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Review on 0x by Douglas Cachazo

0x ZRX: Free and open source protocol that facilitates exchanges of assets on the Ethereum chain

Interesting project created in October 2016 with a mission that should serve as a guide for it to be applied to platforms other than Ethereum, an open and free protocol guarantees that any developer can provide the functionalities to exchange assets, whoever wishes can use it, Any project will be able to tokenize items with non-fungible NFT tokens in such a way that the 0x protocol allows developers to add exchange functionality, thereby adding the ability to create a good NFT trading market. Among the most important functionalities for me is the possibility that the Token can be exchanged from wallet to wallet directly without deposits or withdrawals, that is, the assets can flow freely, create flexible orders in which the assets can be sold like auctions, you can a fixed price or you can establish that buyers make offers by setting the price, when I refer to auctions they can put something similar to Ebay in mind but in fiat currency they would be digital assets and another feature could be to allow you to monetize your product in a way that You earn for the transactions that are made. Of course, if you have a good product that required effort and time, it is logical that you receive rewards for it. Finally, another functionality could be for markets with OTC contracts and digital portfolios under this modality, there are many applications to which this project opens

The protocol has its Token 0x ZRX and it is nothing more than an ERC-20 token of the Etrereum platform and was created to facilitate the use of the 0x protocol.

Well thought out and developed project that deserves to be much higher. It is well explained on its website and there is documentation about it on the web, I create a good video campaign on YouTube and using the power of social networks could give it greater impetus, however I am sure that the reviews of this project in Revain will they will give greater diffusion to it and generate interest in it.

At the time of writing this review, its token was around $ 0.4539967 and its all-time high $ 2.53 in January 2018.

Pros & cons

  • Fully Open Decentralized and Free Protocol
  • Open the range for Dapp developments with great potential
  • Create non custodial exchanges, prevent pirate theft to centralized exchanges
  • Transactions are made outside the Ethereun platform, this gives speed.
  • You own your tokens
  • P2P exchanges without deposits or withdrawals
  • Lacks its own platform