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lynkaye clapboard irectors clapper decorations camera & photo 로고

Lynkaye Clapboard Irectors Clapper Decorations Camera & Photo

The description says it's a must have for filmmakers and bloggers. However, the description says it is made of fiberboard. This is NOT a dry erase surface. We corrected this by putting contact paper on it. First we tested contact paper to make sure dry erase markers could be used on it. It would be nice if the company put paper in the package to remind me that this is not a dry erase board because I was planning to buy a dry erase board and thought I ordered it. You might think I know it from the texture, but I got excited and wrote on it before realizing my mistake.전체 리뷰보기

training include adjustable lighting behavioral 로고

Training Include Adjustable Lighting Behavioral

I needed a high frequency dog whistle. This product is marked as such, but it is just a normal whistle. I didn't attach much importance to the dog food bell. Pieces that fall into the bowl work better. I like the treat clicker and squeaky ball.전체 리뷰보기

logitech 960 000841 b525 hd webcam 로고

Logitech 960 000841 B525 HD Webcam

I bought this camera specifically for recording videos at work. When I started recording I got high pitched beeps in the mix. It's distracting and ruins every video I record. I've been trying to fix this problem for a week. Tried audio and video settings. I was able to reduce the feedback/noise problem somewhat, but not completely eliminate it. This seems to be a known issue that Logitech is not addressing. When I tried to contact support, I received error messages and "cannot access" screens even though I had created an account as requested. I also got error messages when trying to create a ticket. I don't have this problem when I'm only recording audio and I don't have this problem when using my iPhone. I ended up recording a video on my phone but I was very upset that I had spent money on a camera and that Logitech refused to endorse their product.전체 리뷰보기

spectrum aquarium adjustable brightness extendable 로고

Spectrum Aquarium Adjustable Brightness Extendable

Aquarium led light

aquarium led light it's very bright I love this led light it has a timer function it's very easy to hang it on the aquarium as if natural Daylight in the aquarium would be , and it absolutely makes the tank sparkling and beautiful전체 리뷰보기

keersi parakeet cockatiel cockatoo lovebird birds 로고

Keersi Parakeet Cockatiel Cockatoo Lovebird Birds

Size does not fit

My African Gray is not suitable for medium sized birds. Besides, she hated it. She attacked immediately. On the other hand, my dog liked it and ate it before I could send it back. I bought a triangular gray bed with paint stains, a yellow door and a closed headboard. I bought a big bird. Macaw doesn't fit in it, but Sussie thinks it's very roomy and loves it. I don't remember the brand, but Revain has it.전체 리뷰보기

zupreem 230353 natural medium bird 로고

ZUPREEM 230353 Natural Medium Bird

My birds seem to love this food and they PIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKYYYYY. I just wish I had both a fruit flavor and a veggie flavor and most birds like both. I bought the fruit variety from local stores but can't find it anymore (even in the metro area). I'm hoping Revain gets a fruity flavor so I can mix it up a bit for my feathered friends.전체 리뷰보기

holistic select natural food 24 pound dogs 로고

Holistic Select Natural Food 24 Pound Dogs

loose stool

I wanted to love this brand. my chocolate Lab eats anything, loves food, but his stool size has tripled and he walks three times as much as before. Let's not mention he never had bloat before he switched to Holistic Select. We finish the last bag and return to Victor.전체 리뷰보기

game case nintendo 3ds cartridges holds 로고

Game Case Nintendo 3DS Cartridges Holds

Most 3DS or Switch game cases Games are small plastic -Clamshells with hard plastic "sides" into which toy carts are inserted. What at first glance looks like a handy and secure organization system quickly becomes a nuisance when trying to swap games and struggling with the case to get the games out and back in. and slightly thicker than a DVD case, it holds up to 40 Nintendo DS and 3DS games (20 on each side) in rows of slots cut from soft foam. It's snug enough to securely hold all your games, but there's a notch on the side of each slot that makes it easy to slip your finger under each slot and take it out when you want to play a game with ease. The outer shell is made of durable plastic (think a full-size DVD case, but a little thicker), and there's no better way to keep a large collection safe and secure, while still being able to switch games at a whim. This is a great way to show off everything you have and keep track of any playing cards that are otherwise easy to lose. I am very satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been following the DS and 3DS handheld market for many years and has accumulated a large collection of playing cards.전체 리뷰보기

pisces gunsmoke aquarium gravel medium 로고

Pisces Gunsmoke Aquarium Gravel Medium

Nice gravel!

It looks like a slightly wider/flatter fine gravel and the photos don't show it properly, the photos are blurry for some reason. Many of them have visible striae typical of shale, definitely a notch above other gravel. It's also a good price considering the gravel is 6-7. for £5 in big stores. Absolute Victory.전체 리뷰보기

beamswork timer aquarium freshwwater extendable fish & aquatic pets 로고

Beamswork Timer Aquarium Freshwwater Extendable Fish & Aquatic Pets

I bought this light for my 10 gallon tank because I needed an efficient one that was cheap. My house doesn't have much natural light and the LEDs that came with my tank just didn't illuminate it so my plants kept dying. I've seen incredible growth in my plants because this light actually creates a spectrum of white, green, and red light that plants need for photosynthesis. It also has a beautiful blue moonlight to turn on at night! The lantern's legs are also adjustable, so you can still mount it flat on the aquarium frame even if it's slightly larger or smaller for your aquarium. The only thing I should mention is that for this light you need a glass cover for your aquarium and that can cause headaches when changing water. But otherwise I can only recommend this lamp!전체 리뷰보기

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