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It is an informative digital source that organizes topics related to financial analysis of commercial entities that handle private capital and all those industries that are related to the latest in the current market in some countries of the world. This magazine discusses topics that help business sレビュー全文を見る


About Bloomberg

Is an American financial advisory, software, data and stock market media company. The company gives financial software tools such as equity trading platforms and analytics, data, and news assistance to financial companies and organizations around the world through Bloomberg Terminal, its base earniレビュー全文を見る

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About Coinbase card

It’s a debit card used to consume and payment of services of a way comfortable, and immediate. Its proposal is the technique payment with a series of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, and others. It promotes the fee of the cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currenレビュー全文を見る

monaco midnight blue cardロゴ

My opinion about this card: Monaco Blue Card gives one of the most select services for lovers of cryptocurrencies. Besides that, it is one of the most affordable cards, and it is perfect to cover the cost of services such as online television, music platforms, and virtual shopping pages. It hasレビュー全文を見る

monaco ruby steel cardロゴ

MCO Ruby Steel Card. Is a financial service that is allowed to certain clients; usually, if they meet the requirements of that service. This system gives to users the possibility of acquiring assets and services such as tv membership and e-commerce companies. This extension card is the best known amレビュー全文を見る


In these exchange services, I see that it is a wallet that also gives you currency transactions. Also, bitcoin and Etherum are more protected in this platform. Crypto users value this exchange service because it has a high performance, dynamic, and secure method. At present, the organization recogniレビュー全文を見る


This exchange is an excellent blockchain system, with a manageable process that gives users to make trades of a way approachable, with a big volume tokens for choice. Also, this exchange houses count with support 24/7 online to give users financial aid about everything in the system and control of iレビュー全文を見る


About Binance

Binance is an exchange house with an easy method to exchange, sell, and buy cryptocurrencies with values specified by the market. This exchange is the most popular and it's gaining appreciation in the crypto's world for having variety in their coins and having low transaction fees. Also to buy and sレビュー全文を見る


About this wallet, I think it shows that it has a capital gain that started 6 years ago, creating a multipurpose wallet with a technological advance. This system is one of the safest and most up-to-date in the world. Its function is exchange thanks to digital services. A platform that receives and sレビュー全文を見る


Uphold wallet is a platform of multiple assets with a unique ability to trade. Its prices are profitable for exchange what you see is what you pay. Users have advantages with exchange fees of 0%. It means, 0% of fees for deposits in credit and debit cards, and 0% of bank fees and withdrawal of crypレビュー全文を見る

trust walletロゴ

The first of the wallets I review seems to be the most useful and trusted by millions, as its name says. Through the platform, I encountered interesting advantages for choosing it as a wallet that I'm going to use. This wallet is practical because it has multiple tools and services. I'm convinced レビュー全文を見る


LTC Cryptocurrencies begin to stop being a novelty. However, many have remained users´ shadow. Nowadays, it is known and positioned on the map of virtual commerce. One of them is the litecoin, which surprisingly has begun to be visible by many users creating a line of trust in digital commerce. Lレビュー全文を見る


The power of decentralized networks is partnered by the leading blockchain represented for Ethereum. I see Ethereum today and ever as an opportunity to try a secure system. There are many users daily experiencing the benefits of trading with cryptos. Even more, some of them do not know so much aboutレビュー全文を見る


I am new to this new trading system. This type of virtual currency caught my attention. I think that the world of cryptocurrency gives commerce another level with regards to finances. It is the best and safest to work. In this system, you can buy and quantify your income. The trading has become moreレビュー全文を見る

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I'm an English language student at the University of Carabobo. I like science, art, bussiness, and daily learning. Currently knowing about cryptocurrencies.

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