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samsung galaxy buds plus 로고

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Well, now in order from the point of "dignity". 1. Case - it is very compact, it is convenient to carry jeans in a pocket, it does not stick out, it does not cause discomfort. Very pleasant to the touch, high quality matte plastic. 2. Headphones and wearing - they are very compact, they sit very comfortably. Thanks to the interchangeable "arms" of different sizes, you can choose the most comfortable for yourself, well, or without arms at all - there are just rims. 3. Connect - pairing with the phone happens instantly (I have a samsung s8), the galaxy wearable application informs about the charge of each earphone, as well as reassigning taps, setting up the sound environment and ating the software. Bluetooth 5 - there will be no breaks or there will be the most minimal ones (at one time I was tormented with headphones on the bluetooth 4.2 version) 4. Sound and noise isolation - the sound is very decent. Implemented tap 1/2/long to switch or stop music. There are both high and medium, and low frequencies, they do not thump, everything is optimized. Who here writes about the complete absence of bass - are you serious? Have you tried to change the ear pads to a different size, enable the equalizer in the galaxy wearable app? Maybe people expect one thing and get another. It is necessary to make a reservation - everything is purely individual, I myself love juicy bass, and bads suit me more than with this. Noise isolation is very good. You can also turn on the sound environment - broadcasting ambient noise to the earpiece through external microphones - a handy feature - you can also adjust the noise level in the application and turn it on in the application and / or long tap on the earpiece. 5. The operating time from the battery is more than enough for me. Convenient charging via USB C or wireless charging. In addition, I want to note that many complain about installing this application if the phone is not Samsung. Is this a problem? Almost all decent TWS headphones have their own application that also needs to be customized. Summing up, I want to say that Samsung took into account the shortcomings and errors of the past 2 versions of iconx, resulting in a very worthy and high-quality product. 전체 리뷰보기

sony wf 1000xm4 industry canceling headphones accessories & supplies 로고

Sony WF 1000XM4 Industry Canceling Headphones Accessories & Supplies

The sound quality impressed even in the store when compared with other top models. I already have full-sized ones of the same series, I can say that, of course, everything is cooler on them: sound, noise reduction, etc. But for TWS, these are perhaps ideal. I really like that they allow you to hear the world around you without removing them. That is, you can hear a child on the street, a car rolling up from the back and other things on which safety depends. There is no plugging sensation in the ears. I never tire of praising the combination of LDAC + DSEE. It's just space. I heard from many reviewers that they need to be screwed in with effort. I don't have to. The smallest regular earbuds seemed too big. In the talk mode, they were discharged in three and a quarter hours. I don't know how normal this is, I'll just leave it here. General impressions are positive. The purchase is satisfied.전체 리뷰보기

ijoy rechargeable wireless headphones bluetooth 로고

IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

Good sound out of the box, no need to adjust the equalizer for yourself. I'm fine with the default settings. The bass is powerful, the middle does not fail, the top does not squeak. The kit comes with a wire for a standard 3.5 connector and they can be used as wired. In principle, without the need, because they hold a charge for a long time. It's been 2 weeks since I bought it and I still haven't charged it once. I also use it as a headset for a PC, for games. Stylish design. True, I didn’t like black at all, this is a standard that is already fed up. But white and green look great, choose between them. The red ones are also good, but they didn't go in. I ended up getting white.전체 리뷰보기

plantronics voyager wireless bluetooth headset 로고

Plantronics Voyager Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The second headset in two years. In general, this is the fourth Legend from Voyagers and 7 Plantronics during the use of headsets. I had and still have many. Even now, 3 things besides this one are Edifier, Nakamichi and Gill. But speech sound transmission, convenience, talk time, connection quality and a vanishingly rare loss of a device - the 5200 is, as always, on top. I bought the case separately for it. And even happier. Constantly on the phone, everyone hears me perfectly, I hear all the callers perfectly, the headset does not fall off, the noise reduction works well. The main advantage - IT DOES NOT MATTER what kind of auricle you have, but after a couple of days you will no longer feel this headset from the word at all. There is a set of interchangeable ear pads. A convenient mobile application where it is easy to change the voice package to 2022 or ate the software. Speaks a contact, you can answer or reset a call by voice, speaks the remaining hours of conversation and battery charge, there is a function to turn off the microphone during a call, voice dialing, repeating the last dialed. I have it connected to two phones and NEVER lost any of them. When I talk on one phone, the headset, to choose from a single or multiple beeps, warns of incoming from another. And it plays the melody set to the contact in the headset itself. Well, there is also an answer by raising the headset from the table. Comfortable rubber body. There are disadvantages. 1. You forget that you are wearing it and that's how I lost the first Voyager. drowned. 2. My friend broke the second Voyager by stepping on it. Broke the microphone leg. At the same time, I myself pulled out the headset in nature while relaxing, since it does not fall out of the ear by itself due to its shape. 3. 3 already 5200 was brutally broken during an attack on my wife and I in the park for a walk. The current one was taken to replace the 5200 that died in the Bose. And the last. To help this headset, I took only headphones, I just wanted a stereo. Only the Gill 65 Elite has good microphones and they heard me relatively well. But with Plantronics, they can’t even stand next to them.전체 리뷰보기

apple airpods charging latest model 로고

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

Nice replacement for wired headphones. after a few months of use, I discovered that the connection between the laptop and the phone via bluetooth headphones may be interrupted. especially if you're walking through a shopping center, for example, then the audio will be interrupted even if the phone is only in your jeans pocket. in gyms, this effect is not observed. listening from a macbook was also not an option, because. if there is a bluetooth mouse nearby, then music interruptions will be very frequent.전체 리뷰보기

joysky wireless controller vibration anti slip 로고

JOYSKY Wireless Controller Vibration Anti Slip

A little bit of my personal opinion about the product JOYSKY Wireless Controller Vibration Anti Slip. Connected to the laptop without problems. I bought two controllers to replace wired ones, because I wanted to take it with me on trips, and wires create certain difficulties. Steam already has profiles for many games, so you don't need to set anything up with controls. Turn on and play. Vibro is not very strong, the buttons are pressed easily (not wooden), they seem to hold a charge. The price is quite reasonable for their quality. I don't regret spending the money.전체 리뷰보기

boxwave evertouch meritus capacitive rollerball tablet accessories 로고

BoxWave EverTouch Meritus Capacitive Rollerball Tablet Accessories

so my stylus worked for just over a year. didnt fall. worn carefully. but as soon as the guarantee passed, he suddenly stopped drawing during the process. naturally, i decided that the battery was dead and immediately connected it to the connector, but the indicator showed more than half the charge. and it began . draws with the maximum pressure, then with the minimum. then he can draw for 30 minutes in a row and again just falls off and does not react. that is, it is fully functional in terms of clicks, since it works for some time normally, but the most chaotic behavior. i charged it from a 2-amp charge through an adapter and through a tablet, changed the tips and checked it on other tablets. all to no avail. as a result, i took it to the vaunted rapier, in which they simply shrugged my hands and said that they could not help me in any way. not maintainable, but since the warranty has passed, it’s like that’s all. in short, they fully justify their reputation as bablorubs. if there is nowhere to throw the sheet, you can buy yourself this miracle and exactly as the guarantee ends, the magic will begin.전체 리뷰보기

msi geforce gtx 1660 ti 로고

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

Today my review will be about the product MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. It was necessary to take the Gaming series or even another manufacturer (more expensive)! Everything has become too noisy and the high temperature is annoying up to 75 degrees (yet)! There is of course a guarantee of 3 years, but I think it will not last that long, unfortunately! Very dissatisfied with the card! 전체 리뷰보기

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