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Description of CDMCOIN

Condominium is a global decentralized network to plan your travel itinerary. Condominium Coin (CDM) is a cryptocurrency that is based on Proof of Stake protocol and it rewards generously the master-nodes who are the guarantors of the network.


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Type of review

This project did not make a liquidation notification, only some data published in 2019 can be verified in which they indicate that they are making improvements to the project in general and will soon show technical improvements of CDMCOIN this in telegram, after this there are no data or questions for part of its users This asset is no longer available, its website and technical documentation was removed from the network, also there is no data on its blockchain and its block explorer does…

  • The project no longer exists, this usually happens when they are simply a copy of others and the cryptocurrency created has no real utility.
  • CDMCOIN website is out of service, currently the domain is for sale.
  • No exit notifications from the market.
  • It was supposedly passed on to other developers who would improve the platform. (then they disappeared)

Revainrating 1 out of 5

CDMCoin an abandoned project.

CDMCoin is a cryptocurrency Platform that based on proof of stake protocol and use to reward the guarantors on the platform. CDMCoin was created to be use in booking packages around It supposed to allow users to book for traveling to anywhere around the globe, but fail to fulfill it purpose No meaningful information about CDMCoin was found on other websites, and Domain name CDMCoin org for sale was found on it own website page, the screenshot of the main page of the website will be…

  • CDMCoin was supposed to serve as utility token for booking packages
  • Users supposed to travel around the world with CDMCoin
  • CDMCoin is no longer operating

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Widespread koryptoproject for users.

Let's get acquainted with a crypto project that has ideas that are updated almost every day. And from the very first day on the market, it has been bargaining and is in demand from customers. Compared to other projects, this project has information that pleases users. And thanks to this information, they get what they wanted, for example, to achieve their goals. Public networks and accounts have public functions. In general, the plan and system of the CDMcoin project is considered that the…

  • Excellent crypto project.
  • Great design.
  • Has information.
  • There is no bad nothing.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

A project to be hoped for.

The plan is updated daily and developed from the first day on the market and intimidates users. He then disappeared from the market once. When you go to a website, you see that the domain name is actually for sale. No information on the ancient plan. When I found out the official details of the plan, users in my social media accounts were informed that the plan had not actually been completed and would be transferred to another manager and would return to the market with the best features…

  • They did not call it a false project.
  • The website seems to be closed.
  • The catch seems low.
  • Nonsense.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

gave users hope but failed.

The project has been constantly updated and evolved since its first day and seems to be unpopular with users. So the exchange market seems to be lost. When I search for old official website information. Social media accounts say the project is not working. And it has been reported that users will be reluctant to move on to other administrators, and that their better features will return to the market. But that warning did not materialize for a short time. But nowadays, there are no social media

  • This project was well received by the users
  • disappeared in a short time, like several projects.
  • it is difficult to get information when you visit a website.
  • cryptocurrency prices are low.
  • after a while the users did not like it.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A project as if it were once upon a time.

Since the first day the project was launched on the market, it has been constantly being updated and developed, and it made the users discouraged. Then it suddenly disappeared from the market. When you log into the website, you can see that the domain name is for sale. There is no information about the old project. When I searched the old official data of the project, it was announced to the users from the social media accounts that the project did not reach its goal and would be transferred…

  • website for sale.
  • I could not see users claiming to be scammed.
  • does not provide service.
  • It disappeared without notifying any user.
  • It deceived its users with many promises.
  • a worthless token.
  • hard to find information.