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stickers skateboard variety waterproof graffiti laptop accessories 로고

Stickers Skateboard Variety Waterproof Graffiti Laptop Accessories

I found these stickers to bomb something and I saw a really cool Froot Loops sticker in the picture (what you see is what you get)! I wanted it so bad I went ahead and bought it. The decals arrived today and I've looked through each of them and it seems like I literally got EVERY DECAL you see in the picture EXCEPT the one I really wanted. Very disappointed. but i think the rest of the stickers are cool. I just want that damn ribbon sticker.전체 리뷰보기

quality park sleeve ungummed 62905 로고

Quality Park Sleeve Ungummed 62905

All the other CD/DVD cases/envelopes on Revain have bad reviews for cheap quality cases, but they didn't have any reviews so I figured I'd be a test case. I am sorry to inform you that this is not what I was hoping for. They appear to be made from regular photographic paper with a window and flap. On the other hand, the window seems to stick to the paper well and doesn't come off like some others I've seen. On the other hand, the flap is badly scratched and if you try to bend it, it's easy to fold it in the wrong place. I'm just looking for a case that is the same quality as the ones the OEMs use for their CDs. and dvds. One of the problems with all these cheap earbuds is that their fragility makes it harder to put a CD/DVD in them. If you stuff them over 200 times, it really takes a lot of extra time. I received it, I will use it, but I will not buy another case from Amazon.전체 리뷰보기

brydge 10 2 keyboard aluminum bluetooth 로고

Brydge 10 2 Keyboard Aluminum Bluetooth

I really like this keyboard because it turns the iPad into a "laptop". This is exactly what I was looking for and I think the typing is pretty good. I am actually writing this review on it. It's heavy enough that the iPad can be tilted to its limit without tipping over. The tips have just the right amount of stiffness for easy adjustment yet a firm grip. Build quality is good, but this is clearly not an Apple product. There's just no such "feeling". Using Micro-USB instead of USB-C is disappointing. The color is pretty close to my iPad Space Gray. Battery life was good. I have only had to charge it once since I received it over 6 months ago. It's easy to attach and detach, which I like as I often use the iPad 'naked'. That's the problem. I don't know if this is a specific Brydge issue or a Bluetooth/iPad issue, but it's still quite annoying. The keyboard goes into sleep mode after about 10 minutes without a key being pressed. Obviously this is done to save battery power and I wouldn't have a problem with it other than it takes over 6 seconds to reconnect every time. I want to type a lot and nothing happens for at least 6-8 seconds. The on-screen keyboard comes up when I click on a text field and on Brydge I have to press a button and wait 6-8 seconds before I can type anything. It was a bit annoying at first and I thought I'd get used to it, but over the months I've gotten just as annoyed, if not more so. I haven't seen anyone comment on this topic yet. Were it not for the connection lag, this would be a solid 4 star product. who spoke on the subject. Were it not for the connection lag, this would be a solid 4 star product. who spoke on the subject. Were it not for the connection lag, this would be a solid 4 star product.전체 리뷰보기

cosmos super soft microfiber cleaning glasses camera & photo 로고

Cosmos Super Soft Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Camera & Photo

Great product!

I am a very picky and meticulous person and was looking for a good, large, super soft cloth for everyday use when cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses. I haven't found anything major other than those little lens cleaning tissues that you get when you buy frames or glasses. It is concerning everybody. Please don't take my word for it! I took the risk of choosing this product and it is the BEST so far. Revain's delivery time was excellent. The product was great too! I am very satisfied and am ordering a second set. If you are looking for a nice big super soft microfiber towel. THAT'S HIM!전체 리뷰보기

asus displayport connector resistance space grade 로고

ASUS DisplayPort Connector Resistance Space Grade

This device is obsolete! If you know about it, go ahead with the purchase, but if you don't know about its lack of performance. Horrible frame rate, but keeps it very cool and can be overclocked a bit.전체 리뷰보기

universal streaming device devices securely 로고

Universal Streaming Device Devices Securely

I bought two of these to mount the TiVo Mini on the back of two TVs (23" and 32") that only had traditional table stands. As other reviewers have noted, the Mini covers almost the entire panel, so you'll have to get a little creative with the Velcro straps. Also, using only one small screw to attach the TV mount means that the mount tends not to hold its position if you mount it horizontally, which I had to do. so it doesn't overlap with the connections on the back of my TV. The Mini is too heavy for a single screw to hold the plate in a fixed position.전체 리뷰보기

screens digital stylist compatible tablets tablet accessories in styluses 로고

Screens Digital Stylist Compatible Tablets Tablet Accessories in Styluses

I'm using an Apple iPad Air, which is a fairly old model. I want to buy an Apple Pencil, but it doesn't support my iPad. Sylus Pen works well with old versions of iPads or similar hardware. Probably satisfaction depends on who uses it and for what purposes, like me, a simple note in a pdf file, a simple drawing in a note, I am satisfied with this pencil.전체 리뷰보기

cornerpods 로고


I like how easy it was to get setup and use for my store! It's been very helpful with our inventory management needs for over 20 years now! We have yet to find anything we dislike about this product or service. Everything has always gone smoothly and they are extremely fast in getting back to you when needed. With all the changes going on at Walmart HQ (and their lack of support), we were hesitant to put too many eggs into one basket but after using other products such as AMS, AIM, etc., we realized what a great fit CornerPods really is for us!전체 리뷰보기

hewlett packard scanjet 3400cse flatbed 로고

Hewlett Packard ScanJet 3400Cse Flatbed

I started installing the scanner with fear and trepidation. The past has shown me that hardware will NEVER install as it should. Five minutes later I scanned, there were absolutely no problems with the installation. I tested three buttons on the scanner and everything worked fine. Scan, copy and email. The Scan button opens a preview window with options to scan only the selected part or the whole document. Other options include graphic type (black and white, color, etc.), scan size, and other graphic-related options. Only after selecting the options, most of which do not need to be changed, I clicked on the image scan and the scanner rescanned the document at a much slower speed. I've scanned photos into both the software package and Corel Photo Suite 8.0 with no problems. I also scanned the text into MS Word with no problems. The scan time for most photos, from pressing the scanner button to the finished product appearing on my screen, was about a minute for a full page photo. Copy sends the document directly to the printer, while Email automatically attaches the document to the email. Both options also worked effectively. Graphics software in one package is fine, but if you want to manipulate a lot of graphics (for web pages, etc.) you need a good software package. A shareware copy of Paint-Shop Pro will suit most users. If you just want to email photos to friends, the software package is fine. If you are wondering if this scanner will work with your PC, here are my PC stats. Compac Presario 5410, similar to AMD P-II 333MHz, 64MB RAM, 8MB VRAM, 2 AGP graphics cards, with USB ports. Also, I'm using Windows 98. I've had no problems scanning or editing scanner documents on my system. Definitely a 5 star rating and at $100.00 it's a steal. 64 MB RAM, 8 MB VRAM, 2 AGP graphics cards, with USB ports. Also, I'm using Windows 98. I've had no problems scanning or editing scanner documents on my system. Definitely a 5 star rating and at $100.00 it's a steal. 64 MB RAM, 8 MB VRAM, 2 AGP graphics cards, with USB ports. Also, I'm using Windows 98. I've had no problems scanning or editing scanner documents on my system. Definitely a 5 star rating and at $100.00 it's a steal.전체 리뷰보기

digital projector wifi bluetooth android airplay 6500 lumens led lcd home outdoor entertainment projector 1080p keystone zoom hdmi usb inputs smart video proyector for phone tv laptop dvd movie game 로고

Digital Projector WiFi Bluetooth Android Airplay 6500 Lumens LED LCD Home Outdoor Entertainment Projector 1080P Keystone Zoom HDMI USB Inputs Smart Video Proyector For Phone TV Laptop DVD Movie Game

Great projector. I got this projector in 2018 and it was easy to mount it on the ceiling and learn how to use it myself. The picture is very good and it has everything I need in one place. I can surf the internet and watch movies online and also have Netflix built in. The manufacturer has good support. The remote control has very fine workmanship, but I think it could make it more durable.전체 리뷰보기

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