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robee finance is high tech blockchain based investment which utilizes AI and full known and transparent statistics to advance people knowledge and help them good investment choices this also involves both traditional and crypto markets. Roobee finance was originated by Artem Popov in 2017. a well known investor labelled by Bloomerberg invested $4.5M into roobee. Roobee has been well known for its capacity to enable user's make investment with as less as $10 to enable them gain more access and enjoy the benefits of roobee finance, by investing in crypto, stocks, real estate and many more. Roobee finance also helps users with less transaction fee when undergoing any transaction on their platform. these include the transfer of their cryptocurrencies and NFT from one blockchain to another with less transaction fees. Roobee finance also helps their uses safe transactions on the blockchain to enable them no each transaction made by each user. they also have their own token which is called the fuel of the project, which can be staked or farmed in the platform to generate more passive income for the investors. The Roobee finance has also help users in their token during air drops and other competition available on the platform. the social media the platform is also popular and being followed by many people around the world, making the project an outstanding and trusted project project. The token is available in different network like ERC-20 BSC and polygon, other network will be released soon. The token is available on bot CEX and DEX and also available on wallet's like trust wallet, safepal and others. in summery the Roobee finance consist of farming, staking, DAO, bridges, liquidity and savings전체 리뷰보기

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Bityard exchange was created in Singapore, it has been recognize as one of the sufficient and reliable exchange in the world today. this exchange also has its unique token called the bityard token, which has had a good number of holders and also good trading value and price. bityard exchange has take over the world. this exchange has supported more 1 million tokens in it's exchange providing the best solution for transactions, making it easier, faster and very cheap. bityard exchange has successfully made many achievement and has also put a smile on their user's. bityard now has rewards for the bityard holders, hold a minimum of bityard token and make millions without doing nothing. I have enjoyed this offer from bityard. bityard has also advance the robot system, to help you trade and gives you the best offer without too much fees to pay on the bot. bityard has also make a way to help, small growing trader's by giving them USDT loans to trade and make profit, then return the USDT back to them without any interest rate. many of us has enjoyed so many give away from bityard. I want to also discuss the AMA awards from the telegram group chat. just answer some few questions on the AMA section and also ask questions to get yourself a good price for the project that host the AMA. You can now withdraw your Rev tokens from revain directly to your bityard exchange without the stress of withdrawing to your trust wallet, then burn some TRX before sending to the exchange. This has made withdrawals look very easier, thanks to kucoin. talking about security, this exchange has also improved their security system, making it difficult for hackers to bridge into your account. bityard has been recorded as one of the most used exchange in 2021, and it going to do grow next year, with the support of Many crypto investors, making their tokens well known on bityard exchange and also listing their coins on bityard, I believe the exchange will become one of the best exchanges in the world. Do you know that you can make good income on bityard, what are you waiting for open an account today it's free. you can buy new listings on bityard and make good profit from the pump. trade your assets with safety and also get the best experience of security, support, transactions and many more, you can make your complains on the bityard exchange telegram group. come join the bityard exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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The Ton network which is known as a decentralized blockchain ecosystem didn't started very well as it has issues with the united states security and Exchange commission. The telegram open network didn't operate for long and all the people who had put their nest in the project was not happy about the situation which lead to the closure of the project. But recently a great Group of people who had interest I. the development of this blockchain came together and revived the platform and made it a very nice ecosystem for many investors. the platform is now said to have over 30,000 people involved in this community, this number is massive within a small time frame. the open source code gave it a chance to be revived again. The Ton network was reopen on may 7, 2020. this has led to the massive improvement of this network which has led to the creation of the ton OS on GitHub, which is known to be the main component. the community also has a crystal cryptocurrency which has been distributed to many investors but this tokens I've been sent out to the developers first for proper monitoring before sending out today uses. the Ton network provide a user-friendly ecosystem that has made the blockchain very firm and also help many users to be safe from any hackers. that is to say this block chain has a very good security system that guarantee your safety of funds. the block chain of this project is very very different from any other blockchains because it offers many attributes and many advantages to the users who have decided to participate or putting their achievements on this network. although many people don't know much about this blockchain because it seems not to be open to the world but it has grown very very large to the crypto space. the telegram community is working perfectly fine with guarantees you to get access today admin which they can answer any question. that you bring to the platform. telegram community has been growing very fast with many members in the community. The free Ton network gives you a fast way of completing transactions. the timeframe in which this transaction can be completed is 0.02 seconds and which more than 10,000 transaction can be completed within the seconds. the transaction fees of this network is also cheap and affordable to many investors, the transaction fees is known to be 0.007 per-cent of whatever you investing. these attributes has drawn many investors to the platform and has also generate more revenue to this network. the Ton network is said not to have implemented any ICO of any kind. this reasons is best known to the developers. the pos system has also helped these network to achieve the success and also become one of the best blockchain in the crypto space today. this network those not have an ideal owner, but has a good ecosystem for people to achieve success using the Ton network. I believe in this network, it's already getting more popular to many investors and in few years time it's going to be the number one and most use blockchain in the crypto world. Telegram open network (TON), has achieved success despite the hard time it had when it was striving to become a good blockchain. although this has made many people afraid of this ecosystem because they don't want what happened in previous time to happen again. but based on my understanding and my research about this project I've come to realise that the developers have done the best any developer would have done to it's project. it is safe, best transactions, and good security. 전체 리뷰보기

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cardano is a fork of Ethereum. it was founded in 2015 by charles hoskinson cardano is a Open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that also uses Proof of stake. it also support P2P transactions making transactions easy for people to get there money fast to there various account. Cardano can also be known as ADA. cardano has been known to have a very secure environment where you can stake your coin and also get little returns base on the amount of cardano you stake. cardano is said to be built on five stages, foundation, decentralization, smart contract, scaling and governance. this phases has been keeping the cryptocurrency going and the rapid development has made many people invest in this project. for me I will say this is the most valuable cryptocurrency. because it has a lot of ambition to offer to people. I have made cardano to be the next Ethereum because it has been a comfortable ecosystem but this time with less transaction fees. not expensive. The cardano coin has been rising and falling in the last 24 hours with a price of $1.4. The price looks sluggish but with time I believe the pump is going to be massive for cardano. cardano hides your identity and make it difficult for your transaction to be traced. ADA was named was named after a great mathematician called Ada lovelace. that is how the nickname of cardano came about. cardano is a nice network, I have a my minimum of investment in cardano, this is one of the best investment so far. I will advise you buy some of there token. the price will be mind blowing before you know it.전체 리뷰보기

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As we all know the Ethereum is a decentralized Open source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ethereum (ETH) is one of the biggest and fastest growing cryto currency after bitcoin. it has been known to have the biggest market capitalisation and has helped many of the currency investors achieve many goals on their blockchain. Ethereum was lunched in July 2015 by se community that know much about the blockchain technology, vitalik Buterin is known as the CEO of Ethereum. Ethereum was developed for investors to participate in smart contract and also have a better environment in the ethereum network. you can use ETH as a form of payment, many online site agree with the ethereum blockchain. the price of ethereum has been growing drastically making enough profit for many people. this network allows you to stake there cryptocurrencies and also develope your own cryto site on there network. Ethereum has a limited supply which has made it one of the popular and outstanding cryptocurrencies in the world. you can hold this cryptocurrency in your wallet, there is also an Ethereum wallet in which you can hold this cryptocurrency there for a Long time. Ethereum has been known to be one of the secure means of investment, it is very hard for harckers to get hack into the system of ethereum. Although ethereum was first hacked in 2016, 50 million dollars was stolen from the ethereum network. them the ethereum 2.0 emerged making the network more different and secure. it provides many opportunities for people like programers to create games and market them with ease without any form of delay in the network. Ethereum is now known as the second biggest growing cryto currency in the world. it stores information and record many transactions within seconds. the fees of ETH is one of the frustrating things as an Investor I wouldn't advise you to use Ethereum as a medium of payment, the fees are very high. Many investors has complained about the changes but nothing seams to be done I will advise you use other cryptocurrencies like tron for your transaction fees. Ethereum is still growing and with no time it will become number one leading cryptocurrencies in the world. I am a holder of this currency and it's a big advantage to me because I have made more from this project. it's not hard for you to also partake in the development of Ethereum. 전체 리뷰보기

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cryptopia is an exchange created in new zealand. this Exchange has offered it best in the cryto world and has partake in developing the blockchain technology, this Exchange has been having security issues and this has been the disadvantage of this Exchange. This exchange has been suffering security issues on till when it was attacked by harckers, then many people left the Exchange. cryptopia didn't last as a good trading platform. although it has achieved Many goals, it has supported many cryptocurrencies and many people has benefit from this Exchange. but for now I don't think there is any good news about this Exchange. I made a research about this Exchange,I have noticed the good side of it, but I don't think it is nice using this Exchange. participating in any activities related to this Exchange is very risky. Its not nice to trade here.전체 리뷰보기

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AscendEX ( Bitmax )

Ascendex exchange, am currently one of the users using the exchange. this is one of the best platform I rely on. it gives me a good way of Accessing my Farm and gives me a good security, that I think is safe because nobody can access my account apart from me. it has a nice design and it can be downloaded on your mobile device for easy Accessibility. Ascendex provides you with a good way of staking your assets and Also provides a yield farming section that will allow you earn everyday. this Exchange provides live trading Price and also give you a way of predicting price in the platform. this exchange has been a Development and has good way of avoiding losses. Ascendex is gradually becoming a large development and has a way of developing the blockchain technology system. it has a huge support and has equally increase the profit of many investors. I see this Exchange growing big and it also has a big rating. the community is also increasing without a fall. become a user of this Exchange and enjoy the benefits of Ascendex.전체 리뷰보기

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Exodus wallet, is was created in 2015, A very nice wallet with a good way of completing transaction. Exodus wallet is still existing among most used exchanges in the world today. exodus wallet has been known to hold at least more than 100 cryptocurrencies and also provide a good user interface to enhance the standard of the exodus wallet. exodus wallet is not too used among most User's in the world today. most wallet has overshadowed it with there good qualities, like the binance exchange which was created in 2017, After exodus wallet. most User's are not longer using the Exchange, but that doesn't classify it to be a bad investment platform. The exodus wallet, has also defined itself to be a good wallet, they also have good trading fees and liquidity, this has made many users enjoy many benefits on the Exodus wallet. I agree with the development of the exodus wallet.전체 리뷰보기

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binance know as the world mosta biggest exchaknownnge was created in 2017, this exchange is known to handle more than 740 cryptocurrencies in the world And the exchange is located in cayman islands, binance has the biggest trading volume which has classified it as the most valuable Exchange in the world today, the binance Exchange was created by changpemg zhao. binance is also known to have a good software that provides there user's with a good experience in trading there desired currency. binance has kept a standard and has created more revenue from the developers and the people trading in the platform. binance was also designed to improve the blockchain technology and so increase the minds of people trading cryptocurrencies. binance has a lot of advantages. you can use the application on your mobile device, on either your IOS or android phone. you can also make use of it on your laptop for comfortable trading. binance has a good social network platform that every user can join and ask your admin question about any transaction that went wrong. the community of binance is increasing every year because of their good environment of trading. binance is open for any kind of investor to trade on the platform. it gives the users good transaction fees I also have a Fiat way of trading there cryptocurrency. you can also sell your cryptocurrency using P2P. binance has been successful ever since it was created it has been the best trading platform for everybody in the world I will advise you to make this as your number one exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Gemini Exchange, is a US based exchange, that has been rated as a future generational exchange. this Exchange has made a huge contribution on the cryto environment, providing security and good exchange medium between their user's. this Exchange has a huge community that many people are participating in each of there task, this platform has been a help to many investors. Gemini Exchange offers the best transaction fees you can ever think of. it provides an ecosystem for everyone in the world you can simply register anywhere you are. this Exchange can be used online Using your desktop, you can also download there application on your mobile device. mething the customers demand is the motive of this Exchange, there website is working and available for any questions Incase you have one. although this Exchange is not to known but this platform can offer you what you want in other exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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