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Věra FilipováによるCoinsbitのレビュー

EU located exchange I would likely to avoid


I have been looking for and trying different kind of crypto exchanges. I was always attracted by the EU established and located exchanges (local exchanges close to your livehood) as they are healthy competitors to US and Asia exchanges. Moreover I have been looking exchanges with any possibility to get free tokens (airdrops, giveaways or refferal rewards) to be worth at least trying. Coinsbit is EU located exchange that started offering free tokens so I was hooked and singed up and passed the KYC. The result was disappointment that the airdrop token are practically worthless and my experience with exchange was not as expected.

The exchange has old fashioned interface and it is quite hard to navigate in, to be sincere. There is low liquidity with lot of trading pairs and I think not so many people is using the exchange. On the other hand they have listed lot of tokens that can be found only on this exchange (still the issue is they are worthless).

The exchange has phone app (both Android and iOS) to be more convenient for some users and I have to say it is better than its web counterpart.

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As it is quite traditional they have their own native token CNB which have various use cases. The main one is to lower trading fees. The trading fees are in average. They have slightly higher withdrawal fees.

There are some features which yu can expect exchanges have implemeted them. One of its feature is savings (or how they called it staking pools) where you can earn yield on your tokens. It is only available for limited number of tokens nad they are usually lowcaps (and as I have mentioned worthless). You will not usually find yield generating option for your BTC. I have to say that the feature is easy to use, you can withdraw the funds anytime and the yield is accumulated daily.

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Another feature is launchpad where new tokens (lowcaps) are listed. I do see this as less valuable if you are not interested in some unknown tokens.

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There is one really unique feature and that is their store where you can spend your stablecoin (for example usdt) or native token CNB for products (pc stuff etc.) from the shops all around the world (such as Amazon, Aliexpress etc.).

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There is more. They have something called Burning Stage where you can burn their native token CNB in order to get some new tokens from launchpad or some limited offers on Staking Pool, IEO, OTC and much more.

You can also have p2p loan or at least they are showing the feature but there is no liquidity so the feature is practically dead.

You can use credit and debit card to buy crypto alongside crypto to crypto trade.

In my humble opinion there are some interesting features but they are not worth trying the exchange as there are better options in each of the mentioned category.



  • store feature
  • native token
  • EU located
  • burn stage
  • low liquidity, low number of users
  • worthless tokens for trading and staking
  • confusing web interface

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5月 06, 2022
As laways I like your writing, so talented in explaining the crypto space. I am going to avoid this exchange as it seems not worth to try. What is even more compelling is that it has the awful design. Lookig forward for the next review.