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Review on Bitcoin Private by Robiul Islam

Incredible privacy complete cutting edge technology. The team is fully…

Incredible privacy complete cutting edge technology. The team is fully transparent about who is working on the project. The credibility and skills of the team are truly impressive. One key factor that could impact the level of widespread adoption BTCP achieves is the competition it will face from other cryptocurrencies. There’s major potential in the future because the privacy aspect is ground breaking.

Updated 2 years ago
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Bitcoin Private is the most well received fork of bitcoin. It has one of the biggest community, most transparent and it is PRIVATE, decentralized mining with faster block times and larger blocks.

The concept of a more anonymous Bitcoin is a fine idea, but there is a bunch of competition in the space. BTCP does have a loyal user base at this time, but also a lot of haters due to using the Bitcoin brand.

Pros & cons

  • It has a higher transaction speed 2-4 times faster than bitcoin. Open source platform, Anonymous. Security, Transparency. It uses zk-snarks, a privacy technology first enforce by ZClassic. Bitcoin private puts great emphasis on coin privacy. Community Driven, Peer-To-Peer Nature.
  • Main disadvantages is Stability. No support, Difficult to set up. Little exchange support.