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Review on Okex Pool by José A Rodríguez

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Mining Pool Connected to its own Exchange Services

Okex is a company that illustrates great movements on exchanging, listing, and general trading. The fact is that Okex maintains the same feature for all its products, for instance, it is not a self-regulated service.

There are issues related to the way daily mining volume is registered because it uploads a higher volume than the real. Although there exist thousands of blocks permitted on the service, they are not as mined as others.

However, Okex being part of an exchange system provides excellent services for block-mining. The blocks listed on it are wide, and the cryptocurrencies depending on those blocks are even wider. There is a huge amount of tokens from different blockchains waiting to be mined, although I've seen the platform is recent, so it just permits to mine blocks of BTC, BCS, ETH. In the last one are included almost all those of the ERC-20 feature.

To sum up, Okex is yet a mining pool that is being experienced. The mining team behind it consists of professionals and common miners beyond mining blocks, they also look to improve the current rates of the company. Okex pool is growing up with excellence in their products.

In the screenshot below, I offer a clear example of my mining chart. It is currently out because I'm learning about the mining process, but it is interesting to see how organized the window is. I've not encountered issues yet. The one just established depends on the volume registration it frequently happens.
img 1 attached to Okex Pool review by José A Rodríguez

  • Excellent interface for the entire mining pool process. All options are included and organized. Miners can see all the processes structured.
  • Hashrates charts easily illustrate the processes based on hours and blocked mines. Statistics are not difficult to comprehend.
  • It is new in the market. Users also need to set a mining machine and that process is expensive for new miners.
  • The Hedging algorithm that permits to withdraw tokens mined in advance is yet new. Users must operate carefully because the market is volatile.
  • Certain world zones are not admitted to mining while others might encounter the process very difficult because it is expensive.