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I like how easy it is for employees in different departments across an enterprise, or even between organizations of any size can be able share their goals with other teams easily using this tool! Also love having dashboards available so you don't have too many sources where people could go if they wanted info about one goal we were trying accomplish together as two separate groups within our org - but then realized there was some information already out here somewhere from another team/group who had previously used commonalty before us (and didn’t realize!) It would probably help more users by adding additional ways besides creating new accounts such has email notifications when someone joins etc., which doesn;' seem possible right now via API? Vedi recensione completa

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It is easy to use, customizable, quick reporting system with ability to attach documents. There are some features that I don't like as much such as being able to create custom report types (in terms of fields available) but this could be improved upon by adding more flexibility. It's not difficult to learn how it works or customize it for your needs if you have basic knowledge about creating reports in any other software. This has helped us structure our annual planning processes and improve our overall performance management systems. The simplicity of setting up okr-sprints using an excel sheet is just amazing, you can easily track your progress for any sprint in few minutes without having to install some software or anything like that! I wish there was more customization options such as adding templates (elements) etc., but overall it's great product with simple UI & easy tracking features which suits perfectly my needs at this point.Vedi recensione completa

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Workteam Goal Management

The ability for my team members (both internal as well external)to have one place where they could track, view & share all of there goal information was great! I wish it had been easier or more user friendly when setting up your account/profile etc..It took me quite some time before i realized that if you do not set certain things correctly then everything will get deleted from this site once logged out - which made planning meetings very difficult. Have patience!! If nothing else but just try using them in beta mode first-it makes life much quicker than trying figuring our how something works after launch day :) It's really easy enought so anyone can use these tools without any training needed at least initially while we work through getting feedbacks about what people want changed / added next!Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it allows me to share my content with other users in different social media platforms, which helps me get more traffic for my website. It is also very easy to use. Sometimes there are glitches when posting but they usually fix them quickly. I would recommend trying out this software to anyone who wants to increase their online presence. It has helped me gain more exposure for my business. The benefits of using supick include being able to post content to multiple social media platforms at once.Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it's easy to use and set up. It is very intuitive and has a lot of useful features, especially the data export function. The support team is also great at responding quickly and helping you out when needed! They are always willing to help with any questions or problems that you might have. I would love if they added more reporting options so that we could see how our campaigns are performing across all channels. We're using this software to manage our affiliate marketing campaigns. It helps us keep track of our leads and sales and helps us optimize them as well. Vedi recensione completa

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Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF Ounce

Hello, I bought this sun protection cream by ordering from iHerb. There was another uncramped in social networks in a picture with the sun, also from iHerb, but my choice fell on thinkbaby because I liked the composition more. But the price is not cheap. The consistency of it, as I photographed for you, is white, dense, it is distributed over the skin not like clockwork, but so tight) if I may say so, and leaves traces of white, I’m what you can help the child with, but if you want yourself, you need to smear it well into the skin so that it doesn’t white lines are visible. The smell is pleasant. But a younger baby seems to me more comfortable with a sprayer, as they are restless. And so he coped with the task without getting burned, we didn’t have burns with him. Vedi recensione completa

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OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

Recently, I wanted to change the headphones for playing the electronic piano. Whoever is in the know knows that this is an opportunity to practice the instrument at any time of the day without disturbing the neighbors. Small headphones that are used with phones will not work here. There are other sound requirements here. I decided to look for headphones on Aliexpress, since if prices are equal to store ones, it is here that you can buy a better and more solid product, since prices for Aliexpress are lower. Quite by accident, I stumbled upon a product with features that I simply hadn't thought about. It turns out that headphones can be universal, that is, two in one. They can be wired and wireless at the same time. I didn't even dream of this. Can you imagine how, for example, it is convenient for a housewife who runs around the house, doing business, to listen to music or, for example, some kind of audio transmission, without being tied to a sound source. The brand of headphones did not tell me anything. A little alarmed that these are studio headphones for DJs. It turns out that I had my doubts. These are the same headphones as for an ordinary music listener. There is absolutely nothing unusual about them. On Aliexpress, the headphones cost 1910 rubles. To be honest, I really liked them, satisfied in all respects. Headphones came packaged in a box. Even on the box there were icons describing the capabilities of the headphones. In the box were the headphones themselves, three types of wires and a neat pouch for the headphones. The folded earphones fit easily into the purse. One of the features of the headphones are movable cups. They move in different directions. That is why, firstly, they sit very comfortably on the head, and secondly, they fold easily and take up less space. The ear pads are very soft, so nothing presses anywhere. Feeling of complete comfort. You can listen to music for hours. Headphones come without wires by default. But they have two inputs for connectors of two diameters - thick and thin. That is, the longest wire with a spring can be connected from either end. For example, when playing an electronic piano, a plug with a thicker diameter is inserted into the hole of one of the bowls, and the other plug is inserted into the electronic piano. True, an adapter is needed here. But it is necessary with any headphones. Perhaps, when using studio or DJ equipment, this wire is inserted the other way around, into a different hole. If you decide to use the wireless method of receiving audio information, then you need to go the other way. Set aside all cables. We need a sound source. I have this phone. But first you need to turn on the button on the headphones. After turning it on, a tiny light starts flashing. This means that the headphones are charged and ready to work autonomously. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. The system gives us options for devices with which communication is possible in this way. Among them is a device that I called "headphones". Select "Headphones". Everything, both devices are connected. When using bluetooth, do not forget that if a call comes to your phone, you need to receive it with headphones or turn off Bluetooth. I myself have been caught on this bait more than once. When I heard the phone ring, I took off my headphones and heard nothing on the phone. Now about the sound. It seems to me that he stands harmoniously. I am a classical musician. I don't need thundering, crushing basses. Here they are neat, not annoying. It is comfortable to play the electronic piano in them, it is also comfortable and pleasant to listen to music from the phone. Naturally, with the help of them you can watch videos, watch movies. In general, for me they have become an indispensable and favorite thing. By the way, about wires. About one, the longest, I have already told. The second, as I understand it, allows you to connect two pairs of headphones and makes it possible to listen to the same thing together. And the third cable is most likely needed to charge the headphones. But I have not used it yet, the phone shows that the headphones have a charge of 70 percent. I think that this is also a very good result - the charge in the headphones lasts so long. Vedi recensione completa

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The best part about this product was it's ease of use for my small business! I can't believe how simple their interface makes things so much easier than other products out there (and they have many different options to choose from). There isn’t anything in particular which really stands above everything else but overall - great tool with good support team behind them who are always willing/able help you when needed or just answer your questions over email if need be :) We were able track our performance very well using adsense as one source while also having google analytics tracking another sources we used at same time.Vedi recensione completa

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JBL Charge 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Blue

Good day, dear readers and guests of the site. Of course, hiking in nature is boring without music, so we decided to look for a portable speaker that could create an even more cheerful mood during the next trip to nature. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than frying kebabs under the summer sun, and listening to the sounds of your favorite melody. We opted for a JBL portable speaker. Our column is black. We settled on a classic color. If you want a brighter color scheme for your column, then there are a lot of choices in the palette of this model. For everyone there is a shade that seems more attractive to him. Upon closer examination of the surface, a relief emerges: She is very pleasant to the touch. Due to the "pimply” surface, the column will not slip in the hands. This is no small important detail, since the speaker is portable, and is often moved from place to place. Don't be afraid to get caught in the rain with this speaker, as the material is waterproof thanks to IPX7 technology. On the front, in the center is the logo of the brand. The column design is very concise. Nothing superfluous, but at the same time, every detail is made with high quality and taste. The edges of the column are securely protected by a rubber "rim". This is an additional protection against accidental damage. On the side parts there are inscriptions with the logo of the brand. The column is stable on any surface, due to the rubber surface on the bottom. Due to this, the column does not slip, and it is possible to say "monolith”. Connectors are hidden under a rubber cover. The lid has the name of the model. It opens very easily. There is an audio input for connecting a 3.5 mm cable. The charger is inserted into the central connector. If the charge on your phone suddenly runs out while listening to your favorite track, then this problem can be easily fixed by connecting the phone charger to a special USB connector. Once your phone is sufficiently charged, you can continue listening to music. It is very comfortable. Everything in the column is thought out to the smallest detail. If the column is not sufficiently charged, then at its base, a red light starts to glow, which indicates an insufficient level of its charge. When fully charged, the speaker can work up to 20 hours. The charger itself is bright orange. It will be difficult to lose him in an apartment. It is connected to the mains using the following plug: And this plug is inserted directly into the connector on the column. It will take approximately 4.5 hours to charge a fully discharged speaker. So consider this moment, and do not forget to take care of its full charge in advance. On the top of the column, there are buttons through which you can control it. To turn on the speaker, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds. When turned on, the button will light up. And a characteristic sound is emitted, indicating that it is ready for work. This button is also the off button. It must also be held for a few seconds for the column to complete its work. After the termination of work, it goes out. Next to the power button there is bluetooth, which allows you to "dock” with the device with which the column will start its work, playing music from your playlist. I use ringtones from my phone, so "docking" usually happens with this device. You can also use any other device that has the ability to connect via bluetooth. When turned on, the backlight on the button with the bluetooth icon starts flashing, looking for a suitable device. When the devices have successfully found a connection, the blinking stops. Now you can start listening to music. If you want to pause the melody, then you can do this using the following button: There are also buttons with volume control. You can make the music both quieter and louder. Sound at full power is more than enough for us. We rarely turn on the speaker at full capacity, as the possibility of communication disappears. Conversations are muffled, and it is not possible to hear each other. The column is very easy to care for. It is enough to wipe the dust with a damp cloth, and it is like new again. Now let's move on to the pros, after long-term use of this portable speaker. PROS: 1. Concise design. 2. Quality execution of every detail. 3. Variety when choosing colors. 4. Light (800 gr.). 5. Gorgeous clear sound. 6. Good power. 7. Stable on the surface, due to the rubberized base. 8. Holds a charge for a long time (up to 20 hours). 9. Using the column, you can recharge your phone. 10. Wireless, due to which you can take it anywhere. 11. Waterproof coating. 12. Easy to care for. I did not find any cons during the operation. RESULTS: I am very satisfied with the purchase. Didn't regret the money spent at all. I think this is one of the best portable speakers. She doesn't take up much space. Not heavy, you can always take it on a hike, or barbecue, or just for a walk in the forest, or a bike ride, as well as to the beach, and not be afraid that water will get on the case. Thanks to its waterproof design, there will be no problem even if you get caught in the rain. It will perfectly complement any holiday. The impeccable sound quality that still delights my ears to this day lies in this fairly small speaker. This is a very high quality and reliable portable speaker. I can definitely recommend buying. Buy and enjoy the clear and powerful sound of this beautiful portable speaker. See you soon! Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it has so many different features, but if there was one thing i would change about this software it's how to get more people using it! It gives me an easier way of managing my ads and targeting specific groups/people who need help or are interested in certain products. There isn't anything bad at all about this product; everything looks good from start to finish. The only problem I have right now is getting other businesses to use it as well. If they did then we could make money off advertising together. But overall, it works great! We're able to target our customers better than before. Vedi recensione completa

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