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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Description of CoinMeet

CoinMeet is building a blockchain ecosystem focusing on digital assets, digital identity and digital socializing.


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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

coinmeet had a good idea and a good start but seems to have failed

I think this project had a good start, but now it is a dead project. The aim of this project was to provide a powerful messenger and space based on blockchain, and also provided the possibility of exchange and payments through software. But the point is that after 2018, when the roadmap was completed, the project was active for some time, but after that it seems to be inactive, so keep the assets in the software that the developers , It is not the right thing to do and it is very risky. The…

  • Its currency is still active in Huobi Global exchange and has a good daily trading volume
  • roadmap has been around for a long time but it seems that no more efforts are being made to upgrade the project
  • Android software must be downloaded from a site other than the play store, which can be harmful
  • Meet's currency rating in coinmarketcap is above 2000, in which abandoned or low quality projects are basically in these rankings
  • Its software has not been updated for a long time

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A lost cause

CoinMeet is a platform based on cross-chain adaptor, with multi-asset management social wallet. CoinMeet users can create their own social groups. In these group, they can establish their own distribution channels for the circulation of their own assets through giving rewards, and charging digital assets. CoinMeet applies end-to-end encryption, and many functions like messages can be burnt after reading and screen shot notification to protect the privacy and security of instant messaging. It…

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Biometric Identification
  • Location Based Service
  • Cross-chain adaptor
  • There is no any information about its team on its website
  • CoinMeet has no social media presence and no active marketing strategies for its promotion and growth
  • Ranked as low quality project on Coinmarketcap
  • Its source code and mobile applications has not seen an update for a very long time

The customer understands that the CoinMeet account address is a real computer. It fills a hole, fills a hole, and chooses useful development in a time of solving web-based media, spending, and financial problems. In particular, no social payment measure was provided. My first revelation was that I had just sent it to my cell phone. The last thing you need to do is wake up and make a note. At the same time, language support was not enough. The Coinmeet icon can now be displayed on coinmarketcap.

  • Wings from a specific fall and a distance.
  • An alternate wing that isn't made of water and isn't focal. (Once more, occasional watchfulness isn't taken care of.
  • There is no transitory monetary help as there is no advancement.
  • Not hindering sites can be precarious.
  • The site might be deceitful.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

This attempt is not available without buying or using this help.

Coinmeet should have all the blockchain projects created with its attractive guide, which offers a blockchain biological system, where they can discuss and discuss with each other to collaborate with the client's identity, wallet exchange, and crypto customers. consists of placing, copying, splitting, and voting. The creative uses the novelty of the chain linker. Allows the customer to perform free conversions of various computerized sources via a specific CoinMeet account address. The goal is…

  • Stuck data. Recognized proof of wallet and remote control. (However, his current work cannot be verified.)
  • There is currently no event conversion or data usage.

in fact, it is a digital wallet, and in any case, it is similar to an informal organization, which includes an additional layer of customer ID, but nonetheless is completely private and is intended for blocking. Also, I really liked the order of the order. Manufacturers who place extraordinary emphasis on the issue of use have gained a strong foothold. Remember that this token is of no help, as the main organizations are old, you can lose all your money if you protect this thing, I would not…

  • Board wallet.
  • No problems

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Review on CoinMeet: a task not being used

The undertaking was dispatched to foster a wallet application and mingle the personality. At the point when I visited the site, I experienced posts from 2018 and the present circumstance made me exceptionally pitiful. Moreover, I loved the plan of the task definitely. Since creators who join incredible significance to the subject of utilization have made an effective showing. The task abruptly quit making developments in 2018. Clients thought the task was deserted and some quit any pre

  • it was not difficult to utilize.
  • versatile application was accessible.
  • There are clients who make a ton of profit.
  • administration was halted.
  • Inability to close down the site can be a trick.
  • exchanging volume 0
  • language support is low.

Coinmeet should be around a blockchain project created with an attractive guide, which offers a blockchain biological system, where it can be used to connect and distribute tokens to each other's customers' identities, wallet exchanges and crypto customers. The computerized financial community intends to offer these administrations, such as an advanced source, an advanced character, and a computerized mix. This will affect the coin blockchain innovation with many interesting administrations…

  • It was used in some of the commercial stages recorded on stage
  • A neglected enterprise at the moment
  • There is nothing new about the stage for a long time

What do they do? essentially it is a digital money wallet however, that additionally incorporates a client distinguishing proof layer, likewise something like an informal community yet absolutely private and dependent on blockchain Presently what! Well now it is critical to feature the current status of the task, fundamentally it has been unavailable since 2018 while checking its interpersonal organizations and sites you can see that it was essentially deserted for the time

  • Encoded information. Wallet and decentralized distinguishing proof. (Nonetheless, its present activity can't be checked.)
  • There is presently no turn of events or use information.
  • Without extensive market volume.
  • The current cost is unsupported as no progressions are made.
  • There are no new updates since 2018

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This project is not available avoid buying or using this service.

What do they do? basically it is a cryptocurrency wallet but that also includes a user identification layer, also something similar to a social network but totally private and based on blockchain Now what! Well now it is important to highlight the current status of the project, basically it has been out of service since 2018 when checking its social networks and blogs you can see that it was practically abandoned overnight without any prior notification. Roadmap. The roadmap is…

  • Encrypted data. Wallet and decentralized identification. (However, its current operation cannot be verified.)
  • There is currently no development or usage data.
  • Without considerable market volume.
  • The current price is unsupported as no changes are made.
  • There are no new updates since 2018

Revainrating 2 out of 5

a project not in use

The project was launched to develop a wallet application and socialize the identity. When I visited the website, I encountered posts from 2018 and this situation made me very sad. In addition, I liked the design of the project very much. Because designers who attach great importance to the subject of use have done a successful job. The project suddenly stopped creating innovations in 2018. Users thought the project was abandoned and some gave up using it. However, after the redevelopment…

  • it was easy to use.
  • mobile application was available.
  • There are users who make a lot of earnings.
  • service was stopped.
  • Failure to shut down the website can be a scam.
  • trading volume 0
  • language support is low.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

CoinMeet the cryptocurrency of the digital future

CoinMeet is a blockchain ecosystem construction focused on digital assets, digital identity, and digital socialization. It aims to serve the future society in encrypted digital economy. Entertainment activities, social networks and much more are integrated. Protects the security and privacy of communications, assets, transactions and user identity. It serves as a wallet, identification, social tool, transaction medium, and a router of value in the age of digital economy.

  • Management wallet.
  • Distribution group.
  • Private chat.
  • Radar search.
  • Entertainment.
  • Very little recognition.
  • Low value.
  • Still in development.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

CoinMeet: Currently Inactive wallet Project

Project that they considered socialist wallet, which operates under the Ethereum platform, its token is CoinMeet (MEET), its current value is $ 0.007137 USD and extremely low and continues to fall, when you see it had fallen by -0.93% in the last 24 hours. It is traded on 5 active markets. I do web development and in my opinion your web portal is awful and badly distributed, with very vague information at the beginning. The company in question is located in Beijing China in May 2017, the…

  • Nothing to say
  • Inactive project

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Coinmeet and it’s unmet expectations

CoinMeet was a revolutionary multi-asset management social wallet founded in 2017 and based in Beijing, China. It was building an inclusive blockchain ecosystem that Integrates wallet and identity, it was a social tool and transaction medium in this digital economy era. It was a project developed to offer a cryptocurrency wallet, identity ID and socializing tool. It was seen as a good project in 2018, but now there are a lot of better alternatives. Coinmeet was discontinued in 2018. CoinMeet

  • The App available on IOS and Android stores
  • Token MEET is available on coinmarketcap for trading
  • There have been not updates since 2018
  • The CoinMeet app has been discontinued
  • The Coinmeet token is not available on many exchanges

Revainrating 2 out of 5


Coinmeet was supposed to be a well developed blockchain project with an attractive roadmap, the project offers a blockchain ecosystem where user can be verified using their ID, wallet transaction and a forum for crypto users to interact and distribute token among each other. It aim to offer these services like digital economic society, digital asset, digital identity and digital socializing. With all these interesting services coinmeet would have make a difference in the blockchain technology…

  • Used to be a good blockchain project with incredible service
  • Token on platform was used in some exchange platform
  • Now an abandoned project
  • No new updates about the platform for long time

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Abandoned Project!

Coinmeet was a project developed to offer a cryptocurrency wallet, identity ID and socializing tool(chat). In 2018, we can understand as a good project. But, now there are a lot of projects better and atives. Coinmeet was stopped in 2018.

  • The project itended to offer a good social tool with a nice cryptocurrencie wallet
  • App available for Ios and Android
  • The token MEET is available on coinmarketcap to buy or sell
  • The token MEET is being traded in Huobi Global and DragonEX exchanges
  • According to the roadmap, there are not updates since 2018
  • At the moment, MEET token can only be purchased on 2 exchanges
  • The CoinMeet app is stopped. There is not update
  • Token without importance on the cryptocurrency market. Low price

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Coinmeet: Ups and Downs in the Data and Financial Management

Many companies dedicated to becoming good cryptocurrencies are still under development, but they try to offer what the trader needs. The fact is that it is difficult to think that other blockchain projects and current releases can have a representative value in the market, or being a good option for trading. Companies like Coinmet look for improving socialization while financial properties keep growing up. It has no unique or original initiatives, and it is still building its purpose to…

  • The digital platform where all information is located is just an amazing design from active developers.
  • Although it does not have a desktop version for its products, the mobile apps are good. The digital site is amazing, equally.
  • Not necessary due to the not very functional features of the distribution of the assets. It would be better if the company centered its purpose to offer just multi-asset wallets ready to trade but no more.
  • Services stopped according to their roadmap. Their last release was in December 2018.
  • Still in the development of their major benefits. The blockchain does not offer reliable support.