately determine that one has popped up. It’s much more difficult when you always wear headphones even when you don’t listen to music (well, for example, you are an active person and they often call you and you are constantly waiting), then yes, at some point you may not notice how it popped up, but, I repeat , this is some kind of extreme case, since they sit securely, well, for example, a strong wind, you have long hair that is wound up, pulled out the earpiece and it fell and you did not hear ... The main disadvantage for me is that the appearance of the case is quickly lost ... And since I try to treat things with care, after buying the headphones I immediately thought about purchasing a protective case for it, I ordered it almost immediately (not counting the time that I had to sit and choose, because despite the abundance of this accessory, it is difficult to find a decent quality at an affordable price), but nevertheless, without a case, I had the headphones for a little more than a month, I wore them very, very carefully, that is, even in a separate pocket of my jacket, where there is nothing but them there was no more, and the houses were in a box separately from other little things, and nevertheless, I already noted some wear on the case (it is better seen when the photo is enlarged): So, of course, it’s not particularly noticeable, the case is glossy, but traces are already visible at a certain angle of illumination ... At the moment, the headphones are in a case (the photo was taken before I put it on ...) What other observations? Well, purely visual ... it seems to me that this model of headphones is more for the female contingent, well, or for young people. But just the Pro version sits and looks more universal, but in fact I won’t say that I understand headphone fashion :))). And now the question arises: why are AirPods not available in black? Although I know there are amateur companies that do a color upgrade (spray to order in any color, including logos), but most naturally prefer it as it is, referring to the fact that in a different color they are no longer Apple at all ... Price. Despite the fact that it can be attributed to the Cons column (although everything is relative here, Apple products are a priori expensive, and there are headphones of this type that are much more expensive), but we were incredibly lucky with the purchase of data, since they cost us almost with 50% discount. How did it happen? Before that, in the MVideo store, my husband purchased some computer equipment, from which decent bonuses were accrued, but due to the write-off of these bonuses, such a big discount came out, that is, the initial price for the product was 14,990 rubles, but in the end they cost us 7692 rubles: In general, I won’t dissemble, despite the fact that I can’t stay in them for a long time, I really like them, and especially the sound, the speed of pairing, that there are absolutely no problems with braking, stuttering, loss of communication (not counting, of course, going out of edge), how they sit securely (they don’t fall out for me, I do fitness with absolutely no problems), and most importantly - the absence of wires, it’s Very, very convenient, especially after Apple’s wired ones. Why especially? Because I noted that they get tangled much more readily than others, so I bought a leather collar for them to somehow pacify. Plus, holding them in your hands you feel how the thing is of high quality. I see no reason not to recommend them, unless the price can stop ... देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I like that Advance guardian is easy for me as customer service representative because it makes my life easier with all their amazing features such as online portal which helps us make our day by providing great solutions while saving time. Advance guardian is reliable software for background checks with instant delivery time. I like how it keeps records after you have closed your case, so that if other people need information they can get them without going through another agent. You cant edit or delete cases once its been submitted, but thats ok because there not many things I dislike about advance guardians service Its good product overall. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Musing Meanders

I recently shopped online at the e-commerce website - Musing Meanders  and I wanted to share my shopping experience with you all. If you have not heard about it, then let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful e-commerce site that is run by small family business in Perth, Western Australia. Honest and personal review about a user's shopping experience. ​The reason I love sharing my honest opinions on products with others is because for one thing, everyone needs an "eye" for spotting good stuff from the normal ruck and secondly, there's nothing more satisfying than being able to help someone else out when they want to buy something either for themselves or as a gift. In fact most of the time when people read honest reviews, they can spot if something is worth spending their hard earned money on. If it is still not enough, at least you know where it's coming from and so, do the right thing and support a small family-based business just like this one as oppose to getting your stuff off some cheap Chinese website. I am not affiliated with the author of this review nor Musing Meanders in any way for me to write an honest opinion. I purchased this dress online on my own after seeing it featured at the above mentioned site. The website is easy to navigate around even if you are shopping online for the first time - that's how simple they have made it for everyone. You can tell based on their site design, layout and structure that they are proud of what they are doing and that is why I am proud to support them. Now back to the dress that I got from the site. They have a wide selection of dresses for both women, men and kids - there really is something for everyone! The picture on their website was enough to entice me into buying it - especially with its classic color choice, gold embellishments at different places, simple yet adorable pattern design and fitting style. They also have many other cute designs in store so make sure to check out what they have if you don't find what you want here. Delivery was surprisingly fast considering this product comes all the way from Australia which only took two weeks to reach me here in Malaysia. The designs on the website are so beautiful and unique, you won't be able to find them anywhere else.  If you're looking for a dress that is perfect for any occasion or event then I recommend checking out Musing Meanders. They have dresses in all different colors and patterns - from classic black with gold embellishments to cute polka dot prints.  The prices are reasonable too which means there's no excuse not to go ahead and buy something! If you need help deciding what would look best on your body type, don't worry because they offer size charts right next to their product pictures.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I recently had the pleasure of using an online ticketing service called TickPick ( ).  I used this site to purchase tickets for the Ford Center in Evansville, IN on February 14th, 2015. The reason I was purchasing some new tickets is due to my fiance and I moving up our wedding date and some family members (who weren't able to make it down when we got married) decided they were going to come down for our rescheduled date! So me being me... I wanted to surprise them with upgraded seats so they could have a great view of all the action :). What are tick pick? TickPick is an online that sells live event tickets at a discount. They offer a great service to the customers as they send emails each day with events that are going on in your local area or any other city that you choose. Their website has a very user friendly layout and is very easy to navigate your way around. It's basic enough for novices and also very detailed oriented, which I liked because it gave me full control of what I wanted to do with my tickets. In our day and age where ticket fraud is becoming more common, TickPick uses their own form of authentication to make sure their buyers are getting what they're paying for. What tick pick did right! Price - Let's face it... who doesn't like saving money?  TickPick had the best seats for my family at a cheaper price than Ticketmaster, StubHub and even the box office. Selection - TickPick had better seats than all of these different websites/vendors. Authentication - They use their own form of authentication to make sure every ticket is indeed real.  Something that I loved about this was they give you access to view your seat's location on the map before making the purchase so you know exactly where your seat(s) are going to be prior to buying them! Customer Service- Their customer service is second to none.  I received a call from a very nice lady named Sarah who not only double checked with me that my email went through properly but also gave me an email to send a photo of my ticket stubs just incase they were lost in the mail.  I really thought that was going above and beyond her job duties, but she reassured me it's something they do with every customer. Some of their customer service representatives can be hard to understand at times and I had to ask them to repeat themselves multiple times before I was able to fully understand what they were saying. TickPick is a website that provides live event tickets with discounted prices, plus they have an email service that sends you daily events near your location or any other city in the country. They use their own form of authentication to make sure every ticket is real and not fraudulant; this way whether you're purchasing from them online or getting it at the box office, there's no risk of losing money on fake tickets! Their customer service representatives are helpful but sometimes hard to understand due to heavy accents which can be frustrating when trying to ask questions about what time something starts (and I'm assuming vice versa).देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Watermelon Music

The store that sells CDs which are priced at up to $20,000. The shop's manager is Shigeo Nakazono. Nakazono is well known as a "genius singer" in Japan; he has released ten singles and four albums since his debut in 2002. He draws much attention since he won the grand prix of the audition program called 'Asayan' (TBS). His songs are made by composers like super-star hide (X JAPAN).. My major is East Asian Studies (major in Japanese language), though it's taking me a long time to graduate since I can't be good at anything but Japanese;P we review about this fantastic record store! Watermelon Records - the legend of CDs by Japanese singers like Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki , Gackt 200 yen ($2) to 10000-15000 yen ($100-$150). If you are a K-pop fan or lover of Japanese music , then this record store is very, very interesting for you. I have been to many record stores in Tokyo and US but no one has so much stock on CDs by Japanese singers . There might be some other stores that specialize in Japanese singers but I bet they don't have as much stock as Watermelon does. Most of the CDs there cost around 200 yen ($2) to 500 yen ($5). Very cheap! And more rare CD s cost about 2000 yen ($20) or 10000 yen ($100). They sell pretty much any famous Japanese singers' CDs from teen pop idol groups like AKB48  or Buono!  to rock bands like L'Arc〜en〜Ciel or Miyavi . I went there to get some CDs by Japanese singers who are popular in Japan right now, Ayu and Namie for example. That was my weakest point...Japanese songs. I have no idea how good songs are because I can't understand Japanese songs at all so it's hard to judge about them. But if you visit this shop for buying rare CDs , then it'll be much helpful since they have many "mini-reviews" of the albums right next to the CD itself.* If you are interested in K-pop or Japanese music, the Watermelon Records store is your one stop shop to find CDs by famous singers like Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki for very cheap prices.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Shift is one of the few projects in crypto which will derive it's value from real life use cases. Unlike many projects in the crypto world who market ideas and words before realizing anything, shift does the exact opposite. Deliver first, Marketing Second. The crypto crash as many like to call it was imminent after the massive bull run in the last 2 months. This is just a normal correction which will shake out all the "get rich quick" type of investors. When you invest in crypto you must sit through the hard times as well if you deserve to win in the good times. Shift has a slow and steady grow. But once people realize it's true potential it could easily reach mc of a billion dollars.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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INT Chain

This project seems to be very interesting, and due the very low marketcap it could be worth an investment, but the marketing seems to be very bad. The best example is minereum, it was the first with his idea, but it has inactive dev and a not existing marketing. so the investors have lost a lot of money INT is currently at a very low price, providing a good entry for people looking to get in. I put a 5% of my portfolio in it, as it could be one of those that suddenly become massive. The partnerships received some FUD, but they were proven in the end.. I'm following this project from couple of weeks, spoke with admins about plans, have been on chineese weibo and I'm 1oo % sure, that only western investors are concerned about this project.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I don't have chinesse phone number too. And they weren't able to verify my european phone number. But they verified photo of my european passport. And I enable 2 factor verification (downloading Google verification app). And based on my passport and 2FV I was able transfer Bitcoin in, change it for Yuan, buy XAS and transfer it to my offline wallet. No need for phone verification. Just passport and 2FA. Good answer for the questions, some of which is what I want to know, I Hope more and more western investors can join in the promoting team to make this Chinese community to be more international.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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First and wildly used cryptocurrency. Not really decentrolized as not all of us have the money to buy some OP machine to mine the coins so the network becomes dependent on the miners, who can do what ever they wish to since they are the ones controlling the network not the other people who just use wallet and to have transactions. It is more like an investment than an universal Internet crypto currency (at least thats how I see the bitcoin). Fees are really high sometimes when the network is crowded it can cost like 5$ to send 10$ in 24hours time which can never work as a currency. This is how I see the bitcoin. All in all first “giant” that will stay and live in the game.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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