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Dragonex is exchange with any crypto currency deposit and fiat , this exchange a very popular not my country with they DT im used for trade deposit and withdrawal , many coin listed in there , trusted , many event in there like event trading , hodl , event deposit , and many more .. im still used this exchange because they event have never difficult they customer , they have DT token and blockchain they build it self like binance with BNB , if you not any trade in there try it very simple exchange with amazing they team work , im feel this exchange will be the next popular like binance and bittrex .. never any hacked on this exhange very good but becarefull always check your securerity.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bittrex लोगो


im user bittrex in 2018 very easy use and simple but must be minus already have in there .. great excahnger for trader in here , very eazy use , trusted , fast withdrawal process , support fast respon , already list many coin and token in there .. very popular in my country live , this once of all best exchanger my favorit too .. if you not in there try it this exchanger , they have big volume 10 billion user more in there so very highly partitipant , rating good .. not any bug seriously since i use this exchanger , very safety for new comer if you want trade in there seriously ..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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My Riview About Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi wallet a application for store your asset , im use coinomi long time ago never any bug or anything else like that .. multi currency country for see price and many langues in there , support buy crypto with bank or visa .. can exchange and many more .. im recommend this wallet for store your asset. this project rating good and trusted. if you want use this wallet available for android , iost , mac , windows , linux .. this wallet not 100% perfect but good for store asset , exchange another coin , billion user have use this wallet choose you favorit wallet yourtself and keep becareful too many hacker do anything for stolen your asset !!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

blockchain wallet लोगो

Blockchain Wallet

riview of blockchain wallet

my opinion for blockchain wallet very amazing program airdrop in 2018 , too many people know about crypto and trusted wallet high company live support fast respond im user blockchain wallet long time a go no any bug in there very recomend for use this wallet long term very high security exprience no bug seriously since i use this wallet very safety and easy trade to other crypto without close app , im very interesting about this wallet for helping people like airdrop and other program thank you blockchain for your big heart..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

trust wallet लोगो

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet riview

im user trust wallet long time ago before TWT token create , very eazy use for new or old user , simple not high size file download , show price direct from market or cmc , can exchange instan for buy or sell crypto , many dapps without close app , profesional team and live support , track charts and prices within the wallet , never collect personally data , deserves easy access to cryptocurrencies diffrent wallet for saving asset and fiture staking for bank very amazing in thereदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

ethereum लोगो


The first make tokenisation

my opinion for ETH , amazing project for the first tokenisation on blockchain system , im used eth since 2017 ago very simple used low fee and many exchange list this project .. if this project place take a second place after bitcoin im agree .. this project make new system tokenisation for other new project eazy join blockchain low cost for developer , over all about this project very exprience for user and worker for developer make project anything , high volume and huge community this big things can be the next money system in the world after bitcoin देखें पूरी समीक्षा

binance coin लोगो

Binance Coin

BNB coin very popular in my country .. every project list in there must success but not all of them , withdrawal faster , live support fast respon , blockhain fast confirmation over all i feel this project amazing , profetional team and more .. im user binance or BNB since 2017 ago , never get bug or issue seriously .. high volume coin list in there , fast dump and pump coin im recommend this project for future change Bitcoin so slow take time blockchain confirmation and high fee for use bitcoin .. AMAZING project must follow and watch one thisदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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never give up until sucess on crypturrency the new way for used our money we use !!

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