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Review on Basic Attention Token by José A Rodríguez

A Token Designed for Rewarding Intenet Users' Attention

With the growing attendance of cryptocurrencies representing new ways of owning our money. Some projects act properly to reward their users and reinforce their business. Today, I highlight the benefits of the Basic Attention Token. I'm an Uphold user and I previously reviewed that wallet. 

All the jobs I daily execute online run almost always through Brave Browser, and it was then, how I knew of BAT. Since then I've been experiencing the facts of being rewarded with this kind of coin. What is more, I like the initiative of this blockchain because it looks for a new way of supporting the idea of advertising.

The project is not so difficult to understand, but for making it easier I offer to you the benefits I encountered more reliable about it: 

∆ Originality in the market. The project seeks to create a new way of browsing since it is partnered with an outstanding project. 

∆ Challenging interface. The purpose of BAT is not only to make people more aware of advertising without rewarding but also motivates them to know the value of real good campaigns.  

∆ An active project with great job opportunities. The company is frequently offering new chances for publishers who want to make the project more scalable. 

∆  Security. Since the project rewards especially Brave users, it is even safer because of the use of some features linked to the browser.  

However, there are some contrasting points to the use of these tokens. First of all, the generated coin can only be stored in the Brave wallet. Second, the releasing or spending of these tokens is a little bit difficult due to the lots of wallets Brave organize. Third and final, the current amount of token a user receives is low. There are many issues related to it, at the end of a month a user can receive just 4$ or less.

In my opinion, BAT is a great project, although it should consider its user's proposals to become a better blockchain network. Working through Brave is considerable. The server runs faster and safer than others.

Pros & cons

  • Safe and efficient project. It is ideal to give it a chance on a safer browser with rewarding incomes. 
  • Great blockchain network initiative for designers, advertisers, and publishers. 
  • The tokens obtained are protected by the security and anonymity policies of Brave browsers. 
  • Low amount of rewards for BAT followers. The main policies were changed due to technical issues and now the possibilities of being rewarded for advertising are very limited.