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2Key Network: secure content distribution

Due to the large influx of mass-use platforms such as social networks and internet portals; it is increasingly necessary to make use of these virtual resources to achieve the objectives of our…See more

2Key Network a URL converter to smart link for referral systems with incentives

My finding about 2key Network is that it reproduces a URL into a smart link for endless sharing with incentives. It uses 2layer protocol backed by ethereum with embedded smart contracts and cutting…See more

2key Network's Operation Model Is Way To Technical!

Connectivity is a great part of life today. Connecting people around the globe instantly and without hindrances is something that a lot of people and corporations have tried to solve over the years…See more

2key. network: which allows you to create a space for advertising purposes.

2key. network (2KEY): is a project that allows, create a space for advertising purposes, which will have features focused on offering technology that promotes market services, its tools will achieve…See more

New economic model for online sharing and rewards.

It is another fascinating project with a strong use case and the group are deciding to disturb the web based promoting and referral advertising sectors that have gotten completely reliant on…See more

2 Key Network: Becoming Global for the Referral Programs into the Blockchain Technology

This platform has been released as a purposeful project to give support to the current status of referral programs among projects. It is a project that through different channels look to connect…See more

New kind of referral solution.

It is both a decent short and long term venture. The team has dispatched their Mainnet. They likewise have a few partnerships set up to advance the utilization of the platform. This may all prompt a…See more

Review On 2KEY Network platform

2Key Network is an Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency platform, give birth to in 2017, with the aim to build a technology that fairly reward collaboration, transparency and honestly. To unleash the…See more

Across the board platform for building multi-step referral crusades.

It has set itself up to be a disruptor in the advanced advertisement space. The current advanced publicizing space isn't successful and is constrained by a couple of enormous players. By empowering…See more