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Review on Chromia by David Olayide

The Chromia Platform For Dapps

Chromia is a blockchain platform that was built to facilitate the building of new generation decentralized applications that are more capable and efficient than the present Dapps we have lying around. Chromia is more of a relational blockchain platform with an impressive scalability factor that makes it different or I even dare say, better than other platforms. As such, Chromia stands out as one of the best platforms capable of hosting all kinds of Dapps and multiplayer online games.

The entire project has a goal to solve the scalability problems that afflict decentralized applications and with the structure and plan that Chromia has, I believe that they will achieve their aim in no time if the already haven’t. The Dapps built on the Chromia platform, are from the finance, gaming, health and real estate sectors.

Chromia has a native utility token called CHR and is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, so that makes it a ERC20 compliant token. You can find this cryptocurrency on some popular exchanges that are frequently used by traders today. These exchanges include KucCoin, Bilaxy and Bitmax. Since CHR is ERC20 based you can easily store it on any Ethereum wallet you have.

Personally I think that the Chromia project has future potentials from what I have experienced. Hopefully the benefits will spread around the cryptocurrency community.

Pros & cons

  • Chromia provides a platform with tools to help developers of Dapps
  • The CHR token is ERC20 compliant
  • Highly scalable
  • Supports Dapps of different categories
  • I don't really think the project is widespread