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suncliff reflective personalized collars adjustable 로고

Suncliff Reflective Personalized Collars Adjustable

So thoughtful!

We love our custom reflective collars! They are SO reflective at night! We have recently moved to the country and our dark brown dog is very difficult to see on the street but these collars allow me to keep an eye on her very well. Love doesn't need a name tag either, because if it gets lost, it gets rid of the tag to hook itself to a tree or something. They can be read from a distance, which is nice too. A dog is afraid of strangers. So if he gets lost it might be easier to get our phone number than a tiny brand. I like that they are thinner than some. One of our dogs has almost no neck, and a thicker one seems painful to her. We are very happy. We are thinking about ordering a second set when we swim.전체 리뷰보기

durable training padded leashes walking 로고

Durable Training Padded Leashes Walking

Excellent purchase!

arrived on time and fits my cute dog PERFECTLY! Very happy. This helps a lot as she loves to pull while we walk. Absolutely recommendable!😁❤전체 리뷰보기

locator phones 4pack kimfly keychains bluetooth 로고

Locator Phones 4Pack Kimfly Keychains Bluetooth

Received in 3 days. Well done Raven! Are curious if they can actually help to find often misplaced objects. The check didn't take long. First, I wanted to check how helpful the guide was. To my surprise it was simple, clear and sweet. All things got done just by following the steps. I gave it the top grade A+++! In short, it was easy to download and set up the app from the Google Play Store. I then activated the button as indicated. With the application running, it connected to the mobile phone on the first try. It was nice that the "HELP" from the APP offers easy access to all instructions digitally. The paper manual could have been thrown away immediately. To trigger the key finder, I placed the button at the farthest point over 90 feet and it worked great. To make a call by pressing the search button, I had to keep the app running, and double-clicking the button had to be fast for it to work. No problem. The selfie function was fully functional. Select a selfie in the app and a photo will be taken at the touch of a button. Using a mobile phone instead of another remote control was intuitive. Who needs another piece of scrap! The battery consumption of the app was negligible. When the app was on for 5 hours, I was pleased to discover that it wasn't among the top 5 apps with the highest battery drain with the lowest score of 1%. Overall I was very happy with this product as it is easy to use. It also looked good in terms of quality. If you're looking for a key finder that's out of the box and easy to use, you might want to seriously consider this. In terms of durability, I hope it lasts a long time. It will be a plus if the CR2032 power button lasts too.전체 리뷰보기

monoprice certified braided ultra speed 로고

Monoprice Certified Braided Ultra Speed

This Monoprice HDMI Cable is slightly more expensive than others BUT it is an Ultra High Speed HDMI Certified Cable! I'm so glad it works with the Series X. I've included a screenshot of the Series X screen confirming all the criteria and a picture of the holographically printed case. Optional: You can download the HDMI app on your device and after scanning the QR code and holographic printing, find out if you have a real certified cable. (These are the other 2 screenshots I added). This 10ft braided cable is excellent as the cables that came with the Series X were a bit short for my needs and I will be buying another one for my PS5. If you are looking for a cable that meets all the markings, look no further than this cable. I also bought another brand cable [OneConvey 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI] from Revain and unfortunately it doesn't work with Series X and was carried over to Nintendo Switch.전체 리뷰보기

lynxking braided leashes traction training 로고

Lynxking Braided Leashes Traction Training

So the leash seems good enough. I mean it's a simple rope line. It appears to be well assembled and the clip is of high quality. My problem is the "leather" parts. In the photo they are brown. Like normal brown leather. They are greenish in person and look very cheap. I just wanted a plain leash and I wanted a rope leash and I found it attractive. I'm a bit frustrated though because it's a bit ugly. As far as the leash works, it works. At least for my 30lb 14 week old goldendoodle pup.전체 리뷰보기

scratch furniture protector natural protecting 로고

Scratch Furniture Protector Natural Protecting

Kitty proof!

I love this product. Bought for my new sofa and it works great! My old sofa was ruined by my cat as she was always scratching his armrests! She does the same with the new one, but now I have these protectors! She loves to use my sofa and I love her! Definitely a great product. Me and my cat highly recommend them!전체 리뷰보기

zoo med daylight reptile 60 watt 로고

Zoo Med Daylight Reptile 60 Watt

We only had these lamps for 10 days. The first bulb burned out in a day, the second lasted 5 days. When my son's room was well tempered a 60 watt bulb was perfect, but when his room was a bit cooler it wasn't powerful enough. I will not buy these again.전체 리뷰보기

gopro smart remote official accessory 로고

GoPro Smart Remote Official Accessory

For some reason Hero 7 Black doesn't seem to be properly searching for the remote control radio signal. There are many posts on the GoPro forum on this subject and it is clear that GoPro has no intention of addressing this issue. You can assume that your camera will work the first time you try to pair with your remote, but any attempt thereafter will be very unsuccessful. . Support recommends resetting everything and trying again, but that's not your fault. and that is not a solution. If you try to use multiple cameras this is sold for you will be in for a big disappointment. The controller and cameras are NOT designed to guarantee that whatever you do on the controller happens on the remote control. If the message is lost (it's UDP over WIFI, it WILL HAPPEN) no attempt is made to ensure it is validated again. Your camera will not stop recording, start recording, or turn off. however. it WILL BE REPEATED. Attention buyers!전체 리뷰보기

weaver leather livestock cotton lamb 로고

Weaver Leather Livestock Cotton Lamb

These lamb straws are so cute but don't waste your money as they will break right away! We had three sets for our 4 month old lambs and they were full of holes the first day. :(전체 리뷰보기

security crzwok surveillance detection monitor 로고

Security Crzwok Surveillance Detection Monitor

no connection to my wifi. Follow the instructions to make sure it's 2.4GHz. it talks about adding a device and finally with the message that the device does not recognize it전체 리뷰보기

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