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Civil Designer

The product has been very helpful for our transportation department. When it comes time planning out new projects such as roadways or designing culverts under streams etc.. It's not intuitive enough at first however once someone gets used too using them they will get everything just fine! There are so many features within this program but sometimes there isn't really much information about how certain things should work if anyone else uses their products before us (new users). We use these tools daily now because we have trained ourselves well over years through trial by error...we've had issues where other companies would come along try something different then make changes all throughout which was annoying since most were done wrong from what i gather anyway....but overall its great!! Great toolset makes life easier. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The best part about this is how easy it was to set up our model in an actual facility at UCI. While using real machines for operations which really gave us hands -on experience! I found no dislikes with regard its implementation as we are still operating from within 3DMaster's environment (with some custom addons), but would like more updates/functionality out there especially, if you already have access through your institution or other training opportunities provided by Sim3D where they also use emulation platforms. The ease with which it can be used to create 3d models for viewing in real time or rendering I think is its strongest point as well, the fact you get so much value out an expensive program like this one. I feel could have been even more powerful than what they intended at first place, but still good none really. It does allow people who are not skilled enough yet make realistic looking things using computer modelling tools. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Maxpanda CMMS

Best of both worlds!!!! Simple, intuitive interface. Data entry was done in less than 10 minutes and maintenance scheduling was automated in less than 5 minutes.. After few weeks of using this system i found myself managing the same problem again and again without even checking its status... The whole concept of Maxpanda is very simple & understandable. I just had no idea regarding maintaining systems till now. Then when i tried maxpanda first time i was amazed!!!! Its awesome!! As per our research, around 90% of the businesses globally suffer losses due to downtime of the computer systems. This means a loss of income during office hours and potential cost to repair any damage done to the computers while the systems are down. Most importantly, a high percentage of errors committed and mistakes made happen when the computer systems are offline. So it’s quite understandable why most organizations go without backup solutions when it comes to computer storage protection. But here is something really amazing about them: We've been using maxPanda since July 2019 for our pre-ventive maintenance management system. If you're looking for something easy to use, yet deep enough to handle complex issues, then look no further than maxPanda. As soon as we set it up we started managing and tracking almost every part of our operations. With its simple interface and ease of use, we have now managed over 500 jobs since installation. Its features are plentiful, and well worth considering whether you’re DIY or run large teams. Our team of engineers manage each job right through to completion, taking care of details and ensuring each task is completed to high standards. This program is used for the management of preventive maintenance reports from each user’s computer and smartphone devices. It can create maintenance schedules for computers, tablets and smartphones, and send notifications when the tasks need to be performed. With this program, you can customize settings to control when alerts are sent out and when maintenance should occur. This product is easy to set up and simple to use with a good customer support team.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Fracttal Asset Cloud

This is a great CMMS and EAM tool. With it you can perform activities such as preventive, predictive and reactive maintenance actions, create tasks reports, run job sequences, execute automated tests, manage assets, track orders and much more. You can export reports into different file formats (.xml,.csv,.pdf,.doc, etc.). All versions are free and accessible via web browser and mobile devices. And even better, no installation is required; you just log in and start using the application straight away! Excellent! I love this software! I've used excelente curso a couple times now. This tool is very easy to use since its online; no downloads needed, just go to the website and login and start using. One problem it has though is when trying to set up alerts for emails, phone calls or text messages you cannot set it dynamically. You must first create an alert for each message type before setting it up. As far as functionality goes for this app it has everything that I need done and it runs smoothly. I'm pleased with the customer support and the fact that this tool works well in multiple languages. Overall I have a positive experience and would give it 5 stars. :) This software offers an excellent training course, both offline and online, which makes me understand the features and functions of maintenance management very well. It also helps me improve my knowledge about CMMS and EAM. Since it is cloud-based, I can access it anywhere I go, allowing me to learn anytime and anywhere. Plus the user interface is easy enough for anyone to handle; no technical skills needed. This platform offers a very user friendly interface and a good dashboard to present you with the current state of each property as well as its history. You can easily navigate across each project and drill down into details. Overall, I think that this platform offers outstanding value for money and it's definitely worth the investment. If you require a simple CMS type system to store your assets then this might not be suitable for you due to the lack of features provided. However, if you are looking to manage your facilities' stock items (assets) and generate maintenance reports from it, then you should check it out here.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Whidbey Island Seafood

Last week I was planning on doing some cooking and needed some seafood, so I went online to check out what's available around me.    I found  some interesting sites... but one of them stood out - Whidbey Island Seafood They  are located in Washington State area (more precisely Oak Harbor) which is very close to my wife's hometown.  So, since they are local they are able to offer fresh seafood at really reasonable prices .  Even better they have free shipping for orders over 20 bucks! As soon as I opened the 5lbs King Crabs, I remembered why we don't eat that often.  They had some broken legs and pieces left - obviously they didn't bother to cut it up before freezing it (probably because of the high price).  Oh well... it's not like we can return them :-)    For a family that enjoys seafood, this is the perfect place to buy your next meal.  The prices are reasonable and they offer fresh fish with free shipping on orders over 20 dollars.  They also have frozen options for those who don't know when their craving will strike.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley terrible

Morgan was trying to get me to put my money into bank accounts in Panama, how unamerican. I bet grandpa Stanley wouldn't be proud about not keeping money in America.I highly recommend you stay AWAY from these guys if you value your retirement money.. It was suggested that I sell my Tesla stock at $35 per share when I needed to access some funds..Today... Tesla is at $263. 00..The broker was the only one who made commission money... do you think he cares??? Very poor wealth management. They do not stay on top of your portfolio on a regular basis. Under-performed the market by a considerable amount. Aug 2014 to Aug 2017 they LOST money. The must be alone in that category.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The worst bank ever! Full of bullocks!

Barclay banks has unfair and unreasonable practices. They allowed a merchant to charge me for merchandise that I didn't order or receive. They then want me to prove that I didn't cancel,I asked cancel what. I was then sent documents that were so small, that I was unable to read with a magnifying glass. These documents were/are supposed to be proof from the merchant. Once this is straightened out,I will not use this charge card or encourage others to use it! Any other bank would note this as fraud but not Barclay's Bank. I agree with the other unhappy customer who stated that "these people " treat us unfairly. We need to let them know that they are not the only bank we can use and stop patronizing their business.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I just found two blocks in rapid succession (with only one block between them ) with a rather low hashrate. One possible use of "developer funds" collected from mining/miners is a "pascalcoin faucet", like bitcoin had. Giving away free pascalcoins to hopefully new users. Some write this is when bitcoin "took off" I do not understand really, pascal coin is one of the best coins on the poloniex exchange after version 2 is released. I am posting the news once some bigger fish see it, could get some good gains. This pascal coin needs only some media releases after v2 is released..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Another week gone by. The progress on this coin is pretty slow, and I've been pretty patient for way too long. I bought in at over 11k sat each, and have picked up quite a few more around the 1000sat price. Now, I'd just like some updates on a bi-weekly basis as to ease my mind in knowing that there is at least some sort of development going on. Transparency is the best option, if possible, and just a bit is all I ask. I'm pretty sure others feel the same way. I became interested on this coin on Yobit I am getting a lot of RBIES from the free coins and when I checked it's value it's worth it is being traded really good I am looking forward to download the wallet and buy some of this coin..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Finally took some time to read about this project and i can only say WOW. I really like this one alot, i'm in for the ride . Oh god, you must try to go to the high school again, dude. Funny comment and wrong result for your math. Yes there may be limitation on total amount to be collected during ICO so better to hurry up and buy on first day. Many may miss the opportunity to buy Qtum during ICO which may boost price when it get launched and listed. But if there will be no cap on ICO, than price may not multiply after ICO as majority of speculators will buy during ICO and nobody will be left behind to buy on listing.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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