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A cryptocurrency for payments?

This is basically a purchasing system where a certain amount of the purchase is returned to the end user, certain conditions apply. -However, browsing the website it is not possible to find real…See more

Aunite: a blockchain certificate for secure purchases

In today's world, it is increasingly necessary to have financial instruments available to make life easier and allow us to save time in our daily activities. In this sense, the developers of…See more

Universal payment system and cashback service

A universal payment model that will allow both consumers and companies to enjoy the services that help them improve their commercial system, as well as great integrated benefits such as having a…See more

Aunite AUNIT

The Aunite AUNIT project is based on a token of a platform that provides cash back services with its own payment system and 9-level referral program. In the platform belonging to this token many…See more

Мой выбор

Я люблю выбирать криптовалюты, которые имеют под собой реальный бизнес и поэтому у них есть будущееSee more

A handy service

Thanks to Aunite Group, I buy any product at a profit, and receive cashback on the top of it.See more

a very interesting and promising cashback service

It is a very interesting and promising cashback service that also employs advantages of blockchain.See more