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Review on CoinMeet by José A Rodríguez

Coinmeet: Ups and Downs in the Data and Financial Management

Many companies dedicated to becoming good cryptocurrencies are still under development, but they try to offer what the trader needs. The fact is that it is difficult to think that other blockchain projects and current releases can have a representative value in the market, or being a good option for trading.

Companies like Coinmet look for improving socialization while financial properties keep growing up. It has no unique or original initiatives, and it is still building its purpose to explode it later. I just think if the company does not move a good piece of investment to guarantee what they want and what they offer, then it will be placed in one of the shortest positions of the global top.

Coinmeet has a nice web page. It is a network that wants to become a kind of shield for the future of encrypted operations and crypto-trading. This point ensures two benefits, a) digital identity and overall data are protected. b) financial socialization is better when it is covered through digital ecosystems founded with a profitable chain. However, these two reasons can be affected by the general work they are executing if they do not know what approach to expect from it.

The company used to offer good tools for joining their services. More than having their own token, they also offered a special wallet app where multi-asset solutions were permitted. These apps are available on the common operative systems for mobiles and offer a nice design, part of technology development. All those assets commonly accepted can be later distributed by groups of blockchains, by doing this, users get other benefits and bonuses.

Coinmeet is a project that has ups and downs. Besides, it offers immediate support, but at the same time, users do not know what to expect from their technology. The roadmap of this blockchain kept advancing until the last months of 2018. Actions from last year and the current date in 2020 are not shown. This means the project although is still available in the market, it is not trusted to invest. In the case of new users, it is better to proceed carefully.

Pros & cons

  • The digital platform where all information is located is just an amazing design from active developers.
  • Although it does not have a desktop version for its products, the mobile apps are good. The digital site is amazing, equally.
  • Not necessary due to the not very functional features of the distribution of the assets. It would be better if the company centered its purpose to offer just multi-asset wallets ready to trade but no more.
  • Services stopped according to their roadmap. Their last release was in December 2018.
  • Still in the development of their major benefits. The blockchain does not offer reliable support.