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BKEX exchange was esta blished in 2018 to provide trading services to Blockchain traders across the globe. It is a trading platform with unique trading attributes making it an attractive hub for digital currency traders. There are several reasons why the BKEX exchange is unique, this includes features like deposit option, security, trading fees, storage, and the Verification process. The deposit option on BKEX gives the flexibility of making use of a variable method to top up one's trading account on the exchange. It supports fiat deposits and cryptocurrency deposits, this allows those who are new to crypto to acquire their first crypto assets by making a direct deposit into their trading account using a bank card, PayPal, Wechat, or Alipay, these are variety of payment options available worldwide. So far there hasn't been any record of a security breach on BKEX. The tight security measure can be attributed to the security infrastructure put forward by the exchange platform toदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

disrupt motion लोगो

Disrupt motion is a marketing guru at creating high quality video contents for marketing purposes, they have been in the field of creating video for marketing and artistic publication. I'm impressed with their profound specialisation in the blockchain industry, addressing the needs and concern of blockchain companies and project with videos that helps them relate better with their potential users and aiding massive adoption. Videos have proven to be a good marketing tool in this new digital era, YouTube alone gets over a billion hours of views each day, this shows how good most people find it watching videos and by so doing it's easier for brands to pass their messages across and expand their business, that's what Disrupt motion does for Project they helped to design video contents that stimulates viewer's visual and hearing. Disrupt motion core beliefs is that the blockchain is the future platforms for businesses and with a framework that ac aattract investorsto different blockcदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

thousand लोगो

I believe in every little beginning, and Thousand Exchange platform isn't an exception to that fact. I've spent time trying to make more research about the origin of the exchange, the developers, their mission and vision in the cryptocurrency industry and I was indeed impressed with the project. The numerous products and services Thousand Exchange plans on bringing up on board after the launch of their service is quite amazing. First is a token TND Token that grants access to use the services on their platform, a decentralised trading platform, a launchpad for incubating new projects coming up, Thousand pay is also one of their proposed project that gives users the ease of making cross border crypto payment, they plan of launching their own non custodial wallet that enables users store most of the major digital asset tokens. The most incredible project they are planning to create is the multiple chain NFT marketplace, this is one of the feature that is not common to other NFT markदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

coreto लोगो

Coreto has all it needs to grow and earn as a crypto trader, both for the newbies and the seasoned traders. It has pulled across some resources on its platform that will enable crypto traders to maximize their rewards and profits as a trader, how this is done is by accessing the community's opinion on some project and investment ideas this gives you a clue as a trader on what kind of assets you can venture into looking at the metrics, this is the advantage of having a community-driven platform like Coreto as your guide in the crypto space. Coreto has its utility token called "COR", $COR token has a lot of amazing utility in the Coreto ecosystem such as content monetization, staking, reward giving to users as incentives on the platform, and a lot more. It's a deflationary token, it is burnt to keep the value of the circulating supply high and relevant to investors and king term holders as demand for the token keeps increasing making it a good token to hold . देखें पूरी समीक्षा

roobee लोगो

ROOBEE is a cross-chain investment platform regulated and licensed in the British Virgin Islands. The AI-powered company offers average individual access to top-class investment opportunities in the traditional and blockchain industry. Being a regulated company ROOBEE has been trusted by several users across the world to have access to world's class investment opportunities such as real estate, IPO, Venture capital, and an endless number of others. There has been a remarkable development on the platform since it was launched in 2018 and considering its recent venture into investment in blockchain assets across 6 different blockchain networks. What this implies is, that ROOBEE is building a protocol that allows users to benefit and invest in lucrative opportunities across a different network without the limitation of blockchain fragmentation. There are a bunch of tools being developed to achieve this on the ROOBEE finance decentralized exchange. It's quite true that ROOBEE lowers देखें पूरी समीक्षा

gagarin launchpad लोगो

Gagarin launchpads have given most traders a safe route to most early stage projects which is why they have gained popularity and most projects are looking up to them to raise liquidity and strengthen their marketing. Investors are also taking part in the launchpad auctions on to get a first mover advantage by buying at a lower price before the tokens get listed on a centralized or decentralized exchange. Investing in a project from a launchpad platform like Gagarin is one of the safest and surest ways for anyone to gain full access to early stage projects, the stress and cost of making personal research about the project you are about investing is also reducing since all project holding their presale on the launchpad will be verified and proven to be credible before being allowed to crowd source investment from the community. This is exactly what Gagarin launchpad does for it's community of investors who participate in the initial offerings of crypto projects. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

stealthex लोगो

Stealth is a decentralized exchange for trading digital assets other wise known as cryptocurrency. In my sojourn in crypto I have came across lots of decentralized crypto currency exchanges, but there's a disctint difference when it comes to using stealth exchange, but the difference in Stealth service is an added advantage to it. What gets me intrigued the most is how transactions are made on Stealth, you don't need to connect stealth to your wallet before you trade. It allows you make deposits straight away using crypto or fiats and take out your funds directly to your account by pasting your wallet address. What I like about the model adopted my Stealth exchange is that it creates a transparent system where traders don't lose total custody of their funds and when transactions are carried out it's being processed with instant finality.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

wodo network लोगो

Wodo Network is indeed an amazing project I've gone through the entire project and I would love to give an overview on Wodo Network. First thing I like about the project is the fact the team and developers behind it are doxxed and not that alone I've taken my time to check them out on their social media platform and I discovered that each one of them are truly who they claim to be, with each and everyone being an expert in their area of disciplinen, I'm optimistic that their experience in their fields will help them achieve their goals. I believe and share in their goals and vision also. I think creating a platform that brings gamers and game developers close will spur the eagerness of gamers to interact with game coming up on the platform, cause gamers will love to try out a game that has been credited by the team and listed in their game stores for community members. The concept of blockchain play to earn game is still unknown to most people and those who know about it still देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bydfi लोगो

Many of the world's best digital currency exchanges are from Singapore and I doubt if Bityard will be an exception to that fact this was my thought when I came across the exchange for my very first time after which I proceeded with the sign-up process. The first criteria I consider before signing up on the exchange platform was the basis of their regulation which is one of the attributes of most Singapore exchanges, Bityard has been licensed as a trusted digital currency exchange in Singapore, the USA, Australia, and Estonia currently, making me convinced about Bityard's plan to protect traders and eliminates any suspicion of fraudulent activity. Speaking about the verification process on BitYard many centralized exchange demands that their users provide KYC documents to be able to trade on them. These constraints that have prevented most traders from using some exchanges have been erased by BitYard for those just starting to trade. As a global trading platform with its service देखें पूरी समीक्षा

kucoin लोगो

The exchange is highly impeccable, I have used it on several occasions and I was never disappointed

Kucoin, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, can be described as a user-friendly cryptocurrency market that can be used by non - experts. Its commissions are extremely low when compared to other exchanges, and it also has a professional interface. This was the first exchange I used when I initially started trading crypto, based on recommendations and the mind-blowing deals, particularly from the AMA. There's more to the AMA than just a way for traders to make money because the KuCoin AMA helped me comprehend most cryptography terms and systems. Using the exchange platform still has a lot of advantages. Let me walk you through some of the fascinating reasons why I choose Kucoin as my crypto-currency trading platform of choice. 1.Security and transparency: I explored several other exchanges before realizing that Kucoin was the only one that could meet my requirements in terms of reliable data. I'm always provided an exact price and competitive market rates. The P2P market was also देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bitribe लोगो

Are you looking for one of the best exchange in Singapore where you can trade your digital currencies then Bitribe exchange is the best platform for you to use as a cryptocurrency trader there anywhere in the world the exchange is quite new just barely three years in existence but it is developing really fast and meeting up with standards of all the top and dominant cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore and in the crypto sphere. Bitribe exchange is also using the modern security infrastructure so leverage the security of the exchange, it uses a two-factor authentication process to secure traders fund this makes it very hard for someone else to login into another person's account because a code will be demanded from the users email and authentication application although it might not be sufficient enough to protect the users from theft but it has helped many users to secure their funds. There are many features about this exchange, it has an enormous liquidity, good trade engine, higदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

timex लोगो

TimeX is a digital currency exchange, it's not very popular but from past records and research made about the exchange I discovered the exchange has been doing so well and it has a unique feature operating as a centralised and decentralized digital brokerage, this allows Traders to enjoying the benefits of a centralised and decentralized exchange in one platform simultaneously, but many traders are unaware of the exchange existence due to the fact that it is not so popular. I made some research to know why the exchange is not popular and I perceive the only setback it has was that the trade fee taken by the exchange was outrageous. This alone is enough to discourage most traders from using the platform because the market takers are paying a trading fee of 0.5% while the makers are paying a fee of 0.25% this shows that the fee taken by the exchange is immoderate and expensive and so most readers will try to stick to other exchange with fees below the industry's average. The exchange haदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

cryptology लोगो

Cryptology is a new entry exchange from Singapore that was created for the purpose of trading cryptocurrency in 2018 the exchange is not yet very popular but it is doing perfectly well and it is gaining recognition gradually by its uses thereby attracting more potential users the exchange restrict some people from trading on its platform example trailers from U.S due to the strong regulation policy against cryptocurrency in those region so it's good you go to The Exchange terms and condition to know if Traders from your region accepted. The trading fee taken by the exchange is not very cheap as many would say because the market makers and takers are paying a trading fee or 0.2% of the total transaction, whereas other exchange like binance and kucoin take 0.1% of the total transaction volume so in that aspect so I can't really say that the fees on the exchange is very low but it's quite moderate and considerate. Having a good supporting to attend to team to attend to users is also veryदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

bitcoin gold लोगो

Bitcoin gold is similar to bitcoin itself airboat decentralized cryptocurrencies the first which is Bitcoin gold is an hard fork of a popular and first successful blockchain cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin gold was created in 2017 to sort out some of the issues and challenges most bitcoin holders and miner's especially face with Bitcoin group works on what we called a POW system otherwise known as proof of work system to improve the mining experience of miners with bitcoin gold is has been called more easier for miner's complex task and earn Bitcoin gold as a compensation for your their effort in generating the new block. The present market value of the token is quite very low compared to that of Bitcoin and its volatility is not as high as that of Bitcoin so to some extent the coin hasn't really surpassing Bitcoin in terms of market dominance and relevance.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

xrp लोगो

Xrp is a cryptocurrency that runs on Ripple network, the digital currency has been listed several times as one of the top five digital currency based on its market dominance and capitalisation and several times the coin has struggled to take the third position on the list competing with coins like USDT, Binance coin, and Cardano which are also great cryptocurrency. Xrp has become very popular ever since its inception and it is known for one particular purpose which it has proven to be most efficient and reliable and the area where xrp has proven to be the best is when it comes to payment system. Several business firms and banks as well have started adopting the use of xrp coin or rather the ripple network to make easy, fast, and cheap payment transactions, it can be used in making transactions for swapping Fiat currencies to another different Fiat currency. Ripple ( XRP) since its inception has the vision of making the entire payment systems much more better than it was before and thदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

coinspot लोगो

Coin spot is an Australian Cryptocurrency exchange enriched with many excellent trait, features and attributes. It has been one of the most competitive exchanges in Australia since 2014 providing its user with an optimum satisfaction and service delivery taking a flat fee of 0.1% as their trade fee which is very low and it happens to be one of the best rates that can be found on any digital currency exchange presently. I haven't traded on the exchange yet cause I've been restricted from creating an account and it's the same thing with other non Australia traders cause from the information disclosed by the exchange service provider they stated clearly that only Australian Cryptocurrency traders are eligible to trade on coin spot exchange. It would be nice if the exchange can also give non Australians an opportunity to trade on the exchange later on cause many of them are craving to be allowed to trade on the exchange.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

beaxy लोगो

Beaxy in incredible and outstanding

Beaxy is a Crypto and fiat trading brokerage for only digital currency like Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum and some few other digital currency, their numbers are quite compared to exchange supporting hundreds and few other ones supporting thousands of digital currency. The ease that comes with using Beaxy as an exchange is that it allows you trade crypto directly with your personal bank account, asides that you can also use a credit card in topping up your trading account at anytime, so if you are searching for the exchange that allows you start trading in less than 5 minutes using fiat Beaxy is recommend for you. it has great trading tools for traders irrespective of you being a pro or novice I think the trading tools can be implemented by almost all traders to trade profitably.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

eggies world लोगो

Tron on the blockchain but a vast majority of these games are trash cause they don't work , they either have one bug or the other or they have been stopped working. Eggies world is the worst of them all, it's still working but I don't understand a thing about the game. The game looked so needs to be updated cause it falls below the standards of operation of games on the blockchain. The characters on the game look confusing cause I didn't know which of them was my avatar and there was no way to also check my earnings on the game. I suggest the game developer get rid of the game or better still update it cause the game was so bad देखें पूरी समीक्षा

lazyworkers लोगो

Blockchain games are becoming more popular day by day cause they give players really rewards that can be converted into real cash and that's why most people are beginning to become attached with those kinds of game. Lazy worker is a blockchain game I have never played cause ever since I discovered the game cause anytime I tried to check out the game I always see a page displaying that the domain account has been put out for sale, so the game sever has been shut down. Lazy worker sounds absurd to me cause the name doesn't sound captivating enough to grab the attention the attention of any game addict, the games name lack some element of intrigue and action which is why majority of gamers won't be convinced to give it a try.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

apple pay लोगो

Apple pay is a payment system that was established by Apple, it allows anyone to make payment comfortably either online or offline use a secured and contactless payment system that works anywhere in the world working faster than you can ever imagine and the super interesting fact is that they don't take a dime for transaction fee. It's one of the convenient payment allowing you to connect either your debit or credit card to your apple using your iPad, Mac or iPhone to make easy payment or purchase anywhere it's acceptable. There's no cause for alarm using the payment gateway, it doesn't store your debit or credit card details on its servers this helps to eliminate loss of funds due to hackers activities or any doubt that Apple pay developers might gain access to your funds, in the absence of that it's absolutely secure for anyone to use.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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