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aquarium fish,aquarium hatching incubator isolation hatchery、fish 로고

Aquarium Fish,Aquarium Hatching Incubator Isolation Hatchery、Fish

The materials and process used in this product show how cheap they were. I had to fix the imperfections manually to put everything together. I also had to disassemble it once as I forgot to line up the notches on the suction cups in the absence of an instruction manual. Mesh is the ONLY fit, a half inch slack would be nice. The people at the factory made sure to cut costs and cut corners everywhere. I haven't attached this to a tank, not sure if the suction cups will hold up, will update.전체 리뷰보기 로고

The support from stream data is amazing, they are always quick to respond with questions or help as needed! I have never had problems using this service so far - everything has worked great for me since we started working together more than 2 years ago now!! Highly recommended product/company overall. We use it mainly in our business partner relationships (which means connecting partners) but also internally at work when building dashboards etc., which gives us access via web browser directly connected without having additional software installed on their computer system.전체 리뷰보기

xingwang lampshade spectrum sunbathe amphibians 로고

XingWang Lampshade Spectrum Sunbathe Amphibians

Not as described

Do yourself a favor and get some UV test cards. This light is incorrectly advertised as UVA/UVB and both are very inaccurate. This is nothing more than a lamp in a fancy holder. The UV test chart did not warn of UV at all, as soon as I went outside the chart immediately showed that the sun was a UV source as usual. THIS IS NOT UV LIGHT. In every function. Don't buy this for your reptiles. And if you can get the right lightbulb, there isn't.전체 리뷰보기

beluckin hollow bracelet footprint jewelry 로고

BELUCKIN Hollow Bracelet Footprint Jewelry


Poor quality. I thought it was real silver. It is obvious that this is not the case. Very poorly made and not as big as advertised. waste of money! Very disappointed전체 리뷰보기

zoo med laboratories azmmam 12 inch 로고

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMMAM 12 Inch

I ordered a medium size and I can't believe the size and quality of this product for such a low price. In the pet store, the price is 2-3 times higher. It's so flat, so it came in a cotton envelope, a small piece broke off in transit, it's ok. I was concerned it would be 6 inches flat or boring as there is no media size listed. It's 12 inches tall and maybe 7-8 inches at its widest point. It has a great curved irregular shape - perfect for the java ferns and anubias plants I want to attach. It's just boiling and as expected the water is a deep opaque brown. I'm thrilled I got such a good thing for $11.50, not sure how often it happens, but as other reviewers say, so cheap so try your luck. Update: Added some pics of my tank with this thing. It looks fantastic IMO. I attached Anubias, Bucephalandra and Java moss with small rubber bands and sewing thread. I cut off most of their roots to encourage new growth to attach to the tree. My young fighting bettas love to rest and play in the crevices and indentations in the wood. Can't wait to see Anubias nana petit roam the forest - I hope so. If successful, another update will be added. Cooking firewood was quite a challenge. I cooked about 4 times for 2 hours for 3 days and soaked the wood in a pot of clean water overnight. I have a feeling that the hot water gets darker no matter how many times you boil, so I decided to just try it in the aquarium after the third day when I soaked it in cold water overnight and it didn't get dark. It's been 2 days and the water hasn't changed color so we're fine.전체 리뷰보기

topstronggear gauge black ground wire true accessories & supplies 로고

TOPSTRONGGEAR Gauge Black Ground Wire True Accessories & Supplies

It conducts electricity end to end, is flexible to make installation easy and has cured my fear of dangerous pasta. Two of these statements are true.전체 리뷰보기

beautyzoo anti slip protectors adjustable protection 로고

BEAUTYZOO Anti Slip Protectors Adjustable Protection

They are so cute and seem easy to put on and should stay in place. I ordered a medium and they are a bit big but with velcro and elasticated tops they are ok. I think the little one would be too tight, I ordered a second set so she has 3 pairs.전체 리뷰보기

kathson hamster rainbow djungarian hamster 로고

Kathson Hamster Rainbow Djungarian Hamster

They are too narrow for a hedgehog, although the sales page states it as the animal they can be used on. Also, it's just stained raw wood so you have to be careful what cleaning solution you use or the color will rub off and being wood I wouldn't leave it in the bedding area because the urine will soil my feet. It took a few minutes to put together and is supported by nothing other than the bridge rungs, where little pieces stick out and you tuck them into the whole in the bridge walls. Very unimpressed and a waste of money for my hedgehog.전체 리뷰보기

lovehandle grip smartphone mini tablet 로고

LoveHandle Grip Smartphone Mini Tablet

I really like this phone holder, but the elastic is VERY tight. I like it more than being too loose but I was hoping it would stretch a bit over time but it didn't. I have my phone in my hand most of the day and have to constantly switch it from my left hand to my right hand or to one or two fingers and the other position because it gets painful. I don't think someone with big hands can fit them under this rubber band. On the positive side, my phone is very secure in my hand and I can carry it without even covering it with my thumb. See Appendix. Photo where I have four fingers under the large size XL and holding the small size in my fingers still attached to the card it came with. I only hold the phone with all four fingers when I take it outside. Most of the time I only use one or two fingers, otherwise it's too tight and painful. I really like that it's so flat you can easily put it in the back pocket of your jeans. I bought three other types before buying this one and they all either wobbled when I put the phone on my back, the rings were too tight or very loose and/or they got stuck in my pocket or purse. This is a very secure phone grip and my phone sits almost flat on the back. I only gave this 4 stars because of the discomfort of the extremely tight elastic band, but I still like it more than ANY other mount or holder I've had because my very expensive phone feels absolutely secure in my hand. Although I haven't had it that long, it seems very strong and durable. It is very well made and the adhesive strength is excellent. Beware they look a lot bigger in the pictures than they really are so I ordered a double pack to be on the safe side and am so glad I did. It had a small and a large which they called XL. I have very small hands but I feel like I can't use small ones at all as it feels too small to hold my heavy iPhone 11 Pro Max except with two fingers where it's not as secure. like the bigger one I have on it now. A very important tip, hold your XL phone diagonally instead of up and down and it will feel much more comfortable in your hand. I read a review where someone else said and they were definitely right. I'm so thankful for these reviews so I'm trying to provide all the information I can to help someone else. still very stable.전체 리뷰보기

dr mercola herbal repellent kittens 로고

Dr Mercola Herbal Repellent Kittens


Since my neighbor doesn't bother getting rid of standing water in wheel barrels and old tires in the backyard, any pest sprays that money can buy won't get rid of mosquitoes in our house. yard coming from his yard. So I wanted to try a non-toxic mosquito collar for my cat that mosquitoes find very desirable. As you can see from her nose, and you probably can't see, her ears are badly bitten too. Believe it or not, it was even worse before I tried the collar on. And this cat was raised on a ranch, so keeping her indoors is as easy as herding cats. In her opinion, not allowing her to sleep in the yard at night while mosquitoes feast on her is very sad. Fortunately, the cold nights are finally coming, when mosquitoes become lethargic around 60°F and nonexistent below 50°F. I can't recommend this caller because she really only smells like eucalyptus oil. Too bad because I really wanted a non-chemical alternative. Instead, my cat is in a cat jail and I have to clean out a cat box that we have never used in the past. Note to all: When your little daughter says that if you give her one, she will babysit a kitten. She is lying. Not only will she not care, she will grow up and go to college, leaving you with a giant cat. Luckily I love the damn thing. Not sure why. They're basically furry bums with a bad attitude who don't respect your privacy in the bathroom and think 3am is the right time for all humans to wake up.전체 리뷰보기

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