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The word "swap" is one that is quite popular. It has been in existence for quite a while, the only difference is that the names have been rebranded. In our History class, we were once told that before the introduction of currencies, the one and only means of getting different items from the "one item" you have is to make use of the old word for swap. This word was known as "Trade by Barter." This means of swapping involves the exchange of an item for another and it seem to have served them quite well. Other names for swap is what we know as Exchange and trade. Just as y'all might have noticed by now, I would be talking about a project that deals with the word "swap" excellently. This project is known as TON Swap. Prior to my most previous review, I'm quite sure you must have noticed that the project is from the TON network. Consequently, it was built by Broxus, the company that is in charge of the TON network project development. Before going into the details of what TON swap is all about, I guess talking about the project behind it would be a good way to introduce things to you. Free TON happens to be one of the projects I believe so much in. Being a type of person that believes in just a little number of things proves the fact that my believing in it is for a good reason. As at the time I got to know about Free TON, which also happens to be when Revain introduced me to them, I have been making intensive research on the project and have discovered quite a lot about them. One of the things that have made me believe so much in them is decentralization. A project that is completely decentralized is just a few metres away from Success. This is because decisions are made collectively and decisions made collectively are always better than those made by just one person, just as the adage says: "Two heads are better than one." Their being"decentralized" isn't just there for fun as I have checked out things that makes them get the qualification of being decentralized and discovered they are indeed. First looking at how committed they are to their community and how they make decisions. Moving on to the major focus of today's review, TON Swap. Being a trader who have been exposed to quite a lot of exchange platforms, some of which includes scam exchange platform, exchange platforms that have closed down due to low liquidity, and of course legitimate exchange platform, I have decided to give some analysis in relation to the TON swap and reasons why it is preferred to some other exchange mediums or platforms. Unlike some CEX (Centralized exchange) platforms that charge traders about 0.1% fee for every trade, and DEX (Decentralized exchange) platforms that charge about 0.5% for trades made, the TON swap platform charge an estimate of about 0.001% for every trade made. This is just like a pinch of what you're trying to exchange 😅😅. Their transaction fees seems to be quite cheap that I'm beginning to think of migrating from the Binance Smart Chain to TON network. Looking at the trend at which things work on the blockchain network, I'm quite sure that in no time, traders would be trooping into the TON network. This is because the same fee that pursued traders from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain would also welcome them to the TON network. Charging a very cheap fee is just one of the advantages you get from using the TON swap for your transactions. Another one is Security. I'm beginning to think this should actually come first 😅😅. This is because security is one of the most important feature to look into, if not the most, especially in the blockchain network which seems to be a virtual world. The TON swap makes use of what is known as the Stalwart security to provide just enough security for traders. Stalwart is a company that is owned and managed by A.K SHEKAR. The company has its headquarters located in India and is currently ranked one of the best when it comes to security. The company has also been able to acquire about 30 years of experience, being in existence for that long. This makes the security feature of the TON swap platform a quite reliable one. Haven talked about fees and security, I think the next thing to talk about is the transaction speed. The world we live in today is one that have developed a great addiction to speed. Many people want to get things done faster. A young teenager around our neighborhood was once watching a video online. Over the process of watching it, the video stopped and was loading for some seconds, probably due to poor network service, she immediately started telling me about how much she would want to change her phone due to its slow browsing speed 😅😅. All the stories she told me was just because a video stopped playing for some seconds. This little story demonstrates how much we love something going fast. I'm quite sure crypto traders would also want something fast and that's why TON swap have you considered. The project has been able to set up a system which is capable of process about a million transactions in just a second. This way a trader don't have to get affected by another trader's activities. They've been able to get this done by Making use of a unique dynamic sharding technology. This helps them to be able to process up to a million transaction in a second without any hiccup. Finally, I would be talking about their interface. What good is a sophisticated user interface that one always finds difficult to navigate through, I don't think that interface is of any good. The TON swap seems to have agreed with me. This is proven by how easy I found their user interface to navigate through. All I had to do was to copy the URL and past in a dApp browser. Everything else needed was easy to find on their interface. As for people that might have gone through the website and are still finding some things difficult to get to or their interface a bit confusing to navigate through, Broxus got you covered. You can always check the Broxus website to get a step-by-step guide to getting everything you might need done. Collectively, the TON swap provides very cheap fee (I decided to not use the word "affordable" as it has gone far beyond affordable here 😅😅), good security system by a company that has more than 3 decades of experience in the field they belong to, ultra fast transaction speed which makes their platform open to as much traders as are interested, and finally, an easy to understand interface to help traders navigate through easily. All these features seems to be complete to me and TON swap seems to be a good one at the end of it all. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Octus Bridge

The Blockchain network, as we all seem to have known, is continuously evolving. The signs of this great evolution is greatly evident in almost everything we see around the crypto space today. Some of which includes the introduction of De-Fi, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and Borrowing and Lending platforms. This great evolution never came alone as it seems to have come along with newer Blockchain networks, some of which includes the Polygon, Solana, Harmony, and quite a lot of other networks we have today. Taking a good look at the various Blockchain network, I guess innovative people had to think about a way to handle them all. They discovered that Competition wouldn't help at all but co-existence. This co-existence is what we all know as Bridge (Bridging tokens from one chain to another). When I first got to know about the many Blockchain networks we have today, I got really surprised and began thinking of how disastrous the future of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain network might finally end up being, my thinking and future expectations all changed when I got to discover the fact that tokens can be bridged from one network to another, this gave me a good feeling of relieve. As you might have known already, due to my introduction and where I seem to be heading to, I would be talking about a project that does the exact thing I have been talking about: Bridging. This project happens to be in a close partnership with Revain and due to that, are hosting a competition. After discovering that, I decided to take a look at the project, how things works, and what made Revain partner with them (Just as I have said earlier, Revain always partner with Great projects and I was quite sure this one wouldn't be an exception at all). That happen to be my own story behind getting to know about Free TON. For proper understanding of how the project is, what it's all about, and what seem to interesting me in it. The Free TON is a Blockchain network that doesn't only claim to be decentralized but have proven it in many ways. Some of which includes their community and the manner by which they make decisions. What more do you want from a Blockchain network that complete decentralization? I guess you might want the latest technologies in the blockchain network. If that's what you want, then Free TON has it. They have an NFT Marketplace and a De-Fi section, all these which happens to be the latest trend in the blockchain network today. Another thing I seem to like from them is the fact that they have their Chrome extension available for persons like me who wouldn't love to go through the stress of downloading an application. I'm not quite sure if they have a mobile application available yet (if they don't have, then I guess they have it on the pipeline, moreover the Chrome extension is quite okay; and if they do, that's quite great of them. The Free TON also seem to have a website where they invite Game developers to develop some games on their Blockchain network. They claim to make it possible to develop a game without codes (I made use of the word "claim" because I'm yet to confirm it, majorly because I'm not a Game developer). Free TON seems to have a target of being the one-stop Blockchain network in the world, and they also seem to be heading there. With this, I guess it's better I move on to talking about our major focus here: TON Bridge. TON Bridge, just as its name tells almost all the story, is a platform that helps in Bridging tokens between the Ethereum blockchain network and TON Blockchain network. I honestly love the fact that they started with the most popular Blockchain network we have today. With this pace, I won't be surprised to see the platform Bridging between BSC, Solana, Polygon, and the many blockchain networks we have today. Going into details of the Free TON Bridge now, the Free TON Bridge is one that was founded by Broxus. The Free TON Bridge wasn't created just like that but was created for a purpose. As at the first time I discovered that the Free TON Bridge is just between TON and ETH, I thought they made it that way majorly because the Ethereum blockchain network is a very popular. But haven made extensive research about the project, I have discovered that the reason why the Free TON Bridge connects ETH and TON is because of two major reasons, which are: 1. High Gas fees on the Ethereum network 2. Better speed on the TON network than there is on the Ethereum network Imagine this guys, enjoying two major benefits at a time. We must have all known that many crypto traders and investors happen to leave the Ethereum network for other networks mainly due to their fee, in this case, the speed isn't that much of a problem. I guess the purpose of the Free TON Bridge is to make the TON network a place where these crypto traders can call their "safe haven." Whenever a crypto analyst hear of a project, the next thing that should come to his or her mind is Governance. Governance in the crypto space deals with the community majorly, this is because the crypto space generally is decentralized and leaves decision, or Governance in this case, in the hands of their community members. Decision can never be made in a community without a token and that's what brought about the existence of the Governance token in Free TON Bridge which is known as BRIDGE. The BRIDGE token seems to be a great one, looking at its tokenomics, I discovered the token has a total supply of just 14,000,000 (14 million). This number alone proves its value in the crypto sphere. The BRIDGE token has already had their Presale done and dusted but you don't have to worry, they still have about 65% of their total supply waiting to be farmed and can still be purchased at TonSwap. I'm quite sure many traders reading this article out there might be asking questions such as: "Well there are quite a number of Bridging platforms out there, why do I have to choose Free TON?" We might also have questions like: "What does Free TON have to offer me?" If you're one of those persons who have this type of questions running through your mind then I guess you're at the right place to get that. As a means of concluding my review, I would be mentioning some of the advantages traders enjoy by using the Free TON Bridge services. 1. Transactions are executed at a great speed: The rate at which technology grows today makes us anticipate machines that would help us get things done quick. I guess that's why vehicles replaced Horses and 5G replaced 4G 2. You pay NO fee on Free TON Bridge: When something is cheaper than it should be, it gets quite enticing or interesting. But what happens when there's no fee at all? That's what you should be thinking about when using Free TON Bridge. The Free TON Bridge helps to cover fees from the network fees and the interest gotten from the liquidity locked. This way, people don't have to worry about paying a dime. The only fee that users of the Free TON Bridge services have to pay is for granting rights that would turn reserves into interest-bearing assets which would surely recover what you've paid with even more interest to take home. 3. There's a package for BRIDGE Hodlers: Not every token Hodler gets a package to take home at the end of it all. BRIDGE token Hodlers seems to be exempted from this as the tokenomics states that about 65% of the total supply of their token is still waiting to be Farmed by YOU. This Farming has been calculated to take about 4 years and by so doing, gives every Hodler of their token a package to take home. Hodlers of the BRIDGE tokens also have the right to make decisions relating to the project. This makes them core decision makers. With all these being said, I think you should check out the Free TON Bridge and come give me a feedback in the comment section 😊😊देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Ardor, The Parent-child Chain Architecture

The Ardor is a project which I have never heard of until now, when the Revain platform made it amongst the projects of the week. I am happy to know about this project as it is a promising one. It is a project that is developed by Jelurida (based in Swiss), a company that is known to develop great companies. It was founded in the year 2018 and is secured by the Hierarchy established in the parent chain. It works on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm which helps in making it independent of hardware. It is an architecture of the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). My first experience with this project was not too blissful as their user interface is a bit hard to understand and less friendly. I also discovered that aside the Android application I was using, the platform has its application available on the Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, it also has its user interface translated in multiple languages which includes: English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean, making it's services available to citizens across the globe. The Ardor is a multichain blockchain platform with a unique parent-child chain architecture. The child chain architecture is the following characteristics: 1. Each of them has their specific tokens used for making purchases. 2. Unnecessary child chains data are removed to ensure scalability and avoid bloating. 3. They are all connected by sharing the same source code. Each child chain is related to the main chain and requires verification from it. The Ardor project has its own token which can be purchased on exchange platforms like Binance and Huobi global. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Office Depot

Office Depot

A company that is focused on Office equipments happens to be a type of company I love reviewing. This is majorly because I have always loved people that start up an office and hope to have my own company one day. Making preparations even before the time gets near is what I am trying to do by making research on these type of companies. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Office Depot. This is a company that was established for the sole purpose of taking care of the needs of an Office owner. This is proven by the fact that the company has a lot of materials these people would find really helpful. Office Depot was founded in October 1986 by F. Patrick Sher, Stephen Doughtery, and Jack Kopkin, who became the company's chairman and chief executive officer, the president, and executive vice president respectively. This leaves the company with quite some years of experience in what they do. The company has its headquarters located in Florida, in the United States of America. Going on to check out the types of products the company have available for sale, I decided to check out their website which I find nicely designed. They have all kinds of Office equipments available, some of which includes: Posters, Banners, Yard Signs, Yard box displays, and customized Tablecloths. The company happens to be one of the first companies I've ever seen having this much products available for sale. Checking out their special offers, I discovered they give new users a 25% discount for their first purchase and run some systematic reduction programs. Presently, they are having a 20% discount off purchases at $40 or those that exceed them for a specific group of products, some of which happen to be all Signage like Yard signs, Posters and Banners.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I Was Denied Access

Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness. For this reason, I think cleanliness should be something people should take very serious. Taking your personal life serious in cleanliness isn't enough, making your Office space clean is also something we shouldn't joke with. This is the reason why some companies have dedicated their time to providing materials one would need to take good care of your Office space. The company I would be talking about today in this review is known as Quill. This is a company that has dedicated their time and resources into making equipments required for cleaning available for anyone at anytime. The company seems to be based in the United States, taking a good look at some information I saw online. I tried accessing their website but was denied access too. I don't really know the reason but I do hope they work on that soon. Below the review, I dropped two screenshots to proof the fact that I couldn't gain access to their site.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The world we live in is one that advances on a daily basis. This advancements makes life easier for us and also help relieve Humans of stress. The platform I would be talking about in this review today is known as CleanItSupply. Immediately I saw the word "clean" in its name, my mind went straight to cleaning your Office space and my mind seemed to be right. 😁😁 The CleanItSupply is a company that does the work of making all your cleaning needs met. They do this by putting cleaning equipments out for sale on their website and in their physical store. Just as I usually do, I tried checking out their website but access to their website was denied, saying for security purpose. I don't really know the exact reason why I was denied access but I have left a screenshot of what I saw below this review. The fact that I couldn't gain access to their website left me speechless concerning their services and the beauty & simplicity of their interface. It has also made my review come to an end at this point.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Going to Review yet another company that deals with Business items and equipments, I came across a company known as Counter-Print. This happen to be a company that was established in the United Kingdom and is still in existence today, doing what it has always been doing. The first thing I did when trying to get this review noted was to check out their website. For a person like myself who doesn't live close to the place where their physical store is located, the best thing I can do is to check out their Virtual store, and that was the exact thing I did. The first thing I discovered about their website was its appealing nature. The company must have used up a lot of time and expertise in getting that website stand. This is because of how beautiful and well organized I found the website to be. The most important thing to me in any company or organization is what they sell, therefore without wasting mush time, I checked out what the company has to offer. I discovered that Counter-Print is a company that is specialized in the selling of materials like Books, Magazines, Cards and even some Children items. The company also have these things in their numbers and offer them at an affordable rate. Checking to see if there would be any discount a buyer might enjoy, I was disappointed to see none. I guess they must be working on that soon. If they are, then I hope they do that soon but if they are not, I hope they start making arrangements to do so as it would help gain the interest of buyers across the globe.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Your level of organization in what you do is determined by a lot of things. Some of these things includes, your level of commitment to what you do, the amount of effort you put into it, and most importantly, the quality of the products you use. We all know the many materials one might need in a Business. The one material that seems to be more common than a lot of the others is Paper and that's why I would be reviewing a company that deals with Papers. This company is known as PaperSmiths and is located in the United Kingdom. Over the course of preparing this review, I went out in search of the Historical background of this company but couldn't find much information about the company. Most especially, I couldn't find the country where it's located and where it operates from. Therefore, I had to improvise. The first thing I did was to check the URL of their website and immediately when I saw "UK," I was convinced where the company comes from. Another thing that made me even more convinced was the fact that the currency they use is Euros. PaperSmiths is a company that is specialized in some Office equipments people would find really helpful. Some of these equipments includes Papers for documentation, Academic Planners, and Storage Pouches. They have these in their diversity and their products look clean and beautiful. They didn't just stop there as I found a category of some of the things they sell at the top right side of my screen on their website. PaperSmiths have some other Office equipments like Pens and Pencils, Notebooks, Greeting cards, Notebooks, and Gifts & Wraps. These happens to be things an Office space must need for proper and smooth functioning. Coupons and reductions are things buyers always like from a company, therefore, I checked out the current reduction programme they have. I discovered one which I find really enticing which is the "Free next day delivery when you spend £30 and order by 12pm " This happen to be a very nice one and I do hope they keep up with it and even introduce better ones in the nearest future.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Present & Correct

Starting up a business would also require some level of organization. Imagine going to an Office where everything is scattered, where there is no proper arrangement and the office looks unkept. The first thing that would come into your mind is the fact that the owner of such an office isn't competent enough. If you have ever encountered someone with such an office or you are the one with such an office, I think this review is for you. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Present and Correct. This is a company that is primarily focused on making your office space correctly arranged. The company is located in the United Kingdom but makes deliveries to virtually anyone across the world. Checking out their website, I discovered the type of product they have in stock for anyone interested. Some of which includes: Glass Trays, Tool boxes, Trolleys, and even and Office bag. Of course, there are quite a lot of some other things they have in possession, I guess you should check some of them out.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Rifle Paper

Colors happens to be something that beautifies the whole world. Diversity of colors is what makes it even better and that's why inter-racial couples produce the most beautiful children. The company I would be reviewing today happens to be a good example of one that knows the value of colors and are trying all that is in their capacity to make its beauty accessible and open to all. This company is known as Rifle Paper. Rifle Paper happens to be a company that was founded by Ann Bond and Co-founded by her Husband: Nathan Bond. The company started its operations in the year 2009 when Ann decided to start up a company that sells beautiful artworks and designs. She got this inspiration after she designed her wedding invitations all by herself. Today the company has expanded its horizon as they now sell various things and are doing quite well. Up until now, the company still sells the beautiful artworks they had started with and checking their website, I also saw some other things like Headbands, Umbrella, and a Planner. Looking closely at all they sell, I discovered how beautiful the products are all thanks to the fact that they used bright and attractive colors. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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