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The software has been easy enough to learn at first hand but I find it difficult to navigate when using more than 1 user interface (eg - mobile devices). A little bit dated in terms of its look & feel compared with other solutions available today. We are replacing our own document control application which was not meeting requirements as we needed better integration into office 365. This new solution allows us to do this by providing an O365 connector so all users can access the same information without having any knowledge about how the old app worked! The best part of the document management system is that it is very simple to use, and it is easy to understand. The worst part is that the document management system is not as good as the previous version, there are some bugs that don't allow the document to be deleted. I recommend this product because it is very simple to use and it is very easy to understand. I recommend this product because it is very simple to use and it is easy to understand. See full review logo

I like that you have so many different choices for salary ranges; however it is difficult because some jobs don't even show up under certain categories! It would help if there were more options or less "standard" pay scales (like with most other sites). There are not enough companies listed at all - just about every category has 5-10 entries but very few actually list over 10 jobs/companies per category. If your interested in compensation info from multiple sources as well then check out PayScale's Salary Survey Tool. You will get much better results when comparing across employers since they provide actual employment figures instead of an average range which could vary drastically between two similar positions within one employer. We use it mainly in the Marketing department where we need to know what our peers' market positions should be compared against. I like that it is easy to use, has a lot of options for searching jobs and salary ranges are very accurate. It also has a free version which makes it easy to try out without having to pay for anything! There isn't much I dislike about it. I wish there were more options for filtering search results so you could find specific jobs or companies easier. I am solving the problem of finding good candidates for my team by searching for candidates with similar skillsets and experience levels. See full review

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I like how easy it was using this tool compared to my previous software used with another brand/company. The price of $99 does not seem too high considering what you are purchasing once signed up through their website or mobile app. There were times when we would have multiple staff members try connecting but they couldnt find us as we're hosted internally within our internal network (we run servers). We had been managing customer data without any issues previously just having desktop applications so there wasn't much experience before trying out this new product. Since switching over everything has gone 100% perfect! Nothing really since first impression until now which is great if your business needs help getting started using online tools such as m365. It gave me peace knowing I no longer need to spend countless hours searching forums learning about different programs etcetcetc. The ability to communicate with our customer base in real time and with a variety of channels. The system is easy to use and navigate. The customer support team is great. The system is a little outdated. I would like to see some more modern features. We are able to communicate with our customers in real time and with various channels. We are able to see who is interacting with our messages and what time they are interacting with our messages. See full review

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Code Co-op

I like that it's open source, so anyone can use it for free! The interface isn't very intuitive at first, but once you get used to it, its pretty easy to navigate around. It has some great features such as being able to access your files from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet). You're not limited by file size or number of users. There are many other options out there, but this one really does work well and doesn't require much setup time. We've been using code co-op since we started our startup and haven't had any issues yet. Its helped us keep track of all of our projects and tasks without having to worry about losing anything important.See full review

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The platform helped us easily manage my client's documents in one place instead of having many different folders for each document type I needed them all under this program which was easy as that! It made it super quick when looking up records because they were categorized so well into their files or subfolders within those categories - awesome feature!! Nothing really at first glance but definitely look deeper than you would think if your searching for things like "attorney general" etc since there may be other programs out here doing similar work/looking something else entirely (if not using another attorney). My clients love being able use an online system rather then physically going down stairs every time i need information from any file folder we have stored somewhere throughout our office building; very convenient especially after getting used too much over physical paper stacks around our offices during meetings before moving everything electronicly now ; I like the ease of use. The platform is intuitive and very easy to navigate. The customer support is very attentive and responsive. There really isn't anything I dislike. If you are seeking a platform that will provide you with the tools you need to be more efficient and compliant, Legalinc is the way to go. Our organization uses the platform to ensure we are compliant with our state and federal regulations. It is also used to create new legal entities. See full review

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Clean Smarts

The ease of use for scheduling projects; being able to send out notifications when jobs are due or have been completed as well tracking time worked per job has really streamlined our process! We also love that we can see who's logged into each account via their mobile device allowing us easy access from anywhere during any hours while working remotely which saves so much precious face/eye contact time. There isn't anything I dislike at this point but if it were possible there would be easier ways through an admin side rather than having employees log onto individual accounts just like what they do now (which does work great). Great software overall makes life super simple!! See full review

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The team is very professional. They are always willing to share their knowledge and help out where needed. I am currently working with them for one project which involves AI application using GPU hardware. There are no issues right now but we have been able to communicate well over email. Nothing major at this point as it's early days yet. But it makes sense that they would want to get feedback from potential customers so there shouldn't be any problem. We're looking into implementing some solutions involving machine learning and neural nets (which requires GPUs). See full review

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JC Logistics

They are very professional, quick turnaround time with pricing that makes sense! I can't think of anything negative about them at this point - they continue doing great things for us as we grow our business together through eCommerce fulfillment solutions. We love having their team involved so early into planning out new projects/products from start till finish!! Nothing specific yet but if there was something it would be making sure everyone gets credit where due (ie website owner vs store manager). Great communication via Zoom during PPE crisis & COVID response period! Excellent service with prompt response, no surprises or hidden fees that I could find! The staff at JCL never let me down when it comes time for my truck shipments & trailers hauling freight from Chicago - Detroit area over 200 miles away!! Would highly recommend this firm if your looking for professional freight companies that will do right by their clients. ! No complaints about them. See full review

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I like how easy it was to get started with Method, as well as its ability for my teams to quickly adapt new workflows without having too many people involved in training them out from scratch! The reporting system could be more robust (it's not always clear what you're looking up), but overall this has been an excellent product so far - we've had good success getting our projects off track when using other project managers or spreadsheets before switching over fully into method. We have used several different PM tools throughout time which made us feel overwhelmed by all their features/tools available; however since working within your own toolset can sometimes lead one down paths they would rather avoid going along with others' suggestions etc., being able to set things straight once again just makes life easier moving forward!!See full review

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I love that you can search by industry or topic to find relevant articles in real time. You don't have to wait weeks to get an article about your niche! It's also very easy to use when searching for specific keywords. There are times when there isn't much content available but it doesn't seem like this will be changing anytime soon. If you're looking to keep up with current events and trends then you should definitely give this software a try. The benefits include being able to stay ahead of competition and knowing what people care about before they do. See full review

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