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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

I really have a good time trading on BHEX.

As much as I have traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges, I must confess that BlueHelix Exchange, BHEX, is one of the best crypto Exchange I have ever traded on. By my knowledge, BHEX was once known as HBTC and it has been a cryptocurrency Exchange which is very good and secure to trade in cryptocurrencies. So far so good, I have never encountered any problem using this Exchange. It is very accessible and also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, with its cute and attractive user interface, it displays many cryptocurrency paired mainly USDT, BTC, ETH and HUSD. I have never been left behind as I always get active updates from its many social media sites on recent activities going on within its ecosystem and with its very good support, I always contacted them in any problem I encountered and I have never made any regrettable mistakes. Moreover, on the trading aspects, I have explored the spot and margin trade which is similar to other Exchanges and for me, it has been easy-to-use. It also has the Perpetual and Futures contract of which I have not tried out but as for the spot and margin trade, I have really made incredible profits by trading there. There are also staking activities but due to the insufficiency of funds that I faced, I have not tried it yet so as a result of this, I take part in the airdrop activities on BHEX and I have gotten a lot from it. However, withdrawals on BHEX have been temporarily suspended and I have not been able to withdraw some of my funds I wish to but I'm still patiently waiting for it. Lastly, BHEX supports some Fiat currencies like USD, CNY, JPY, KRW and RUB. BHEX has been favorable to me and I strongly recommend it but I advise you that you should try and get some information about this exchange for you to know if it will suit you.전체 리뷰보기

ignis 로고


From my experience so far, I must say that projects that comes up like Ignis are rare that is to say that Ignis is a very unique project. Also, just as I got to know, I will love to let you know that Ignis does not exist as a Blockchain technology on its own but functions hand in hand with the Ardor technology. Since I was only interested in trading and making profits, I only focused on its own native cryptocurrency token IGNIS. Actually I have not traded on this token, IGNIS, recently but from my last experience with trading it, it is a very nice one and I can tell that I really made a lot of profits from trading it. Moreover, in case you find interest in this token, IGNIS, you should try signing up for an account with TOKOK, HitBTC, Probit Global, Bittrex, Indoda, Stex or Bilary because these are the exchanges I can assure you that you would be able to trade IGNIS on but as preferred by me, personally, I traded IGNIS on HitBTC but you can try out other listed exchanges that supports IGNIS. Further more, just as I mentioned earlier, Ignis does not exist separately but functions with Ardor technology as a child chain and Ardor as that parent chain and they function this way to ensure maximum efficiency is reached, but since I was only interested in trading its cryptocurrency token, IGNIS, I paid only a very small attention to how it functions. Also, I got to discover that Ignis functions with Ardor using the proof of stake algorithm which I think is more preferred. Another interesting part of Ignis is that, it is very active on social media and gives active updates to its users and also has a very responsive support. Personally, I do get updates from Twitter, telegram, Reddit and even on discord, and from what I know, I think there is also a relationship between Ignis and Nxt but I have not been cleared on that fully yet. In conclusion, you just have to put in mind that Ignis functions side by side with Ardor which is the main Blockchain platform, however, I can't fully assure you that you going into Ignis will be a success but try and make your own research on this project, Ignis.전체 리뷰보기

nxt 로고


With very much acknowledgement, this project, Nxt, which is my head word today or may I say my topic today is a Blockchain based technology which has been servicing much better for the past eight years now, as of the date I wrote my review on it. I knew this Blockchain as a reputable technology which has been existing since 2013, that is, it was launched on the 24th of match 2013 and have been doing great. First of all, you should know that Nxt is an open source project and the most interesting part of it is that it can be globally used because it is globally recognized as a reliable source that offers efficient Blockchain services. Nxt claims to be a pure Blockchain which makes use of the proof of stake consensus mechanism, POS, unlike Bitcoin which uses proof of work, POW. In order not to exhaust your time, I'll like to make it simple. Although I don't make use of any of it's Blockchain services except for it's other enjoyable services like it's exchanges and it's own native cryptocurrency token, NXT. Just as I got to know, Nxt has many exchanges that operates under it and some of these exchanges are familiar to me, some of them like the Bittrex, p2pb2b and Stex, and from my experience with them, I can tell that Nxt is a very efficient Blockchain. Moreover, just as I mentioned earlier, Nxt has its own native cryptocurrency token, NXT, and has truly proven to have a stable issuance. I currently trade this coin, NXT and I can tell you that it is profitable even for day to day traders. NXT can be traded on Stex, TOKOK, HitBTC and Graviex with a nice liquidity and as preferred by me, I trade NXT on HitBTC. Lastly, NXT has its designed wallet where anyone can store cryptocurrencies and mobile compatible, however, I have not tried it out yet. Also it has its own decentralized exchange which enables peer to peer fiat trade of which I have not tried out also. To conclude it all, I strongly believe in the future of this project, Nxt, and as a result, I strongly recommend it.전체 리뷰보기

sbit500 로고


Trading cryptocurrencies have really been a risky business to me but by adapting to how things works I have been able to navigate my way through some kind of tough times. Also trading on different cryptocurrency Exchanges has really given me ideas and enabled me to overcome some kind of challenges and of all the Exchanges that I have ever come across, this Exchange which is my head word on this review, SBIT500, is one of the Exchanges I would love to trade on because of the opportunities I think I have found there which are investment based if not for some reasons I would love to discuss with you on this review. Although I have not been able to trade here, reasons best known by me but I discovered this exchange, SBIT500 to be a very good Exchange for investment purposes. On its platform, there are various investment opportunities which I know would yield high outcomes for users. It is a very secure Exchange and also enables the use of the Google authenticator, we all know as 2FA, Two Factor Authentication, and this completely minimizes the risks of Intruders attacks on ones stored assets. It is simple because from what I've seen, even a newbie would navigate his way through, in other words, it is easy to use. However, from the informations I gathered, SBIT500 seems not to have any users or not very used because I visited its Twitter account and found out that it only has a follower which is another Exchange and not even an individual, also from its telegram group, it has only 49 subscribers and this are the reasons why I refused to signup for an account with SBIT500. Finally, I don't know what SBIT500 is really up to but I just can't trade here for the main time.전체 리뷰보기

bitmart 로고


Counting through the years I've spent on trading digital currencies we all know as cryptocurrencies, from my experience on trading with many cryptocurrency trading platforms, I term this Exchange, Bitmart as one of my greatest adventures. This Exchange, Bitmart, is one Exchange I know for sure that anyone would love to trade on because it has been serving very okay from the time I started using it till date. Honestly, I can assure you that Bitmart is a very secure Exchange to trade on as long as you really know what you are doing and as long as you keep your informations secure. Through out my trading here, I have never experienced any breach in my wallet, I mean, I have not lost any funds at all due to Intruders attacks and the is only because Bitmart is a very secure Exchange to trade on. Apart from being very secure, I know Bitmart to be a very simple Exchange to trade on, even for newbies. It has a moderately simplified version of itself and easily accessible through a web browser and also on its well designed mobile app. Moreover, I always get active updates on Twitter on recent activities going on within its ecosystem and also available on very many social media sites and having a good number of followers. There are many earning activities you can participate on in Bitmart and finally, I strongly recommend that everyone should try it out.전체 리뷰보기

boat owners world 로고

Boat Owners World

Boat Owners World is one company I personally term as a true marine world because it focuses mainly on boats and boat spare parts. From my observations from the categories of goods available on its website, Boat Owners World is an aviation and marine company. However, I also noticed that its website is not very organized, its arrangements seems to be a bit scattered to me but I don't know if you feel the same because that's my own thoughts of it. Moreover, I also found very many kinds and categories of boats and conoes. Although I have not been able to get anything from this site before which is because I am not very familiar with the sea or even on how to drive a boat but my family is planning to buy a boat from its site on our next vacation to Canada. Also, making payments here is not going to be difficult because it supports many payment methods which is mainly with a credit or debit card of Master card and Visa and also payments through PayPal. In conclusion, I strongly support that you all should try it out if you are a kind of person interested in marine.전체 리뷰보기

wolf & badger 로고

Wolf & Badger

Wolf and badger based on what I know about it, it is an online fashion and other accessories site where one can easily purchase clothing materials which are in very many categories and kinds for both males and females without stress but I do not think there is any available for kids because the clothes I found available here are mainly for adults. It is an online shopping site which is privately owned with headquarters in London, United Kingdom and has been existing since 2010. They offer sales as retailers and from what I have seen with my own eyes, their clothes are of a very high quality. Apart from clothings, I found many materials in categories of homewares, cosmetics products and many other awesome things. However, I do experience some kind of traffic while trying to reach its website, I even found an error page at times which implies that it's website is not well designed or maybe the website developers have not been working on correcting these problems. Although I have not been able to get anything for myself from this site but I'm really planning on buying a shirt and shorts I found very attractive.전체 리뷰보기

matches fashion 로고

Matches Fashion

At first, hearing the name of this web store sounded very funny to me because the name sounds very odd to my hearing but even at that, it is a very nice web store to purchase clothes and fashion designed clothes and accessories. Actually, the company I am taking about is the Matches Fashion. From the information I got about this company, it is a latest luxury shopping site and it really offers awesome services globally. The most interesting part of it to me is that it is offers shipping to Nigeria but does not acceptable payment in naira. Moreover, when I visited its website, it looked quite attractive and has a very wide range of clothes for both male and female but not for children but for adults. In the aspect of accessories, there are very many types and even from different brands as I found it to be. It has even has many popular brands products like the Gucci and also Fendi which are my mostly cheerished brands. I would really love to shop her some days if I get the opportunity to. Lastly, I would urge you to check it out yourselves to and see what I am really talking about.전체 리뷰보기

faballey 로고


Although I was not able to make any business with this retail clothing store because of many labels I got from its previous patronizing customers and I don't want to teach myself a lesson I will not forget or may I say a lesson I will regret of. Moreover, I actually got to know about this company from this Revain site as it is now a very trustworthy platform and I decided to try it out but unfortunately or may I say lucky for, I found many complains from its previous patronizers which really made me have a change of plans. This company, FabAlley, which is the subject matter of this review has too much bad labels just as I earlier mentioned. Although when I visited its website, it was very nice and okay to me because it was very well designed and it claimed to offer a lot of guarantees but after making my detailed research about its services, I got frightened which led to myself been discouraged. Many people complained that it has a very poor customer care service, more said that the FabAlley site is a fraudulent site so I don't really know what to say but I learn from people's mistakes so as not to make the same mistakes, finally, I will advise you to stay away from this site but if you insist, you can still try it out but it is very risky to do.전체 리뷰보기

globus 로고


This company, Globus, is one of the biggest retail clothing store that offers online shopping services I have ever come across. From my observations on its activities and developments so far, I must confess that Globus is vastly expanding as it serves in many places around the globe with headquarters in Mumbai and also in India. Just as it is provided, Globus is a privately owned company found in 1998 and is doing really fine. With much excellent ratings by its customers and after all I have heard and seen about this company, I decided to give it a try. I visited its website which I think is currently available because it's been a while since I last visited its website but I am pretty sure that it is currently available, as of the last time I visited, its website is easily reachable but not very attractive as I think it is supposed to be. It offers discounts on clothes purchased which are above 1000 INR. On the Globus store, there are many categories of clothings as well as accessories which are available for both male and female and from my experience of the ones I have bought once, the clothes are very okay and comfortable on. Finally, I really love shopping from the Globus site because it has quality materials.전체 리뷰보기

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