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Eggies World

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About Eggies World

Eggiesworld is a TRON based Blockchain game where players can hatch eggs and gain rewards. Each EGG is unique and needs your attention in order to stay alive and become a unique monster.

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Eggies world, a really bad blockchain game

According to the information I have sourced out for this game, Eggies world is another one of such blockchain games that you can earn from. The modality of this game just involves raising, feeding…See more

The name of the game is "The World of Eggs"

First of all, hello everyone. Today I will introduce you to the game. This is a blockchain game. This is my second or third blockchain game. The name of the game is "Egg World". This is a blockchain…See more

"Eggies World"

Hello everyone first. Today, I am going to introduce you to a game. This is also blockchain game. And it is my second or third blockchain game. The name of the game is "Eggies World". This game is s…See more

It is nothing but a waste of time.

Eggies World is a game where you can earn cryptocurrency using blockchain infrastructure. It is quite easy to register for this game and platform. You can easily register with your e-mail address…See more


Eggies world is a blockchain monetize game built on Tron. This game is a piece of junk,players will absolutely regret signing up for a game like eggies. There was no formal information of what the…See more

A sham game. Waste of time and money

Eggies World became my first Blockchain game to interact with but made me very highly disappointed. I initially choose to try out this game as it was on the Tron Blockchain which will mean lower…See more

Game with No Existent Content in the Platform

Because of the bad development of dozens of apps and projects in the marketplace, users are still considering if the cryptocurrency games have something attractive to offer to them. During so much…See more