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Huobi Global

Businesses that want to trade on Huobi must first create an individual account and then submit a Google Docs-based application form. The business application must include the following information: Corporate name & corporate nationality Name of authorized person Contact information of an authorized person Huobi User ID IDs of board directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficiary IDs of authorized account holders and operators Business license or another official certificate of incorporation Official proof of the relationship with board directors and shareholders Board resolution Letters of commitment Power of attorney 전체 리뷰보기

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Aeternity has built State Channels into it’s platform by default. This is an advantage since Aepp (Aeterenity’s version of Dapps) builders can easily leverage the design to build scalable Aepps as soon as the protocol launches. Having built in state channels also means Aeternity is scaleable since regular transactions can be done through state channels (if you expect to make > 2 transactions with a particular party) rather than taking up resources on the main chain. For example a user may want to open a state channel with an exchange to make transactions fast & cheap (Binance was recently responsible for >60% of Ethereum daily transactions, this would have been reduced to near 0% if all users were using state channels thus clearing the main chain for other regular transactions)전체 리뷰보기

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Finally, the way ICON handles DApps are different – while on the Ethereum network, it’s required to use an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on a node, which can slow down the processing functions of that node. On ICON, DApps are executable files which run on local nodes that are directly benefiting from the execution of the DApp. There is no EVM, and while this isn’t directly specified, it’s likely that these DApps will be more function oriented and not be Turing Complete.전체 리뷰보기

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Amazon Web Services are already behind the project and are fully invested in supporting it. A partnership with Mindshare has been signed recently, which will involve “testing whether Zilliqa’s blockchain protocol can be used to address pervasive industry challenges including contextual advertising in relation to fake news; develop strategic initiatives around data privacy and develop an industry-wide tokenization program which can be used for publisher and content scoring.” The participants in this testing will be two 2 publicly traded companies, listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE. A thought leadership initiative which will include public hackathons all over the world will be launched alongside a still unnamed partner.Tolerance (PBFT), as opposed to other blockchains which rely on PoW algorithms for both mining and consensus achievement.전체 리뷰보기

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While many blockchain projects that appeared around the same time that DigiByte did are purely focused on monetary transactions, DigiByte is different. The currency is looking to evolve into something with many real-life use cases. In a talk given at the Texas Bitcoin Conference, DigiByte creator Jared Tate gave a riveting speech in which he explained his plans for DigiByte. Specifically, he wants the project to grow in such a way that it can support international trade and become more of a security-focused cryptocurrency. He also aims to have the project be able to support Dapps and smart contracts in the near future. According to the official site, DigiByte is already “smart contract ready” with “multiple Dapps in development”.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin Diamond

According to the Bitcoin Diamond’s roadmap the implementation of the Lightning network, ‘finishing mainchain’ and ‘building BCD application ecology’ are scheduled for late 2018, and ‘Better Bitcoin’ is scheduled for the beginning of 2019.전체 리뷰보기

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