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Review on Bitradio by Mr Benji

Earn by listening to your favorite radio

What is this about?

The BRO currency, or the bitradio currency, is very specific. The most important feature is that I can not mine it in the traditional way through mining. However, there are many different methods for obtaining this cryptocurrency:

- Each full wallet node that is connected to the network at all times and helps in decentralizing the network can get 0.5 BRO for each block.

- Masternod - anyone who has 2500 BRO and has an open wallet to verify transactions can get 0.5 BRO for each block.

- If you share your favorite radio station, you gain activity points, which every hour are converted to BRO currency and sent to your address.

- When you listen to your favorite station, you gain activity points that are converted into the BRO currency every hour and sent to your address.

- Referral 3-level command system for new users for which we get coins.

As you can see the methods of obtaining the currency is very much. All you need is a good idea for stations or listening actively to your radio.


Like the DASH currency, Bitrad has a structure based on masternodes. Masternodes are full network nodes that are active all the time, they have a specific and very important role. They are used to decentralize the entire network of cryptocurrencies, they are responsible for the anonymisation and mixing of coins - the so-called "Darksend". We need 2,500 BRO coins to properly run the masternod which are a kind of pledge. Whenever we want we can recover them and the amount is not frozen or impossible to release in any way, it is a privilege and not a compulsory opening of a full masternod node. High computing power is not required for proper operation. A popular solution by investors is locating them on virtual servers of hosting providers, eg: VPS.


It is a service that allows you to mix our resources. our coins are mixed with other users' coins - mixing coins is optional. This service is provided and implemented by the aforementioned masternodes, which mix the users' coins between them in order to make it difficult or inadequate to track down the owner of the funds. The number of sessions and its length depends on the sum of coins to be mixed (the more the longer).

Pros & cons

  • Interesting idea
  • Easy to get free tokens
  • PrivateSend
  • Masternodes
  • Need more users