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Axie Infinity

The game of Axie Infinity or rather the most popular Dapp of the Ethereum ecosystem, is the application with the highest collection of users and income according to the data in the nft market, the application is among the top with the highest market movements of the so-called axies which are the nft used in the game. The game in terms of the design of the nft, is unique so there are 9 classes of axies and each one of them has a unique appearance and characteristics, also these axies have cards that have different abilities that have an advantage over the different classes of axies, for this reason they are used in adventure mode that the game has and the online PVP system with other players who to complete the tasks that the game has will be able to claim around 150 Small Love Potion (SLP) that is currently the price of the game. Token has a great positive return which makes it very striking in the economic issue of investment and profits, if the acquisition of axies is very expensive but when it comes to recovering the investment, profits have already been counted per month. The number of users that are increasing every day in the application, is overwhelming because of the financial problems that some countries have and the global situation that exists, therefore there are a large number of flaws within the game, such as crashes and freezing On the servers, there are also certain errors in the game's marketplace such as axies listed but not available, if the application lacks details but over time they will be fixed to a degree. The dynamics of the game is very striking according to the fact that the modality both in adventure and pvp requires strategy in terms of the axies that one has, that the minimum to start is three and the player is given an amount of energy that serves as Entering the adventure mode for the farming of the SLP tokens, for this you have to have the composition of the axies since a very diverse and economical team cannot be a good option to choose if you need to advance in the game and take advantage of it economically . The basic equipment used by the players is made up of a plant, beast and bird type axie that, according to the formation of the axies, usually those who go forward, the axie with the highest life is placed, which are normally the plant type, and then the beasts and bird types proceed, although from here you can choose different types of axies, only you have to take into account the cards and advantage that the axie gives in battle. In the market for axies there is a lot of mobility, that many of those who enter this section can profit without the need to play, since there is that axies can have children, which is then obtained an egg that after five days becomes one axies and you can proceed to sell or continue to reproduce, although this process requires the SLP and AXS token, and its cost varies according to the number of times you have had children. There are many tutorial videos about the game since it is very demanded by the community, that there are also ways to enter for free through the so-called scholarships, which are people who give accounts in order to provide them to people who cannot compose a team of axies and the obtained SLP tokens are divided according to the intern's standards. The Axie Infinity application is flooded the market in several countries and dominates the nft market very partially, although despite the technical details it has, it is likely to continue to grow exponentially as users in the game grow. Vedi recensione completa

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Merge Cats

Merge cats a game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing, that its game dynamics is based on the design of cats with the fact of merging kittens and progressing through levels and different worlds, which in fact Appearance of cats can be very similar to those of cryptokitties and the game can be very additive. The game uses the Ethereum network to manage its SOUL token, which can be obtained in various Exchangue such as mercatox and the most striking Binance DEX, but the problem lies in how the economy of the SOUL token is composed, since its mechanics develop that its token is sold by obtaining the game for free and this can conclude a negative loss in the market by having so many sales, although although it is true it also contains certain purchase packages towards the SOUL token that this same generates benefits in the game . By having a very volatile economy of the SOUL token, the game has had several updates that reduce the experience of obtaining the SOUL token, which have received many negative comments from many players, since obtaining a free token draws a lot of attention for It is part of the cryptocurrency community, but in itself, how the game's dynamics and design is designed is very additive and interesting and has produced a good number of positive reviews of the game, in addition to this, the updates are very frequent that they are always adding new ones content for players. Something that the account must have is where the SOUL token is integrated, because being in the Ethereum network it can be very difficult to handle this token on the network due to the great demand that exists in the Ethereum network, making it very complicated for users. players can withdraw their rewards for the gas commission that currently exists in the network, that is why an alternative network to manage the SOUL token can be positive for their community and for the market itself. Currently there are many applications and games based on cats and they are very popular, so referring to a game that is linked to cryptocurrencies can have a lot of popularity. In the main, the game has a certain mechanism that attracts a lot of attention in terms of its playability, design of the kittens, levels and world that are presented but the distribution of rewards of the SOUL token must be improved in the main because a reduction of rewards does not You can solve the problem but add more events that use the SOUL token, something that can sponsor the holding of the token in the game and decrease the output of the SOUL token. Vedi recensione completa

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Multi-chain architecture with hybrid functions

Burning a main chain that applies several substrings or called daughter chains that are responsible for transactions in the network, which are made up of a set of nodes that are responsible for executing and processing new blocks in the chain and taking into account security itself, all this works in degree to its consensus algorithm that avoids the need to depend on a network of miners to process this function. The development of this chain undoubtedly resolves a large number of barriers in quanta, to the management and creation of new secondary chains, with the purpose of being used for the development of a micro project within the framework of the blockchain, agreeing this possible by the multi-chain architecture functionality, each serving a separate function that can lighten the load on the chain and have a much lighter network. Based on a code from the Nxt platform, they have certain similarities since both were developed by the same company, but regarding the structure of the ardor chain, you understand a variety of functions where all are based on a decentralized and transparent model Therefore, to start the service of a node in the chain will require some prior knowledge since the complexity of the system can be difficult for some inexperienced but the compatibility in the operating systems is acceptable.Vedi recensione completa

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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

BHEX trading platform with several cryptocurrency trading systems, supported by various first-class institutions, which will serve as an investment mechanism in the exchange. The strength of the platform is designed to create an environment that is safe and easy to use for professionals in the trader and basic operators, with which the commercial products it covers are extensive and varied. The added security features for the user correspond to the two-factor authentication and risk control system of the operator's assets, which for me is a fundamental aspect in any exchange. The response speed by the server is fast and its low latency determines an excellent place for professionals who are always attentive to the market and the great diversity of cryptocurrencies that it has, offers a vital point for the trading of operators given the options that It contains, the response speed of the trading system, professional design of the trading interface and low latency. It makes an excellent environment for any traders. By having access on several platforms, whether on computers and mobile devices, the functions and features have the same performance as on the web platform, when using both platforms both respond and have the same speed and the app does not present any type of error unexpected shutdown. What differentiates BHEX a bit from other exchanges is the support it has by various institutions and the development of its own chain for applications and projects based on DeFi, according to the BHEX chain, it has a scalable design that any project can count on. for its development of services, although in this sector there are already several exchanges that also have a developed chain and others are in full development. In short, BHEX is very functional given the trading options it has in cryptocurrencies, the tools it has makes it easier to analyze cryptocurrency trading pairs and secondary profits makes the exchange more attractive, although a detail would be to promote trading events both in future trading in order to have a greater volume and to be among the best exchanges by commercial volume, apart from improving the environment for traders with so much experience in the market, as I could detail is that it does not contain a demo version so much future trading as of margin, something that has been implemented in other exchanges that without a doubt its integration in the platform will be a positive point. Vedi recensione completa

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The Binance network has been launched, one of the first to enter this network was the DEX PancakeSwap, which introduced a token exchange system of the Binance network and be able to run a liquidity pool or build one. The advantage offered by the exchange is the decentralized system that it has and the minimum costs of fees, as a result of the popularity of the defi was increasing, a decentralized exchange with a stable network and minimal cost of fees was necessary, since the defis that were online belonged to the Ethereum network, a very congested network and high fee costs and the emergence of PancakeSwap opened a wide range of possibilities for operators with a merely stable network and low fee costs. The functions contained in the DEX of the Binance network are currently very varied, so that its exchange of tokens and liquidity pools are its main functions, it also provides a lottery mechanism, new project launch program and an NFT market that it is not completely complete. Another point in favor of the DEX is that a large part of the tokens that are launched in the Binance network use PancakeSwap as the exchange to list their tokens and add liquidity, also many of the DEX in the Binance network use the pools of PancakeSwap to use as a liquidity pool base in your DEX, adding more TVL to the pioneering DEX of the Binance network. Vedi recensione completa

light nite logo

Light Nite

The great popularity of games with battle royale styles has been growing in recent years, although a game based on the blockchain has not been presented, by measure Light Nite is based on the first to have a battle royale design with the blockchain, that its dynamics and aesthetics of the game is a bit striking by means of the players will be able to obtain satoshis within the game as players are eliminated. Launched in mid-April, the game is not fully complete yet, only that it is available as a private beta that players can obtain through a payment to try the game, since being a beta version, not all You will be able to access it for free, although an open beta launch is estimated as indicated by its roadmap. The dynamics of the game is very moving given its game design and low composition of players, in itself being a beta it is possible that the number of real players is very, but the visualization and aesthetics of the game is well done. The point in favor of the game design is the usefulness of the articles or items, which are reflected as tokenized assets that in the near future may be marketed among the players. The concept that the game wants to use is the possibility of giving fans of Battle royale, a decentralized game built in the blockchain with Battle royale style that players can count on with dividends in satoshis according to the skill they have when facing with other players, although in my opinion the design of the characters is not well executed given the realistic design that has been counted on by several game companies based on Battle royale, because although it is true it can also be attractive for players with a certain fanaticism with ecosystems with pixel aesthetics, that the creators of the game can encompass a community given the characteristics they may have, but as more development is carried out in the game it is possible to see an improvement in the design and dynamics of the game. Vedi recensione completa

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A decentralized application focused on the game system in Pokemon, was introduced in order to give competition to the Dapp with the highest demand in the Ethereum network such as Axie Infinity, this due to the null accessibility that players have without access to cryptocurrencies. , so that Ethermon was established with a free access that can be obtained cryptocurrencies as the game progresses. Due to the high congestion in the Ethereum network, it is possible to establish connection with the Polygon network (MATIC) as an Ethereum layer in order to promote better stability and performance in the game, with which players can count on PVP battles in 3D, being able to communicate with other players and at the same time have an advantage of winning cryptocurrencies, in this case the application token (EMON). The great popularity of games based on Pokemon is great, and as a result of this, the founders made and designed a game that is possible to obtain cryptocurrencies based on Pokemon, although it is true that it is a game with free accessibility unlike Axie Infinity, The profitability of the game is very low so you have to play several hours, days and months to be able to take advantage of the game and at the same time the rivalry in this area is expanding much more, thus giving a decrease in the growth of users in the app. Ethermon itself is a game with excellent 3D dynamics, so it can be splendid for many Pokemon fans, although if you are looking to take advantage of the game in terms of economic benefits, it is best to look for other options. Vedi recensione completa

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Nxt as a project throughout its trajectory in the cryptocurrency market, has shown that, in terms of functionality in the blockchain, put at the time of its launch, it was one of the few crypto projects that did not depend on a network of miners to process transactions on the network, which also includes the amount of services that it includes with a decentralized and open process for all people, so that Nxt is constituted as an unalterable public ledger of transactions. Compared with other chains, the structures of their services are varied, according to their decentralized exchange of assets that were one of the first to develop this market in a chain, with the advantage of issuing assets in the same chain, well said tokenization of a asset that represents a project or business by an entrepreneur. Given the characteristics of the chain, the ability to store data is very viable, which also allows the sending of encrypted messages that today a number of platforms also include this function. Since Nxt services are very broad and generalized to start a business within the framework of the blockchain, but the need to require Nxt coins to fulfill these functions is mandatory, so that the provision of currencies in traditional exchange is moderate, which is not It is no problem for the developer or normal user.Vedi recensione completa

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Designed as a substring of Ardor, it will have the functionality to register and process transactions, as well as a voting system and decentralized asset exchanges that can be executed openly by anyone. Being able to interact in the Ignis chain, the advantages and benefits it offers are varied according to the type of business that you want to carry out, to the extent it will have technical documentation for the developers to be able to execute both light contracts and APIs in said system. Having a chain that can be customized for a business or project, with the advantage of issuing an asset that will be partially backed by the Ignis currency, thus it will have as a means to be able to exchange natively or externally, but the speed and execution of it is very fast, perfect for micro projects that want to launch or issue an asset quickly and be able to use it as a basis for their project. Its functionality has distinguished it as a means to exercise a decentralized system such as asset exchange, decentralized voting systems that are in charge of executing simple surveys and to have an account control in Ignis, so that a certain group is in charge of accepting and reject transactions on the network. Ignis as a sub-project can be relevant to other chains and mainly projects that also allow functions that Ignis executes with, but the circumstances that Ignis offers can be much more scalable than other chains.Vedi recensione completa

bread wallet logo

Bread Wallet

Free wallet with easy accessibility, it is very good to protect mainly Bitcoin, this resorts to the speed that connects to the Bitcoin blockchain that, unlike other wallets, connects through third-party servers, also by integrating other altcoin it owns good timing and price update of the cryptocurrency. Even without a PC version, the mobile version is very light with good performance in intermediate performance phones, since a large part of some people have complained about the freezing on the screen when entering the wallet, as well as Also the automatic closing, these problems originated more than anything on iOS mobiles, but according to the detailed information from the technical service, they are fixing this technical problem, which can be corrected in their next update.Vedi recensione completa

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