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Review on 2key.network by Jimmy Centeno

2key. network: which allows you to create a space for advertising purposes.

2key. network (2KEY): is a project that allows, create a space for advertising purposes, which will have features focused on offering technology that promotes market services, its tools will achieve those synchronization of online services, using the adoption of security and the implementation of the blockchain network as an information channel, one of its objectives is to achieve to be accessible, modern and fast ensuring the production of all its services remotely, handles with utmost veracity advertising content that helps to give a better presence to companies that acquire their services, its ecosystem presents a protocol that allows users to have a pleasant level of security where they can feel safe in their financial transactions at all times, allows the transfer of commercial assets, under known channels and always with a high level of supervision, its technology is based directly on offering smart contracts to users and its content can be decentralized, it is a project that offers a space from scratch, where you can start creating all kinds of content with the support and use of professional tools, its features and services are key to its operation and is considered a transparent and serious project in each operation or transaction that is performed on its platform.

Pros & cons

  • It is a somewhat different project, but within the same market, achieving expected results and improving the community.
  • It allows a better connection with the rest of the community, guaranteeing a solid connection with the blockchain network and sharing content.
  • Its technology guarantees a better performance at all times, with support and a high level of security.
  • Faithful compliance with all its commercial features, and completion of the sheet.
  • Not an extremely popular company, it requires an injection of new publicity and more users to use its services.