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Review on Nanopool by JB CRYPTO

Your Ethereum network may remain the largest on the market, implementing new changes.

When we talk about cryptocurrencies we talk about many topics in general and one of them is its mining, and the companies that are behind them, one of which is nanopool.

Nanopool is one of the largest mining pools that exists on the network called Ethereum, and as Slushpools focuses so to speak on bitcoin mining, Nanopool focuses on mining AltCoins as a good alternative, nanopool groups are all over the world which makes them gain better liquidity and be less strict with some failures, this represents a low commission of approximately 2% (Although for some it is very high) among the validated Nanopool coins are, Ethereum the main one, Zcash, Gris, Raven, Ethereum Classic among others.

Is mining in Nanopool safe?

These types of projects are interested for them and for their users to be a totally safe environment and that there are no cyber attacks, DOS or DDOS, that is why the platform has a great security system to protect itself from all kinds of malice some against her.

Mining Ethereum is not an entirely simple task, it is something 50/50 since these are fundamental in the world of cryptocurrencies that runs on one of the many blockchain networks, miners invest much of their time and wisdom to mining since In these types of "jobs" you have to solve types of mathematical problems, miners contribute a lot to cryptocurrencies and more to the so-called Ethereum since they can also create tokens and secure transactions made in Ether. They also have a motivation that is when completing their mathematical problems or called proof of work they will be given a reward in Ether. But this does not end here as they advance, in part it hurts them since everything becomes more complex and their rewards drop insignificantly, the Ether rises in value, however their rewards are in Fiat value.

In a personal opinion, mining in Ethereum is worth it if you dedicate much of your time to this, since its associations rise and its mining difficulties the same, this varies over time since, as in cryptocurrencies, more than everything in trading rises and they go down in the mining of these the same. This is because the entire Ethereum network is currently constantly creating great changes for their network, as they think ahead and increase their values. They want to offer their miners "Proof Of stake" or "Proof of stake". This will be quite convenient for miners dedicated to this since they will not have to need a confirmation for every transaction executed.

Pros & cons

  • Think about implementing big changes for the network by joining new projects
  • Low rates of 1%
  • Low comissions of just 2%
  • Ethereum being a popular network attracts more miners to want to join it.
  • Rewards for tasks.
  • Total security They claim.
  • The 2% commission can be very large for individuals.