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Review on Eggies World by Eziz Jumagylyjow

"Eggies World"

Hello everyone first. Today, I am going to introduce you to a game. This is also blockchain game. And it is my second or third blockchain game. The name of the game is "Eggies World". This game is s blockchain monetization game built by Tron. You will be very sorry to subscribe to this game, because it does not recommend how to play this game. The graphics of this game are very useless. And there is do not have any languages. This game is very boring and this game seems to be kind of interesting from the outside. It is also hard to hold this game. I deleted a few of my games for this game and I have a vary bad remorse. I had no idea this game was my second chance. This game is not worthy of anything, for example, a game that is not very worthy of big ratings and showing off as a blockchain game. You will be very sorry if you do not download this game. Here is a little review of this game because the game is not fun.

Pros & cons

  • not have a pros.
  • none.
  • do not have any languages.
  • graphics are not good.
  • doesn’t teach you how to play this game.
José A Rodríguez
April 05, 2021
Hello, Eziz. It is always good to know about those project that is limited. This game was particularly released without so much development. Currently, there exist different projects with the same aspects and sadly, many crypto games are not receiving the necessary support. I suggest you improve more the quality of the review by providing a list of reliable positive and negatives aspects. But, good review, overall.