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Review on Eggies World by José A Rodríguez

Game with No Existent Content in the Platform

Because of the bad development of dozens of apps and projects in the marketplace, users are still considering if the cryptocurrency games have something attractive to offer to them. During so much, more and more products remain empty or receive little development. Such is the case of the Eggies World, a game that anyone's knows how to play because the platform was released, but it does not provide any single piece of informative content.

Through my research, I found out it is a type of game related to the mining sectors, and also the trading field. In some special way, it is involved with that to set earnings, but that didn't work at all. As I know, users have voted for it as one of the less updated platforms, which is still working.

Considering all the previous things I just could say that this platform won't reach any top in the marketplace, and it is not recommended for anyone because it can part of a scam. So stop of thinking this game will be functional with development since the company is not active.

Pros & cons

  • Anything positive to say about it.
  • Game with unclear design. There is no purpose to play on it. No one knows what sections use to play.
  • It didn't receive development and support. The company does not work anymore for it. It seems to have been given in down.
  • It might be related to a type of scam since the platform is empty. The character available cannot be understood.