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Alchemint Standards

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About Alchemint Standards

Alchemint is a stabelcoin project. The project utility token is SDS. People can use Alchemint Stablecoin issuance platform to issue decentralized stablecoin SDUSD. SDUSD is pegged at 1:1 ratio to US dollar.

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Smart contract to issue stablecoins using NEO.

Dex Ecosystem to issue stable coins, the characteristic of this platform is that NEO's smart counters are used to mint new coins. This token with the NEO pair is now available on your DEX exchange…See more

Alchemint: A Hybrid Stable-Coin with Support of the Neo Blockchain

Alchemint has been designed as a stable coin ideal to be partnered with the support of financial institutions. The interesting point of this blockchain is that it is running through the support of…See more

Hybrid model stablecoins issuance project

Designed with smart contracts to minimize the risk of collateral to its operators and offer greater confidence in terms of issuing assets backed by the currency of the platform, which in this case…See more