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Axie Infinity

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GenrePokemon-like game
StatusCommunity alpha

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy creatures called Axies. Axie is the first blockchain game to introduce: A mobile application. The ability to earn money by simply playing the game.

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Going Beyond the Typical Fantasy and Battle Games

Axie Infinity goes beyond the typical fantasy and battle games of the web. I think that for those who like manga creatures and strategy of enjoyable games, this one is the ideal platform. Moreover, it raised with the greatest advance of technology...See full review

Its a Digital Gaming based Ponzi Scheme

I have been on the game trying to learn for over a week now. I would highly recommend watching a friend play it or doing scholarships before trying to invest a single penny of your own. The game itself is not fun at all after the first day or two...See full review

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe inspired by Pokemon,

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired digital pet universe where anyone can earn tokens through skillful gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can fight, collect, grow and build a land kingdom for their pets. All Axie artistic...See full review

One of the most fun and fast-paced games of all time.

Axie Infinity is going past the typical delusion and struggle video games of the internet. I think that for folks that like manga creatures and strategy of exciting games, this one is the appropriate platform. Moreover, it raised with the greatest...See full review

Axie Boundlessness: Delightful, engaging and worthwhile game dependent on Blockchain Innovation.

Pleasant game for the young fragment, one of the first to utilize blockchain innovation to play from your portable or work area and bring in cash yet requires interest in Crypto, it doesn't offer novices the chance to play for nothing and that...See full review

Number one decentralized application of Ethereum.

The game of Axie Infinity or rather the most popular Dapp of the Ethereum ecosystem, is the application with the highest collection of users and income according to the data in the nft market, the application is among the top with the highest...See full review

Axie Infinity is one of my favorite crypto games.

Axie Infinity extends further than usual web fantasy and fighting games. I think this is an excellent platform for anyone who appreciates comic animals and fun activities. In addition, it has advanced the most technologically and is partnering with...See full review

Axie Infinity is an interesting and reliable game.

Hello everyone. I will give you information about a very good and interesting game. The game is very interesting and the title of the game is Axie Infinity. I play this game in my spare time. This game is a very well designed game. I find this game...See full review

Axie Infinity 2021 review.

Axie Infinity remained a simple web game with modest visuals. Furthermore, the gameplay does not necessitate the player's direct engagement. Instead, gamers must just send their axes into battle with a pre-planned reconstruction maneuver....See full review

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another blockchaing game made for people who want to earn funds while playing games. Game is based on etherium network. Axie Infinity has a mobile partner and that is samsung, this is not usually in blockchain game but it is great...See full review

Axie infinity

Hello everyone, am here to share my experience on playing bAxie Infinity. For those who typically likes enjoyable games, I think this is the ideal platform. It is established with the highest rate of technology and it is also associated to a...See full review