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About Auctus

Auctus is the world's first blockchain based retirement plan platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies. The Auctus platform is an investment product where you can invest in cryptocurrencies and manage your portfolio, all in one place. The platform addresses financial advice mistrust by enabling users to learn and receive trade signals from Auctus Experts whose success rates and average user return is tracked, publicly visible and ranked among other Experts. This transparency gives the investor all the information and data on where the advice is coming from, thus giving the investor the tools to make an education investment decision.

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This project is in the expansion phase, it could have a rebound in its use.

This project has been in the market for more than two years, it has a decentralized protocol for selling futures in a simple way (in theory). Each ACO issued token has an internal value linked to a…See more


Aside financial investment which crypto currency are widely known for, other interesting features like users security, large data storage and shearing, the decentralized network integrated a…See more

Auctus AUC: Create your investment funds with advice included.

Totally decentralized platform whose mission is to help you manage your own financial funds specifically for retirement, these are absolutely non-custodial. The fund manager owns your assets…See more

By investing in our retirement, we can build a prosperous future.

Auctus is a project that increases performance in the crypto money market. This project uses ERC-20 tokens. I did some research about the project. As a result, I realized that it is one of the most…See more

Auctus (AUC): works thanks to DeFi technology which is a decentralized.

Auctus (AUC): works thanks to DeFi technology which is a decentralized protocol that gives users the opportunity to execute market operations freely, directly has a series of integrated options that…See more

Auctus: efficient and reliable business solutions

Every day in the crypto market there are more projects that focus their objectives towards the search for technological solutions that contribute to the optimal performance of the internal processes…See more

Auctus: Project with DeFi Channels Still in Development

Auctus is a project centred on the deFi market that is recognized just by a couple of exchanges that are not even beneficial for traders. This network is indeed looking to offer diverse options for…See more

My views on Auctus coin

Auctus Erc20 is a compatible coin. Having coins on one hand is the most valuable resource of users and has recently become a popular company that provides a retirement project. Auctus aims to be…See more

Auctus (AUC)

The crypto currency of the Auctus project (AUC), is a currency developed to generate rewards based on its capacity to function as a liquidity currency, using currencies such as ETH USDT to obtain…See more

A project dedicated exclusively to retirees with pensions

This platform offers decentralized pension plans, in order to improve some important aspects such as bureaucracy, transparency, as well as reducing costs in its operations. Smart contracts based…See more