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What is AdEx? AdEx is the next generation blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Google is trying to solve a major problem in the current advertising market by eliminating the need for a central authority like Facebook or Advertising agency. It is a platform that will allow advertisers and publishers to collaborate without the need for an intermediary. It is a short intermediary digital advertising trading platform. Community sale and token distribution Its Total Quantity is 100 million. 80 million of these will be traded on exchanges. If the distribution is 80% community sale participants i.e. those who want to buy AdEx from exchanges 10% to AdEx team and 12 months locked out 6% will be locked out of AdEx advisors for 12 months 2% Wings DAO Discovery, social promotions %2 will go to the Bounty program and have the promotions in the forums translated into local languages, Made as. There are currently 73,430,701 AdEx in total on the market and the remaining amount will be released over time. A total of 80 million AdEx will already be released. The fund sale was completed in about 8 hours and they collected the targeted 40,008 ETH in a very short time. This means that there are a lot of people who believe in this project. Exchanges where AdEx is traded Binance Bitrex Huobipro (Singapore), Liqui (Ukraine) Hitbtc, Gatecoin Upbit Bigone What is AdEx and what is the purpose of its development? Let me briefly explain how normal advertising platforms work. If you want to advertise online, you need an intermediary platform, Google Adwords, Facebook or digital advertising agencies. In short, to companies that will publish advertisements with advertisers. Due to the nature of this business, this brokerage firm receives a fair commission for this service. It is not an industry secret that 40% or more commission is received from this rate. One of the first rules of advertising is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. There are dozens of companies trying to do this, and they spend millions of dollars to develop existing technologies. So, does AdEx produce a solution for this? Yes, this is the purpose of the existence and development of this platform. Connecting advertisers and publishers. Bringing the ad publisher and advertiser together without the need for a central authority. They aim to find a solution to one of the biggest problems in the digital advertising industry. This problem is Knowing your customers and showing ads based on customer's interest. Let me try to explain with a simple example, a family with an average income is doing online research to buy a holiday and in the coming days, they will start seeing holiday advertisements on almost all the websites they visit. So, how many of these ads you see fit your budget, taste, and criteria? For example, what does it mean for you to show you a holiday destination on the island of Bora bora that costs 2000 TL per day? Or while reading the article of your favorite columnist on an online newspaper site, how much do you care about the advertisement of an animated RUJ company? Showing unsuccessful advertisements like this does not contribute to you or the advertisement. Because when you click on that ad, the advertising company pays for it and you see a lipstick ad that you will not go to or use in your life. Google, Facebook or the industry's leading advertising agencies are working really hard to find solutions to problems like this example, and they spend serious budgets for this. In order to avoid these or similar problems, AdEx aims to recognize its customers and show them ads that may be of interest to them. It also plans to save the advertiser from the costs of showing irrelevant advertisements. Of course, AdEx has a very important problem that needs to be resolved in order to do this. Learning about customer habits and presenting them to the advertiser. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do. It's not even easy. Facebok is very advantageous in this regard because almost all of us subscribe to their profiles with real information, such information such as Age, Gender, Marital Status, Occupation is really very important for the advertiser. Even Google doesn't know that much about its users. Well, what kind of solution is AdEx planning to bring about this, according to what is written in the Whitepaper, users share some of their information with the AdEx platform while subscribing to the AdEx system. They don't give much information about it, but they will probably ask for very basic information. Such as your gender, income status, marital status, age. I think this is where AdEx's first big problem starts because internet users don't like to share this type of information. As you know, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Whatsapp are banned in China. That's why AdeEx started collaborating with NEO. So how will it be between the Advertiser and the Publisher, This part is actually very simple, the Advertiser will determine its target audience, ad model and price and other criteria and will publish it on the system, while the Publisher will accept the ad and start publishing it if it meets the criteria. At this point, smart contracts will step in and control the process. Is the system that easy? Of course not. Advertising attacks, malicious publishers, closures of sites, dozens of problems that are shown or not shown to untargeted visitors will arise. While even Google Adwors has not been able to find a 100% solution to these problems, it is not so easy for Adex to find solutions to these problems in the short term. It is not easy for AdEx to do this while years of experience, knowledge and Advertiser and publisher cannot find solutions to problems in Google AdWord. So, can Adex be a successful project? Unfortunately, only time will tell us this. The fact that it completed the fundraising in as little as 8 hours is a positive proof of how much the companies trust the system. Of course, it is just as important that AdEx removes broker companies and that the information of the members of the system remains confidential. 전체 리뷰보기

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What is aelf (ELF)? aelf is a decentralized cloud computing network with multi-chain, parallel processing system, cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. aelf has a comprehensive governance model that includes the Parliamentary Management Model, Association Management Model and Referendum Management Model. Through the incentive model, the network is equipped with a self-sustaining system and can initiate self-development on a practical basis. The network operates a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, where token holders can transfer tokens to support their trusted block producers. The ELF token is used in voting for governance, stock and delegation, as well as gas fee for simple token transactions and smart contract executions. What is ELF Coin? aelf is a customizable operating system (OS) for the blockchain. The team aims to make this project the "Linux system" of the blockchain community. Alf focuses on two main innovations to solve current problems with blockchain technology: sidechains and a single governance model. The project uses a empowered participatory testing system for more adaptive governance while allocating resources and smart contracts through the use of sidechains to improve scalability. Alf is developed on a mainchain and multiple sidechains to execute smart contracts on the platform. The main thread is the backbone of the entire system and can also interact with the outer threads. Each side string is dedicated to a specific type of smart contract. Side chains cannot interact with each other, so they must communicate over the main chain when transmitting information. AELF, a chain system All side chains are linked to the main chain by an index system. The index system divides chains into two groups: • Very important external chains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) • Internal sidechains in aelf operating system For example, the main string can be connected to a central system such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are branched as strings, a side string for “Asset swaps” and additional strings for “Other asset types”. To further refine the example, the array "Other entity types" may have a subsequence for each activity type, and each of these sequences can be further subdivided. This strategy is similar to Ethereum sharding and should help the network improve scalability (transactions per second). Splitting the ecosystem into side chains ensures that congestion in one area does not affect the entire network. Sidechains must pay a transaction commission to the main thread for indexing. The more you contribute to a sidechain to the ecosystem, the lower the transaction fee you will have to pay. Any connection to the widely adopted Bitcoin will not be subject to payment of the fee. Sidechains can also collect commissions from all secondary chains affiliated with them. 전체 리뷰보기

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Hey there. My name is Azad Aliyev and will talk you about Electra crypto platform and its native cryptocurrency, ECA coin. What is Electra (ECA)? Electra (ECA) is an open-source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain project aimed at facilitating cryptocurrency payments. Electra also developed ElectraPay, a software-based solution for online merchants and physical stores to receive and receive payments with Electra cryptocurrencies. Electra currently uses the SHA256 consensus algorithm after returning from the NIST5 algorithm in 2019. Electra was launched in 2017 and the project did not hold an ICO or IEO fundraising event. Instead, 3.14% of the total cryptocurrency supply was pre-mined by the foundation to support project development. Some functions supported by the Electra blockchain include Atomic Swaps, Lightning Network, and Segregated Witness (Atomic Swaps, Lightning Network, and Segregated Witness). What is ECA Coin? Founded in 2017, Electra (ECA) is an open-source blockchain project aimed at facilitating cryptocurrency payments. Electra aims to provide an alternative solution to slow, inflexible and costly traditional payment services where investors pay high trader discount rate (MDR). ) is 3% or more for digital payment processing services. Electra allows traders to pay for transactions at 0.0001 ECA each; this is negligible compared to traditional payments. Small businesses tend to be quite negative towards higher MDR costs because even for small ticket transactions, traders may have to pay a flat fee. Customers also experience higher transaction fees when making international purchases due to currency conversion fees. Also, traders often have to wait days or even weeks to receive payments. Electra aims to facilitate micropayments. To do this, the Electra blockchain has a target block time of 64 seconds, allowing traders to get paid as transactions are pushed onto the blockchain in milliseconds. Similar to Bitcoin, traders can individually decide the finality of their transactions based on their level of comfort with how many blocks have passed. Electra's end-to-end, decentralized network reduces the possibility of potential data leaks by eliminating the need for an intermediary between merchants and customers. That is all about this project and I hope the review will be useful for you. Have a nice day, thanks. 전체 리뷰보기 로고

In this article, me, Azad Aliyev, will talk you about what is Travala (AVA)? I will try to provide detailed information about AVA Coin by answering the question. What is Travala (AVA)? As the native cryptocurrency of the platform, AVA (BEP-2 token standard) is at the center of all current and future use cases follows. The incentive to use with AVA is getting stronger as it provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement. As the consumer base continues to grow, using AVA is an integral part of your experience on the platform. With its use encouraged by valuable rewards, the demand for AVA can be expected to increase in line with the adoption of the platform which has led to the establishment of a healthy internal token economy that all stakeholders can benefit from. What is AVA Coin? Travala is an online platform for hotel and flight reservations, where users can pay using both crypto and traditional payment methods. Users can lock Travala token (AVA) to qualify for booking discounts. They can also earn rewards by locking their AVA tokens on the Travala platform. Higher tier discounts are offered to users who lock more AVA tokens. Travala has a quarterly AVA repurchase plan of which 20% of its total net booking commissions will be used to repurchase and burn AVA on the open market. This repurchase plan will continue until the total AVA supply reaches 40,000,000 AVAs. How Does Travala Crypto Work? The AVA token runs on Binance blockchain in BEP-2 format and Binance Smart Chain in BEP-20 format. Developers use a portion of tokens equal to 20% of profits every quarter - a scheme reminiscent of the Binance exchange token. The ultimate goal is to eliminate 21,571,086 tokens and increase the total number to 40 million. Available as an Accumulation-Oriented Smart Program. The user can lock up to 5,000 tokens to his account, which allows him not only discounts and bonuses, but also up to 50 AVA to his wallet at the beginning of each month. The AVA token has been used as a collateral asset in the Bidaochain ecosystem since August 2020. This means that Bidaochain users can block AVA tokens in the system to receive a native BAI stablecoin in return. The main reason for Travala's stability is its close collaboration with Binance, which became strategic after this booking platform merged with TravelbyBit, a subsidiary of Binance. 전체 리뷰보기 ii 로고 II

What is (YFI)? is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that aims to build products on bulk liquidity, leveraged trading, automated marketing and more. YFI token is the native utility token on the platform. Users can earn it by contributing liquidity to's bulk liquidity pool or ypool and use the token for platform governance. currently provides profit optimization service for lenders, independently moving providers funds between dYdX, Aave and Compound for the highest returns. The platform also plans to launch products like yVault along with additional revenue earning strategies for other projects like Synthetix, mStable and more. What is YFI Coin? In the summer of 2020, Cronje introduced its new and rebranded one-year resume. It would decentralize control of by distributing 30,000 YFI tokens, which it said had no value, even if the market would have thought otherwise. would continue its mission of automating returns, using a set of complex strategies devised by itself and other developers, with a concept it calls “crates” to make it as simple as depositing tokens to earn returns. 30,000 YFIs will be distributed over several days of yield farming, where users can risk Curve Y Pool LP tokens to earn more YFIs. Additional pools required staking by providing liquidity on the Balancer and staking the LP token to initiate liquidity for this newly minted YFI token . YFI, the management token of, was ultimately distributed only to liquidity users. With no pre-mining, pre-sale, and team allocation, YFI has set a standard for the most decentralized token launch. While most of the ecosystem was created by Cronje, control of YFI was transferred to a multi-signature wallet that required 6 out of 9 participants to agree on the changes. The result is one of the most epic stories in DeFi. YFI became the fastest asset in history to exceed $1 billion in market capitalization, including staking and other asset classes. yVaults allowed users to deposit tokens like DAI, USDC, ETH and even Aave interest-bearing tokens like aLINK. Additionally, yVaults are designed to allow deposits of popular LP tokens such as Curve Y Pool and Curve sBTC Pool. Yearn has leveled the playing field for DeFi beginners and DeFi professionals. It took the power of some trading firm, automated it, and made sure everyone on Ethereum benefited from it. 전체 리뷰보기

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Launched on March 20, 2020, it is a decentralized information exchange network with a complementary blockchain-based financial ledger based on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol. Hive supports many different types of knowledge sharing applications. Countless applications, APIs, and interfaces contribute to the direct and general accessibility of data, transactions, and records. Therefore, this available diversity and practicality enables the ecosystem to welcome content creators, consumers, investors, and creators. is designed to store large amounts of content and make it available for monetization over time. Use cases include monetized rewards for content creators, interactive games, identity management, voting systems, and microcredit social media. Blockchain performance is designed to scale with the widespread adoption of coins and platforms. Combining ultra-fast transaction time and free transactions, Hive is positioned as one of the leading blockchain technologies used by people around the world. When will Honeycomb Coins be released? When will Honeycomb Coins come out? The issue date of Honeycomb Coins is 2020. Hive's support for high transaction volumes, along with a fast 3-second block time and free transactions, make it an ideal platform for creating highly interactive applications that will be congested on most blockchain networks. It also pays particular attention to Layer 2 architecture to distribute the application load between different sidechains to achieve expansion beyond the limits of traditional smart contract networks. To lower the expansion limit, application advocates can allocate additional CPU resources in the second layer as needed to power their preferred applications without worrying about congestion from other applications on the network. But you can still use a common top-tier blockchain backbone to maintain decentralization. Chapter What Country Is Hive Coin From? The country of Hive Coins is Canada. The team behind Hive Coin consists of twelve people, three of whom are consultants. Jure Soklic; he is one of the founders of Hive and serves as the company's CEO. With extensive experience in the global financial industry, Soklic is considered an expert in e-commerce, digital marketing and business development for start-ups. His record of success in these areas made him the pinnacle of genius in the hive. Dejan Jovanovic is also one of the founders of Hive and is the CTO. Jovanovic has more than 25 years of experience in software development and execution of important technical projects. Consultants Richard Titus, Michael Terpin and Sebastian Quinn Watson also ensured the long-term success of Hive. These three people have extensive experience in finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency. hive is an innovative and forward-looking decentralized blockchain and ecosystem designed to expand in consideration of the widespread adoption of coins and platforms. Combining ultra-fast transaction time and free transactions, Hive is positioned as one of the leading Web3 blockchains used by people all over the world. How to get Honeycomb Coins? To get Hive Coin, you need to create an account at a cryptocurrency exchange. Hive Coin can be purchased on many major cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges that list HIVE include Upbit, Binance, Bittrex, Probit Exchange, Huobi Global and other platforms. On these exchanges, you can use the "Buy Hive Coins" option in the appropriate section to trade. What infrastructure does Honeycomb use? Hive Coin Infrastructure It is made up of various community members, developers and investors who believe in the common goal of decentralization. There is no fixed team and company behind this. Hive is not based on a specific jurisdiction and has nodes, stakeholders, and contributors in many countries around the world. Hive relies on decentralized governance for software development and decision-making related to protocol updates using the DPOS consensus protocol. Share-weighted voting is used to select block producers called witnesses. They must agree to change the layer 1 protocol shared by all applications, provide a stable base layer, and release layer 2 applications for rapid innovation. All agreement changes are proposed, developed, prepared and implemented for a transparent and collaborative teamwork environment. They are completely open source from the beginning to the final release. transactions were managed in less than 3 seconds. is expandable; Provides future-oriented storage system and resource bandwidth. strong; has been tested by hundreds of applications, communities and projects around the world for more than 5 years. What are the disadvantages of Honeycomb Coin? What are the disadvantages of Honeycomb Coin? Mining; Hive's core is a cryptocurrency mining company. The competition from cryptocurrencies is so fierce that investors therefore need large-scale efficiency. In the mining industry, the biggest disadvantage is the cost of electricity and equipment. Naturally, miners must switch to safe and cheap sources of electricity for their equipment. Risk of attack; The wallet of your preferred cryptocurrency trading platform may be insecure. Choosing an offline hardware wallet to defend against potential attacks will help you protect your balance. Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) allows users to propose, fund and vote on changes they like. The fund is created in such a way that no participant can control major changes. The Hive platform provides many functions similar to Steem. The platform has two tokens. They are: Hive (HIVE) and Hive-backed U.S. Dollars (HBD). HIVE is used to unlock many different functions provided by the platform, among which HBD is mainly used as a reward method. Hive official website has By accessing more detailed information on the website, you can pay close attention to how the token works.전체 리뷰보기

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It is a decentralized oracle network that aims to bring smart contracts together with real-world data. Chainlink, co-founded by Steve Ellis, is developed by Sergey Nazarov. In the ICO process held in October 2017, $32 million is raised with a total supply of 1 billion LINK tokens. The Chainlink decentralized oracle network's own cryptocurrency, LINK, is used to pay node operators. Node providers that fail to provide accurate information due to the reputation system of the Chainlink network will have their tokens reduced, while node providers with a high amount of LINK are rewarded with larger contracts. The developers describe LINK as “an ERC20 token with ERC223 'transfer and call' functionality that allows tokens to be accepted and validated in a single transaction”. Following the $32 million LINK ICO in 2017, 32 percent of LINK tokens are sent to node operators to promote the ecosystem. 30% remains within Chainlink for development. What is Chainlink Coin? Chainlink Coin; It is a platform that aims to act as a bridge between blockchain-based smart contracts and real-world applications. Because blockchains cannot access data outside the network, smart contracts require an oracle as a data provider. In the case of Chainlink, the oracles are connected to the Ethereum network. External data provided by the oracle (such as temperature, weather) triggers smart contracts when predetermined conditions occur. Participants in the Chainlink network are incentivized with rewards for accessing external data streams such as API information to smart contracts. A user requesting access to an off-chain data can send a claim contract to the Chainlink network. These contracts match the claim contract with the appropriate oracles. Contracts are a reputation contract, includes a sequence matching contract and a compilation contract. The compilation contract aims to find the most accurate result by collecting the data of the selected prophets. When Was Chainlink Coin Released? when did chainlink come out Chainlink Coin release date is 2015. Verification and customization of Chainlink contracts is provided to ensure native compatibility with Plasm and Shiden networks. Tasks continue as testing and deploying all Chainlink components to Plasm and Shiden mainnets, with ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Automated tests are provided to verify the integration of Plasm and Shiden networks with Chainlink. Improvements are targeted by creating documents showing how developers can integrate with Chainlink in Plasm and Shiden networks. Which Country Is Chainlink Coin From? The country of Chainlink Coin is California. A technology that has the potential to serve the whole world cannot be used by many sectors in the world. Thanks to Chainlink, some of the main problems faced by smart contracts can be eliminated. Ethereum adds a new value to the cryptocurrency market in 2015, offering smart contracts to users. Thanks to these contracts, Blockchain now goes more than just a place where financial transactions are recorded. Thanks to smart contracts, there are many uses for Blockchain technology. However, a smart contract can only manage data on the Blockchain it resides on. How to Get Chainlink Coins? To get Chainlink Coins, it is necessary to create an account on cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange platforms where LINK Coin is listed are as follows: Binance Huobi Global Coinbase Pro It can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges such as FTX. You can log in to any of these exchanges via the internet. When logging into the stock market, account opening and KYC approval must be performed. After KYC approval, it is necessary to access the "deposit" section from the main page and transfer money to the wallet. After performing the money transfer, the transaction page with the LINK Coin parity should be accessed. LINK Coin purchase order is given at the price deemed appropriate on the page where the purchase is made, or the purchase is made at the current price. You can store the amount of LINK Coins you receive in your virtual wallet belonging to the exchange account. For more secure storage conditions, you can choose to store LINK Coins in the hardware wallet. What Infrastructure Does Chainlink Coin Use? The Chainlink Coin infrastructure is based on the ERC20 token. Blockchains are basically designed as a closed system. Only on-chain data that already exists on the blockchain can be trusted. This ensures that decentralized consensus is maintained and cannot be manipulated. However, the use cases of blockchain are extremely limited with this premise. For example, price and interest datasets created outside of a blockchain (off-chain) and differing in value and format from different sources are inaccessible. Additionally, the diversity of data makes it difficult for blockchains to obtain reliable data without compromising consensus reliability. The Chainlink Coin advantages are as follows: Smart Contract Customization; LINK Coin allows to create completely custom smart contracts. After the LINK Coin payment, a developer or institutional investor can add details to the smart contracts that will be private between them and the line with which they will trade. This provides a great security and customization advantage in the process. Blockchain Integration; A person who wants to integrate transferring their services to Blockchain gets this space in Blockchain with payment of LINK Coin. Normally it is relieved of the burden of building a new Blockchain for company services. High Availability; LINK Coin is traded on multiple trading volume wide exchanges. In particular, it is on the list of globally accepted stock exchanges. That's why every investor who has a cryptocurrency account can reach it comfortably. LINK Coin is an ERC-20 token. There are now so many ERC-20 tokens and DeFi protocol-linked tokens that they cause congestion in the Ethereum network. Therefore, the confirmation period may take longer in the LINK Coin trading process. Like every cryptocurrency, LINK Coin is at risk of attacks that may occur on the network while in a virtual wallet. Risk is reduced when hardware is preferred to be stored in a wallet. Expensive Transfers; Since LINK Coin works over the ETH network, a high gas (duty) fee is required for transfers. Chainlink's main focus is on working with smart contracts. Chainlink provides access to any external API you want to connect to the smart contract. Thus, it is possible to make payments to any payment system or banking network through a contract. Improvements are targeted with reputation evaluation. Users can use smart contracts with a certain range of parameters, which includes an oracle reputation called a service level agreement. Oracles who violate the rules of the network and provide false data will be penalized and also demoted. If the smart contract receives a sufficient number of applications, a service contract with ChainLink begins. Working with external data is provided. When off-line oracles are selected, they make a programmatic negotiation and provide the requested data. Chainlink Coin Its official site is . By accessing more detailed information on the site, the working style of the coin can be followed closely. 전체 리뷰보기

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It is a blockchain platform designed to promote the creation and use of decentralized applications (DApps). The network aims to update the way decentralized applications work by focusing on allowing random state swapping that generates blocks in a few seconds. According to the project website, Harmony is expected to provide cross-chain infrastructure and contracts before the end of 2021. Harmony plans to go beyond the blockchain trilogy by putting the best research into production. The facts have shown that fragmentation can expand the blockchain without affecting security and decentralization. Harmony Coin uses a verifiable delay function (VDF) to achieve a neutral and unpredictable orbital membership. Harmony Coin; was founded by Stephen Tse, who is also its CEO. Stephen Tse received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in cryptographic protocols and type theory. During the completion of his PhD, Dr. Xie worked as a research intern at Microsoft. He started as a senior engineer at Google in 2006 and has worked for the company for four years. In 2011, he founded Spotsetter, a successful search engine that was later acquired by Apple. In 2014, Dr. Xie became Apple's chief engineer. Harmony was founded in 2017. Harmony founding team; It is made up of twelve people, seven of whom are former employees of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Harmony innovates in practice and proven Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) to quickly coordinate bulk transactions. Our Fast BFT (FBFT), offering low transaction fees and 1-block time accuracy on Harmony's main network. Harmony uses BonehLynnShacham (TYD) fixed-size signatures to process consensus message blocks in one round. The 2 second block time is obtained by changing the appearance of the production against unreachable opponents or leaders. The Harmony Coin launch date is 2020. Harmony's mainnet is focused on speed and verification of transactions, with the goal of revolutionizing block generation. The company has significantly reduced node verification time by introducing a fragmentation process. To ensure node protection and the security of the verification process, Harmony introduces a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for unbiased and unpredictable shard membership. This means that nodes and validators are randomly assigned and reassigned. The Harmony Financing Program for the project, this is an initiative designed to support innovation and attract developers to Harmony Coin . The country is Colombia. Harmony has designed a new Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism for network security and economics. Efficient Proof of Stake (EPoS) reduces centralization and distributes rewards fairly to thousands of validators. The equity mechanism supports delegation and aggregation of rewards. In order to support 100% uptime but fully open options, EPoS removes double signature verifiers and penalizes nodes that cannot be used even if they are selected. The Harmony economic model limits annual issuance to 441 million coins (about 3% in the long term). This model provides a simple and predictable return for validators. All transaction costs are burned to offset the issuance, and when the network usage rate is high, it will naturally lead to zero inflation. How to get Harmony Coin? To obtain Harmony Coins, you need to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Harmony Coin is listed on the exchanges as follows: Binance COM Huobi Global You can use your personal information to create an account on the platform that is suitable for you listed in the table. With KYC approval, necessary investment transactions can be initiated by placing buy and sell orders on Harmony. What infrastructure does Harmony Coin use? Harmony Coin Infrastructure Introduces a new version of the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. This method, called Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS), allows hundreds of validators to place bets at the same time. This consensus method is developed based on the concept of fragmentation used in the Harmony network. Unlike the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, EPoS aims to achieve faster transaction times and improved scalability. Although PoW requires a lot of power and computing power, the betting consensus method relies on a large number of value holders becoming validators. Harmony is also looking to increase participation incentives to attract more node operators. The Harmony Open Staking program encourages stakeholders who own the most ONE tokens to interact with the network. What are the advantages of Harmony Coin? The Harmony Coin Advantages are as follows: The Harmony Coin (UNA) Currency Advantage allows you to earn more when betting. Those who keep the ONE coin in the wallet for a period of time will receive an extra coin balance, which is rewarded by the network, except for the term coin income. ONE Coin trades on the network with a high block generation rate, providing its investors with the advantage of obtaining transaction confirmation within a few seconds. ONE Coin can be stored in offline cryptocurrency wallets. In this case, you can be better protected from all malicious attacks on the network. provides the advantages of cross-border transportation, low-cost payments and 24/7 transactions when transferring cryptocurrencies between wallets. Harmony has been building a scalable blockchain for three years. Harmony's roadmap for 2021 is to "expand cross-chain finance." On the mainnet launched in 2019, the DeFi and NFT applications can now be extended on Ethereum and other chains. The downside of ONE Coin is that it cannot provide high profit margins on short-term transactions. Based on the price bar, it will not provide the high profit margins that cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH provide in the short term. analysts believe it is more suitable for medium-term investment. Virtual cryptocurrency wallets are at risk of being attacked by cryptocurrency exchanges. It is better to store the part of the balance that has nothing to do with the floating deposit offline. Price fluctuations are the frontier of harmony. Like any cryptocurrency, it requires instant tracking in order to be traded. What is the official website address of Harmony Coin? Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Its mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction accuracy and a 100x fee. Harmony's Security Bridge provides cross-chain asset transfer with Ethereum, Binance, and other chains. Harmony is a platform for creators to connect with the community. The network is designed to update the way전체 리뷰보기

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Siacoin (SC); It is the native utility token of Sia, a blockchain-based distributed, decentralized cloud storage platform. Sia acts as a secure, reliable marketplace for cloud storage where users can rent access to unused storage. Agreements and transactions are implemented through smart contracts, and Siacoin is a medium of exchange for paying for storage on the network. The main target of the project becomes “the backbone storage layer of the internet”. What is Siacoin (SC)? Siacoin (SC); It was first conceived by David Vorick in mid-2013 while studying computer science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He discussed the idea via email with Luke Champine, a college friend who was involved in the development of the project shortly after Vorick presented the concept at a HackMIT hackathon in September 2013. Vorick and Champine are introduced through their college's entrepreneurship hub to Jim Pallotta, a billionaire investor who invested in the project and founder of the Raptor Group. Shortly before graduating from college, the two joined Nebulous Inc., which was renamed Skynet to officially handle Sia's development. company merged. Siacoin (SC) release date is 2015. According to its whitepaper, Sia's long-term goal is to compete with existing storage solutions. This view puts it in direct competition with major cloud storage providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Sia offers competitive storage rates due to its decentralized nature. Files stored on the Sia network are divided into 30 encrypted partitions, and each partition is uploaded to a unique host for redundancy. Agreements between installers and hosts are recorded on Sia's blockchain and implemented using smart contracts. Siacoin acts as a payment method on the network, with tenants paying landlords using SC and landlords locking SC as collateral in smart contracts. Skynet, the company behind Sia and Siacoin, announces several products built on top of the Sia network, including SiaStream, a cloud-based media streaming application, and the Skynet network, its flagship content delivery and file sharing network. The company receives several rounds of funding and grants, including Bain Capital Ventures, Paradigm, and INBlockchain. Additionally, every storage-related transaction on the Sia network is subject to a 3.9% fee, which is distributed to holders of the company's second cryptocurrency, Siafund. Skynet holds about 85% of all Siafund. The country of Siacoin (SC) is England. Siacoin does not have a maximum supply. As it is a utility token designed to be used to power transactions through smart contracts, the project states that there must be an unlimited supply to effectively match the unlimited amount of data that can be created and stored. The new Siacoin is promoted as mining rewards through the Sia blockchain's proof-of-work mining algorithm. The mining reward starts at 300,000 SC and decreases by 1 SC for each mined block until it reaches 30,000 SC in July 2020. The block reward now stays at 30,000 SC forever. Siacoin is removed from the ecosystem when hosts lose their tokens or their collateral is not returned due to bad actions. In the future, the development team plans to introduce a proof-of-burn mechanism that requires hosts to burn a small percentage of their revenue to prove they are genuine and bona fide. The Sia development team mined about 100 blocks (about 30 million SC) before publicly releasing the mining algorithm. The platform's team and investors are reported to own less than 0.1% of the total Siacoin supply. To get Siacoin (SC), it is necessary to create an account on cryptocurrency exchanges. Siacoin can be purchased on crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, and Upbit, among others. In the spot markets, fiat currencies such as the US dollar and South Korean won can be traded against cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), and the stablecoin Tether (USDT). What Infrastructure Does Siacoin (SC) Use? The Siacoin (SC) infrastructure is secured using a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. This means that miners compete with each other to add new blocks to the blockchain, and the majority must approve a record for it to be published. Vorick, co-founder of Sia, argued in June 2017 that proof-of-work is the best way to secure the network, as it attributes the ability of a malicious actor to attack the network to large energy requirements and hardware costs. According to Sia's development team, the fact that hosts must provide collateral to participate in the network's operations lessens any incentive for bad actors. Additionally, it draws attention to the fact that it divides the uploaded data into 30 segments and then distributes it worldwide, as an assurance that its network cannot be shut down except in a major natural disaster or geopolitical event. And as long as 10 out of 30 hosts survive an attack on their network, files can still be retrieved. Unlike traditional cloud-based service providers, Siacoin encrypts and distributes your data across the entire network. In this way, the control of your data is directly in your hands from companies or third parties. Moreover, since you have control of all private keys in your possession, any third party can access your data only with your consent. Sia platform is 90% cheaper compared to other cloud storage platforms we know. For example, 1TB data storage in Amazon S3 costs $23 per month, while it is possible to store the same size data in Sia for $1 or $2 per month. Especially when compared to the crashes and vulnerabilities of traditional cloud-based services, Sia's efficient and secure storage services allow most people to use it in decentralized data storage projects. The disadvantage of SC Coin is that it creates a feeling of uncertainty on its investors as it has very strong competitors. While a certain group fully trusts him, a certain group approaches him more distant. SC Coin exists with the Sia network in competition with brands that offer cloud storage services such as Amazon. In this context, the success of the network can affect the SC Coin price at any time and the competitors are quite strong. Virtual wallets may be at risk of network attack. For this, it is preferable to store it offline. 전체 리뷰보기

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SHIBA Coin is named after the Shiba Inu dog associated with Dogecoin. Located close to Doge with the strategies and images he uses, Shiba Coin introduces himself as Dogecoin Killer. Shiba token, which, like Dogecoin, was created with the aim of jokingly, mentions that the project description on its official website is "a self-centered community building experiment". What is SHIBA Coin? SHIBA Coin; It is a token created by a software developer named Ryoshi using the ERC-20 standard in the Ethereum base. At an event in Osaka, Japan in 2020, Ryoshi talks to a close friend about cryptocurrencies, shares his vision with him and asks his friend for help in implementing this vision. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has a total supply of 1 city. In addition, 50 percent of its total supply is gifted by Ryoshi to Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum. At the beginning of May 2021, Vitalik Buterin donates 10% of its Shiba Inu (worth $1.5 billion) to the India Covid Relief Fund. The rest is burned for use. When Did SHIBA Coin Come Out? SHIBA Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by an anonymous person known as "Ryoshi" in August 2020. The so-called "DOGE Killer" cryptocurrency was released after Dogecoin and has a market capitalization of over $6 billion as of May 2021. Its price is quite low, allowing users to "buy billions or even trillions", currently about 400 trillion Shiba Tokens are in circulation. Which Country is SHIBA Coin? SHIBA Coin's country is anonymous. The Shiba Inu token is called the basic currency, which allows investors to keep millions, billions and even trillions in their wallets. Between its international recognition and legitimate benefit, SHIB rises thousands of times and continuously expands its reach. SHIB is the first person listed and encouraged on ShibaSwap, which has its proprietary DEX. Shiba Inu was created in August 2020 by an anonymous founder known as "Ryoshi" inspired by another cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. The token price at the time was insignificant until it reached $US0.000002 on April 20. On May 9, the price rose above $0.000009 to a peak of $0.0000388 on May 10. It currently has a market capitalization of over 13 billion, according to CoinMarketCap, the 14th highest market value in the cryptocurrency market. On the day Vitalik Buterin donates more than 50 trillion Shiba Tokens to the India COVID-Crypto Relief Fund, by May 13, the price drops by 40% to $0.000018. How to Buy SHIBA Coins? To get SHIBA Coin, you need to create accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges. SHIB is best purchased and sold through ShibaSwap. But it can also be found on Uniswap and an ever-growing CEX list. It should be noted that with the exception of ShibaSwap, exchanges that support one may not support the other. SHIB is a decentralized experiment and therefore, the use of DEX is always encouraged. If you choose to use a CEX instead, it is important to do research first to make sure it is safe. Besides ShibaSwap, SHIBA Coin is also listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, FTX. What Infrastructure Does SHIBA Coin Use? The SHIBA Coin engine is the Doge impersonator of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain launched under the ERC-20 standard and is traded on the decentralized Uniswap (UNI) network. Available from decentralized exchanges such as Shiba Inu, Uniswap, which can be purchased on many cryptocurrency exchanges, or from centralized crypto exchanges such as, Poloniex and OKEx. This project calls itself the "Dogecoin killer". Whether SHIB co is reliable is a matter for investors. As with all cryptocurrencies, there are risks in SHIB co. It is not recommended for high investment as it is a joke and is in the trial phase. For buy-to-let investors, it is also not preferred as a coin that can bring profits in a short time. Therefore, it needs to be investigated very well before investing. The awards are; Although the SHIB Coin project has just made its name, it is known that it is the second token promoted in swaps in the first step and therefore will offer special rewards to liquidity providers in the future. Processing Speed; SHIB Coin offers quick order confirmations for cross-wallet transfers and trades. Accessibility; On May 10, 2021, when SHIB Coin was first listed, it entered large, global cryptocurrency exchanges, reaching high availability. It is possible to trade with it from almost any area. Low Cost; Cross-wallet cross-border transfer incurs transaction fees far below the costs incurred from Western Union transactions. What are the Disadvantages of SHIBA Coin? The competition is the most competitive. As soon as SHIB Coin enters the market, its developers point to Dogecoin and announce that they are coming for competition. The fact that Dogecoin has improved so far and is receiving institutional investor demands can pose a risk to SHIB Coin price development. SHIB Coin is at risk of attack on exchanges while stored in a virtual wallet. The risk is eliminated by choosing to store it in offline wallets. Since SHIB Coin launched on May 10, 2021, the price bar is still low. Uncertainty has an impact on cryptocurrency due to the new output. Very High Supply; This coin has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, which makes it a highly risky crypto. What are the Comments about the Future of SHIBA Coin? Judging by the comments regarding the future of SHIBA Coin, it can be observed that it remains uncertain. Analysts say the near future of SHIB Coin could see short-term gains in value. It is stated that the cryptocurrency, which has just entered the market with the date of May 10, 2021, may receive interest from investors in the first step. It is expressed by analysts that those who want to experience SHIB Coin, which is announced to offer rewards by providing liquidity, can submit their purchase requests in May. Accordingly, the price of the SHIB Coin is thought to be between $0.000050 and $0.000055 at the beginning of June. Judging by the comments of analysts about SHIB Coin, it is observed that the nickname "Dogecoin Killer" is mentioned. Analysts say SHIB Coin is targeting Dogecoin with its release and will be competing with it in the future. This nickname is coin SHIB Coin developers themselves. Analysts commented that 50% of SHIB Coin's total supply is locked on the Uniswap exchange. 전체 리뷰보기

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