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Trust wallet

Trust wallet is one of the best options when looking for your mobile wallet, it has an alliance with large companies. What gives more confidence to this wallet is that Binance itself takes over the wallet since July 2018, a high amount of cryptocurrencies can be stored. This wallet has 14 differenVedi recensione completa

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Cartera Blockchain

The blockchain wallet launched in 2018, despite being so "recent" has high experience. This type of Bitcoin wallet that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies in a totally secure way thanks to the value chain. This is one of the safest online wallets. has 3 cryptocurrencies. Using a Blockchain wVedi recensione completa

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Tarjeta Coinbase

Coinbase is a Visa debit card found in almost every country, issuing the card costs £ 4.95 ($ 6.48) and it will charge 2.49% on each purchase (1.49% crypto conversion fee + 1% transaction fee) . Coibase card is one of the best options since it has a very easy and safe method. This card is linked tVedi recensione completa

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The NEO project was established in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang and, although it lost a bit of recognition, it is still one of the best options. it is a platform of de-centralized applications. Since its name change to NEO from Antshares in 2017, the project's vision is to realize a "smart ecoVedi recensione completa

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Bitcoin is a fully decentralized digital asset, this cryptocurrency has a worldwide payment system without a single administrator or central bank. It was until 2009 that Nakamoto launched the first specification of the Bitcoin protocol on an email list, left the project at the end of 2010 and sinceVedi recensione completa

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DragoEX is one of the most efficient exchange platforms, this platform works without problems. Transactions on DragoEX are equal to current market commissions, and handle an ever-increasing volume of operations in cryptocurrencies. This exchange platform is not very popular in Latin America, but thVedi recensione completa

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In my opinion; Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms, it was founded in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao in China and has its own cryptocurrency known as Binance Coin. Within just one year of being founded (2018), binance became the exchange platform with the largest commercial Vedi recensione completa

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Bittrex is one of the most reliable and effective exchange platforms. It also provides its service around the world, this exchange platform has 347 cryptocurrencies that you can use to your preference to manage your changes efficiently and safely, this platform was launched in mid-2014 by an organizVedi recensione completa

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This card is the best option when it comes to avoiding surcharges for returns, the best thing about this card is that our returns are effective instantly. This card has an instant recharge when you go to make a purchase and recharges right there. Another positive point that we find in this card is tVedi recensione completa

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Revain is a comment platform, which is responsible for reviewing many of the blockchain platforms, cards, wallets and projects there you can make a series of comments from any of the aforementioned categories, there you can describe any of the exchange platforms, this page rewards its users by givinVedi recensione completa

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