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About Bezant

Bezant is a decentralized payment platform enabling the creation of robust applications. Bezant offers blockchain-as-a-service that allows enterprises to build dynamic services and applications on top of the Bezant blockchain network, enabling enterprises to power up their services. The Bezant network also facilitates instant payment, allowing the end users to easily access innovative DApps.

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A decentralized and secure system.

1147 / 5000 Çeviri sonuçları The project offers blockchain-as-administration, which allows you to build dynamic applications and applications on a decentralized fragment blockchain network that…See more

your commercial ally to promote your business worldwide

Electronic commerce is currently one of the most efficient business strategies; since it allows you to save structural and payroll costs; in addition to guaranteeing the promotion of your products…See more

Bezant (BZNT), works as a payment token, its ecosystem provides blockchain services with multiple utilities and gives access to tools in its ecosystem.

Bezant (BZNT), is a project intended for the business world, traders and content creators, which has developed an innovative platform based on blockchain technology that offers good services…See more

Bezant aims are very clear! A cheap fast secure payment rail for e commerce…

Bezant aims are very clear! A cheap fast secure payment rail for e commerce and gaming across Asia . Working with IBM and other web3 and commerce projects.See more