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Chromia: overcoming the barriers of conventional platforms

There are many existing platforms in the cryptographic industry that seek to overcome the common obstacles between them; one of those who has taken up this challenge is Chromia. Chromia is a…See more

About Chromia

Chromia (CHR) is an Ethereum network based cryptocurrency project. The main usage area of Chromia is also known as decentralized applications. These applications can be game, project or corporate…See more

Chromia is a promising project.

Chromia is a promising platform to overcome these common obstacles. This platform is a digital service that allows you to develop applications in a centralized and secure manner using the potential…See more

The Chromia Platform For Dapps

Chromia is a blockchain platform that was built to facilitate the building of new generation decentralized applications that are more capable and efficient than the present Dapps we have lying around…See more


Chromia is a platform for project developers to easily deploy decentralized applications. It gives you security through its PBFT algorithm and reliability through proof of work on bitcoin or…See more

Chromia (CHR): is a cryptocurrency project developed to provide blockchain services.

Chromia (CHR): is a project of cryptocurrency that is developed in order to provide one of the most dynamic blockchain services in the market, its ecosystem is developed in order to generate large…See more

Chromia has grown quite well.

Every application in the Chromia system will run on its own autonomous blockchain, empowering an uncommon level of dapp versatility, adaptability and independence. This can be accomplished with…See more

Chromia (CHR): is a technical solution offered thanks to the advantages that the Blockchain world.

Chromia (CHR): is a technical solution offered thanks to the advantages that the Blockchain world has in real time, through knowledge and high organization you can experience a whole network of…See more

It is a multi purpose blockchain solution.

On the off chance that I accept a developing appropriation of blockchain innovation by businesses and organizations will occur in the coming years, and considering the demonstrated history of…See more

A new generation of dapps.

I'm very optimistic, that it has the team and partnerships to realize their vision. One aspect about it that i really like is the fact, that the team isn't positioning their platform as just another…See more