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Speedcash Cryptocurrency project has been evolving a lot and a lot of different project with different flavours and flavours and being lunch everyday but one knowing which one to invest on has been a very big issue and a very thing of concern as most of this project are only up for a little while and dump. I found this project a bit credible and the fact that they have been listed in some few exchanges has given me more confidence and then. Certik auditing it has not been cleared enough for me and all my search history with a futile result. This project requires an investment rate you are ready to lose and in the long run I don't see it being hide anymore as the developers are not even working on the various platforms such as the social media platforms. So it is advisable you make the critical such an invest what you can afford to lose전체 리뷰보기

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Social coin It is a thing of a concern now for every crypto investor on the credibility of most crypto project, their potential and also making the choice of where to invest on and want to invest on has been a major concern. Has most of the project usually pump and dump project. The need for sustainable platform and project has been becoming a very alarming as most crypto investors are searching for a long time investment I personally only look out for a long-term investment. The social coin has been up for some time it has been listed on only one exchange so far to the best of my knowledge. The project is kind of a proof of work cryptocurrency for socialization news it has been used on social media. It allows users to generate this is very common through the process of using the social platform. The project has shown a lot of potential and I was enticed about the fact that it has its own blockchain which made it more self-sustaining. It has it's nice features and a very unique block chain. I find it better than the others. This platform has a lot of social media activities such as age activities on the linking please give me a chance to be able to connect with some few people on associated with the project. The project is on coinmarketcap and some information I got from there was the price being around 0.007 dollars and a total supply of 1.6 million. Do the market cap for now is a bit down and around 7 k dollars. I see it with a lot of potential to grow and will be a good choice for long time hodlers. I found the coin only on yobit and it has gotten my attention so far but I wasn't good at reading smart contract and understanding its credibility and legitimacy. But I have some little doubt about the project and if you want to invest much and the project is good you're made a very in-depth research. I am so much concern about the activities of the foumders onsocial medias, This project has a very low social media activities and as far as I can see on telegram and medium there has not been any of their activities noticed there. It is not clear if they have been audited by Celtic or not so the project seems to be an old project but still in its infant stage of development. I found it a bit risky to invest here as it requires a lot of time for you to what is a reasonable amount of a girl looking very good yield. So in the meantime for advice make a schedule change and use my money you don't need at the moment to put into this project.전체 리뷰보기

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Wirex EUR

Crypto cards are one of the most peculiar documents or tools, and due to their expensive fees and problems, they have not been able to achieve widespread adoption in my area. The majority of these cards are poorly managed by their service providers, and contacting help takes a long time. If you need to make an urgent transaction, you may not be able to get it right away, so plan ahead of time when you want to use your crypto asset. Because peer-to-peer transactions were invented in my nation, I choose to add all crypto cards because it allows me to communicate with my bank even more than the crypto pedia.However, I thought this card to be one of the most impressive of them all because they were able to set a bit of a standard and distinguish themselves from other crypto cards that were providing displacing services to their consumers. This card allows you to spend your money without any restrictions. You ensure that all of your transactions, sends, and receives are secure, and you may save money and assets at the lowest possible fee in the market. The Wirex card, which was launched in Japan in 2019, is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency cards to date. Because of its professionalism and exceptional character, the organization has been able to supply you with a very secure environment and systems. The card is widely used and accepted around the world. Only a few coins are allowed in the wirex management systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripples, WAVES, WOLLO, DAI, NANO, XLM, and our one-and-only wirex tokens. Despite the fact that it looks to be limited, it is by far the most generic and simple card you will ever encounter. Because hackers are constantly on the hunt for your assets, the card is fantastic and comes with a software that allows you to regulate your transactions, manage your card, and disable it anytime you notice suspicious activity. This, in my opinion, is a fantastic step toward environmental protection. 전체 리뷰보기

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PayRue DEX

The payru platform

I wish to review this Wonder full platform today, it is the pattie exchange. This Exchange has been in the market for quite some time now, since 2018, and is said to be on the binance smart chain network. i is very much in operation and fully offering it's various outstanding services. Which includes the wallets services, as well as exchanges services. This exchange is one of the best in terms of user interface, which enables easy navigation, it is beautiful and very much attractive to the sight. The exchange has wonder full trading services which offers variety of coins and pairs for you as well as making the services fee rates minimal, at about 0.23% for both the market marker and takers. The ExchangeExchange is still coming up, with a trading volume of 8000$+ it can out perfom this in no time, considering the quality of the services it delivers. 전체 리뷰보기 로고

I wish to give out my thoughts about this platform which I come across, my1ex exchange. It is a digital asset exchange as we all know it to be a crypto exchange, but this exchange has not been online for so long and operations have been in a hault since it's launch. The website is not going through and there is no trace of it on the internet. As the case may be, it maybe seen as a platform which might still be in development or probably has retreat from the business. Stay away till you hear a public announcement from the company about their re opening. While you do that lookout for other cool options for you 전체 리뷰보기

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Skex exchange is one of these exchange which has been up for some times but went off in a few months. The exchange has been able to keep it's name going on the social media through various telegram not airdrops which never came to reality or never pays off. It is recommendable for you to stay away from the platform as it is not a save place to be. The exchange is currently not in operation and anyone could be claiming or getting information from users and might end up in havok to users who provide sensitive information. Keep your head up and look for other exchange out there as a lot of them are available and there is need for you to make a careful choice 전체 리뷰보기

dragonex 로고


i want to share today one of the most interesting Exchanges you could come accross in your adventure in trading. It called the Dragon Ex. It is a Singapore base Exchange with the vision of encouraging the Asian world especially in trading Cryptocurrencies as well as becoming one of the world leading exchanges in the nearest I have come across this exchange bearly 3 month now. It was launched in 2018 and currently having over 70 Cryptocurrencies available for trading It has an appealing transaction fee which is a bit encouraging but one major concern is that it does not accept deposit through credit or debit card, except through wire transfer or Cryptocurrencies It has a good interface that could make a new user navigate through it, although they claimed to give users reward but yet to be offered one, hopefull to get one in the nearest future Taking about the safety of funds, I could say that the exchange has high integrity when it comes to the safety and security of the funds of it users. Even though the exchange suffered set back due to hackers activities on the site, they have proven their integrity by making compassion available to all the users in 2019, not only that it is lincenced and currently have and improved account verification in order to safeguard the funds of their users It operate both on app and website but having a slow customer care response and having a high 0.2% trading fee for takers. That's huge compared to other exchanges. I will recommend this for high security and intergrity and a good reputation they have been able to establish and maintai전체 리뷰보기

comparetransfer 로고


Today i will love to introduce you to this wonder platform I found "Compare Transfer". I found out about this company through a friend when I complained about cost of transferring money to other countries You will agree with me that, the local banks also offer similar service of transferring foreign currency to other countries but at a very high and expensive cost. But not anymore! If you are looking for how to escape the local bank exploitation through high transfer charges of foreign currencies then let me introduce you to COMPARE TRANSFER One major advantage about this plattform is the availability of many Currency with which you can carry out transaction with unlike many other company or local banks which limited currencies with which you can transfer. It has a very low and affordable Transaction fee compare to other platforms and local banks foreign currency transfer which of course is a major factor for using this platform for my foreign currency transfer and a very fast conversation rate between different currenc  I also see the need to review the integrity of this great platform, it has been in existence since 2017 with no records of money lost by it customers. Has a good customer care support and are have been very accountable in their dealing This is a company that everyone would love to do business with and I don't think I have any second thought in doing further business wth 전체 리뷰보기

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i  came across Bithumb few months ago while searching for a more convenient exchange to trade with. Though it a Korean exchange, it contains many international languages and a very beautiful web interface. Yes, it operates a web-based trading platform. Even though it has a beautiful, nice and colourful interface, it could be difficult for a newbie in trading to navigate and make use of some of the features One good advantage I found about Bithumb is that it a very low transaction and trading fee compare to other major exchange, it has many available Cryptocurrencies to trade on and the trading processing is very fast as it helps me to take advantage of price fluctuations while trading which makes me make some more It easy to register as it does not require much information KYC and two - factor authentication is required for improve securit It has been a good experience to me 전체 리뷰보기

atomars 로고


Exchange is very important to any crypto investor, it is used for buying coins, live trading. Some exchange might support some additional functions such as the launch pads , IEO, stakings and various airdrop. A good exchange should be able to provide an easy going user interface, a very good number of coins to trade, a good security which is recommended by a large community on various social media platforms and also provide you with various trading features as well as making the services available at a very fair fee. Atomars is a spectate and provide all the combined features mentioned above. It is born in Seychelles, in , talking about the user interface, it is very simple, easy to understand. I enjoy navigating this site. The experience is not that good on mobile view but perfect on the desktop view. It has listed a good number of coins, and a offers you various trading features, including live trade and it tools all at a very fair rate of 0.2% both for market makers and takers. I didn't encounter any problem with this exchange, it has constantly been developing and I recommend this to anyone, as I see it performing pass this. 전체 리뷰보기

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