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Review on Bitcoin by onur bln

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things are going as planned for now. As I wrote in the daytime, they pulled down on the big alt's btc pairs without hitting bitcoin too much. I enter an entry to be edited for those who wonder what is happening instantly, and those who cannot sleep due to their stress. Currently, bitcoin has created a bullish divergence at 4 hours rsi, so an upward movement may come within a few hours. I don't think this move will signal that the correction is over, however, because the market is trying to finish the correction of ethereum and big bottoms like eth-xrp have not yet entered the btc support area that will accelerate from the bottom and end the down trend, probably ethereum before a final salvo (my opinion) It will give you a last sell opportunity with a small jump up to a maximum of $ 360 in, and then finish the zigzag correction with the last dive down. If we see over $ 360 in ethereum in this leap, the zigzag correction is breaking down, possibly the ethereum expanded flat will walk towards the correction.
So there is still a lot of uncertainty, we are at good levels for spot entries, but for those who want to open long or short, the environment is risky, it is better to wait without doing anything. instant exchange btc 10070, ytd.
edit: The 360 ​​dollar ethereum yawn I mentioned has arrived, it is floating in an unstable state for now, at the 360 ​​limit. The market still looks strong at the moment, but if we take it down, the last wave will be corrected, and it will be slightly below 300, I guess.
edit2: 360 is still not passed, we will be convinced that the correction is over 360, I do not think it is over, or the wave calculations are changing a little. At this probability, it will stretch to a value I guess between 390-400 and start the b-c wave of the zigzag correction from there and perform the final landing. If 360 cannot be passed and if we drop below 330, it means that the b-c wave started from 360, we will see the bottom and sit and watch it.
edit3: Crashed down from 360, but bounced up from 330-325. momentarily I have the impression that we are in wave c of the zigzag correction and if we can throw it over 360, I will insist on this idea. In this possibility, I am waiting for the beginning of the last descent wave, ie the c wave of the main correction, after a relief from 360 to 390-400 range.
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