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Review on Eggies World by Killer Bean

Eggies world, a really bad blockchain game

According to the information I have sourced out for this game, Eggies world is another one of such blockchain games that you can earn from. The modality of this game just involves raising, feeding and a monster to attack in order to earn cryptos. The game was created on a Tron blockchain.

When I tried it out I had a lot of problems playing the game, in the sense that there was a very bad gaming interface. I opened the game's website and all I saw a robotic figure just showing on the green doing basically nothing. The game didn't even come with any form of tutorial to show new users his to play and earn. I will consider this game as a waste of time and data, hence users should be aware of this kind of game. After checking their page on twitter, I found out that had barely up to 2000 followers. The game just needs to be closed down because of the complicated game play.

Pros & cons

  • No positive review
  • No information about the company behind this game
  • There is no tutorial step or guideline for newbies
  • The gaming interface is very poor
  • Little number of followers on twitter
Josh Bellz
March 23, 2021
The game was a total waste of time. I regret signing up for this game,just got hooked up and stranted without any information about the games from it developer . Games like this are not worth spending ones time and resources on cause it's so frustrating.
Killer Bean
January 27, 2021
Sorry bro Its so dissapointing to see that some blockchain games are just out there to scam unaware users and players. I had to quit the game, it was a waste of Time. The game doesnt even have a game plan where players will even know what to do. Bad game!!!
Josiah Ayuba
January 27, 2021
The number one reason to why I kept on loosing my money to this useless game was because no tutoring was given to how the gameplay works. My trons were just lost for an unknown cause. I hate the game