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About BitSend

Bitsend is an digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitsend uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority: transaction management and money subsidy are carried out collectively by the network. Bitsend Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency.

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Cost-efficient medium of payments.

It offers you the freedom to transactions from anywhere. Coins can be backed up to a hardware wallet, preventing the threat of fraud. All information available on the blockchain network is transparent to everyone, leaving only personal details...See full review

My thoughts and review about BitSend.

For the first time, BitSend is a kind of digital payment, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies. More noteworthy is the role played by a p2p network based on Bitcoin Core in the process of bringing about deflationary conditions to bear. Lately, the...See full review

People have come up with a lot about this project.

Bitsend, a work that is unknown anywhere in the world, is covered in cash. Bitsend uses general innovations to work in a common position: management and cash exchange are carried out by the organization. Bitsend Core is the name of an open source...See full review

a multifaceted project that promotes protection in exchanges and a neutral award framework.

All information that can be accessed in the locking system is directly accessible to everyone, close to home details. One exchange fee is very low and makes it a very expensive payment tool. Such features are examined in the case of security...See full review

BitSend is acceptable.

Offers the ability to skip anywhere. Coins can be used to protect your wallet from the risk of misrepresentation. The information available within the blocking framework is available to everyone by hiding private information. Currency charges are...See full review

My review on bitsend cryptocurrency.

This platform is rich in resources and provides the necessary available convenience for all it users. On the issue of security platforms like this are undeniable with such qualities and they are top in providing a distinguished and diversified...See full review

multifunctional project that promotes privacy in transactions and equitable reward system

Designing a multifunctional platform that overcomes or diminishes the problems common to many cryptographic protocols is one of the most ambitious challenges for today's cryptors. In the search to achieve this challenge we find BitSend. BitSend...See full review

Digital cash.

It acts as a local currency alternative, a decentralized form of currency, with universal acceptance of online transactions. The team defined it as a long-term project aimed at making digital cash available to future generations.See full review