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It is very easy to use, it's pretty good looking too! I dislike that there isn't more customization options available. You can customize your appearance but not much else. If you are in need of an all inclusive software system with lots of features this would be a great fit. We were able to get everything we needed out of clubway without having to purchase additional products from other companies. The benefits include ease of use, ability to track member usage/attendance, reporting capabilities, and overall customer service support. 전체 리뷰보기

arsvita cleaner cleaning effective arcd 01 로고

Arsvita Cleaner Cleaning Effective ARCD 01

It really works

Fixed my car CD player that wouldn't even start playing CDs. I wasn't sure if it would play enough to start cleaning, but within 15 seconds I had the music from the cleaning CD! The music on it wasn't bad, I was afraid to hear it on a long road while leaving the disc clean. I played it all the time and immediately dropped one of my CDs and it started playing right away! I'm glad I no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to replace my car CD player. I have a few different old CD players lying around at home that don't work that well so I'm going to try this one as it can be used up to 30 times. Deff would buy it again as it's worth it전체 리뷰보기

purina cat chow gentle adult 로고

Purina Cat Chow Gentle Adult

Please check these ingredients first and if your cat has ever had problems with loose stools or diarrhea then this food is probably not a good choice. I have a rather older husband (he is 17 now). So sensitive stomach is the absolute cause of some gastrointestinal problems (vomiting and diarrhea), the best solution I found for this was Halo sensitive stomach food. He loves the taste, and like a cancer survivor, the ingredients are fantastic (the proof is that poop is literally their catchphrase, and they're not wrong!) Halo may be significantly more expensive, but it's well worth it. Results, happy, healthy cat. I'm sure there are cheaper products out there with great ingredients but please avoid this one - it really worked on my old man and the smell of his poop made him vomit all over the food. I hope you find something that works for your cute girls or boys, personally I just don't like that variety of food. (Although her treats? I've never seen him run like he does when he hears the bag open.) Updated with better info and suggestions for other food.전체 리뷰보기

silver collar stainless kitten choker 로고

Silver Collar Stainless Kitten Choker

Good Quality

I like it, it's very durable. I bought my kitten size XS and she still has room to grow. It comes with two bells, one of which doesn't actually ring. So if you don't want to hear them and use them as a follower, you can turn them off. I decided not to use a bell and keep it simple. I will definitely buy again when he needs a larger size.전체 리뷰보기

free spirit ground fence rechargeable 로고

Free Spirit Ground Fence Rechargeable

You know I was skeptical because of the price but I have to say I'm impressed. We live on a mountainside so fencing is not an option. We tried 3 different wireless radio systems. They have all failed miserably. I wasn't sure about trying the cable because I can't dig to bury it, but we came up with the idea of carrying it from tree to tree. would be weak, but he's actually quite strong. It was more than I expected. We've dragged it over the height of the deer, moose, and bear, going from tree to tree to create a perimeter, and it works perfectly! I have a very stubborn Airedale Terrier so we had a few failed attempts. he just walks through but he gets used to it and we now have a lot fewer cases of him and/or our Pyrenees roaming around. (Second collar sold separately). It was very easy to set up. No syncing or struggling with the signal on the collars. I like it! As long as the moose doesn't crawl through and hook the wire, we're in good spirits :D전체 리뷰보기

harrison howard grooming organizer bag mars 로고

Harrison Howard Grooming Organizer Bag Mars

Bought for 8 year old to wear riding gear, perfect size. Holds all her brushes and everything she has hidden in them. So it's smaller, packs away for a good week, but has enough room for everything she needs. The helmet fits in the middle if necessary.전체 리뷰보기

pet shock mat training indicator 로고

Pet Shock Mat Training Indicator

I bought this to protect my labrador by sliding a patio door that will only open even when using its bouncing force is locked. It was certainly cheaper than replacing the entire door and works well. She avoids him where he shouldn't even be included. I was originally going to stick it on the door when she puts her paws on the door, but ended up just putting it on the floor in front of the door. What I really like is when I can move it around the house. Next stop: on top of the trash if there's anything in there. While she's usually smart enough to notice if he's around or not, it still gets her thinking. Or is it paws?전체 리뷰보기

portable poodle puppy carrier hamster 로고

Portable Poodle Puppy Carrier Hamster

I love this carrier! I bought two for my second grade hedgehogs. This is ideal for a quick round trip from home to school every weekend. You just press down and we're good to go! I wouldn't recommend it for chewing pets like guinea pigs, they can easily chew through foam and fabric.전체 리뷰보기

datoo aquarium thermometer generation warranty 로고

DaToo Aquarium Thermometer Generation Warranty

I love these thermometers. I've never had one that didn't work. I can see the temperature as I walk past the tanks instead of stopping and looking at other digital thermometers. It is important that the battery is installed correctly. If the thermometer doesn't work, simply loosen the cap, insert the battery and tighten the cap again. The actual screen part of the device is 1 inch wide and 0.5 inch wide which makes the display quite large compared to others. Now I have 13 tanks and I bought enough to equip them all. Can't comment on durability but to be honest I don't expect an electric underwater device to last more than a year. Try them and you will be amazed.전체 리뷰보기

instant ocean bio spira treatment aquariums 로고

Instant Ocean BIO Spira Treatment Aquariums

I've always been told not to rush aquarium cycles. That an aquarium without a 1-2 month cycle is by no means ready or safe for expensive fish. And for many years I followed that advice until I built my last tank. On the recommendation of a trusted fridge, I bought a few bottles of this stuff and a plate of Marinepure to colonize the bacteria. I poured into both bottles and began dosing ammonia. The first 3 days were as expected. Very high ammonia content. Then on day 4 I checked and got 0 readings! Tested 5-6 more times and then used a different brand kit and still got zero value. However, nitrites were off the charts. The levels were actually higher than my set could test. I gave it a few more days and in fact the nitrites were also at zero. I re-dosed the ammonia and this time the tank was able to process the ammonia in 2 days (3 for nitrite). The ammonia was re-dosed and the tank was able to process it in 1 day. At this point I was sure the aquarium could use some fish, so I took 4 purple lionfish. 2 months have passed and all four are alive and well. In general, the cycle lasted only 2 weeks. From now on I plan to use Bio Spira in EVERY new aquarium build.전체 리뷰보기

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