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Review on Eggies World by Josiah Ayuba

A sham game. Waste of time and money

Eggies World became my first Blockchain game to interact with but made me very highly disappointed. I initially choose to try out this game as it was on the Tron Blockchain which will mean lower fees for making transactions with this game. For my first initial setup with this game, my number one disappointment was in the beginning of which no tutorial was given on how the game works. I decided to work on luck and see maybe I can understand the game in the long run but after over two agonizing hours of gameplay and exorbitant losses of my TRX to the game, I gave up. It's combined dividend pool shows that there is a lot lesser amount of players concerned with the game. It's the most useless game I have ever seen

Pros & cons

  • It seems to give a mining dividends to players who lost their TRX
  • There is no first hand tutorial on how the gameplay works
  • Requires an outright deposit of coins or tokens to begin playing the game
  • It's dividends mining pool, I don't seem to know how to get the mined TRX from the pool
  • It's a total waste of time, a sham game